Mere Sai 3rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Balram’s mom eagerly waits for Balram and hopes he is fine. Pari says she need now not worry when Sai is with him. Disha says she does not know Balram brother. Balram walks in pronouncing till Sai is there, no person want now not worry. mother excitedly asks how is he. He asks her to have endurance and permit him provide an explanation for. After sometime, Balram attempts to make a furniture out of wood and draws a chair on slate. Atmaram smiles seeing his willpower. His client walks in and asks if his jewelry is prepared. Atmaram says it will be prepared in sometime. client sees Balram and asks if he is Govind Rao’s son, he appears exactly like him. Atmaram says he’s proficient like his father. client says Govind Rao had made him a lovely mattress which is as new as earlier than, he’s going to watch Balram’s work till earrings is mad.

Balram receives irritated and cuts timber with knife time and again a man walks to Sai and says his father changed into a mukhiya/chief of neighboring village and after his father’s dying, he became mukhiya. he is serving his village nicely through constructing water tanks, and so on., even then humans don’t respect him, so he got here to are trying to find Sai’s advice on one in every of his pal’s advice. His aides say mukhiya is very tender spoken and have to be harsh on villagers if he desires to benefit admire like his father. Sai says if mukhiya can solution his 3 questions, he’ll get recommendation, else he has to paintings for him. Mukhiya consents. Sai asks him three questions which he answers along with his aides’ assist. Sai says his solutions are wrong and asks him to put together temple garland after which broom floor. Mukhiya does it as a mission. His aides say Sai does not have any answer and is simply asking him to work, so they may bring bullock cart whilst he time passes by some means. Sai smiles. Mukhiya says even he feels identical now. He hears someone shouting and runs to him, brings again an injured man. Sai gives him ash and asks him to apply it on man’s inujury. Mukhiya does, and guy’s injury disappears. Sai tells man that his mukhiya stored him. guy cries and apologizes Mukhiya. Mukhiya’s aides run in and warn Mukhiya to live away shape man as he desires to kill Mukhiya. Mukhiya asks why he desires to kill him. man says not only him, all farmers need to kill him as he made a water dam and helped rich human beings as an alternative who get water, terrible farmers lost their land below the dam. Mukhiya asks why didn’t anybody come to him. guy says they tried, however his aides kicked them all out. Mukhiya realizes his aides had been deceptive him and kicks them out of task. He guarantees Sai that he’s going to meet villagers individually and clear up their hassle, now he found out that his father changed into well-known because he used to wait human beings’s troubles for my part. Sai asks him to answer his questions now. Mukhiya says only Sai can answer his personal questions. Sai offers all three solutions with their that means.

Precap: Atmaram asks Sai what must Balram do. Sai says bathing.


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