Mere Sai 5th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sadashiv says Sai does not have rights to discuss his folks and says his dad was correct. He demands Sai to restore his toy and holds it.. Sai demonstrates to him his youth occurrence where his mom blessings him toy he needed and he going out to demonstrate his toy to his companion. His dad enters and reprimands mother for squandering cash on toy as he is setting aside cash for Kashi journey.

Mother says Sadashiv never asks anything and he needed a toy. Father shouts he will get moksha on the off chance that he takes wash in kashi and he won’t let anybody ruin is dream. Mother’s condition disintegrates helping father in his pooja and she falls seriously sick. Vaidya checks her and illuminates father that she should be treated in a medical clinic and will require a ton of cash.

Father figures his significant other will recuperate without anyone else and he won’t spend his Kashi journey investment funds. Mother passes away. Child Sadashiv cries losing his mom. His dad comforts him and before doing in his youth his dad asks Sadashiv to inundate his powder in Kashi for his and Sadashiv’s moksha. Sadashiv cries that his mom needed to endure such a great amount of in view of his dad’s resoluteness and his dad never disclosed to him truth.

Sai says it was not his misstep, however he is rehashing a similar slip-up his dad did and his better half’s condition is falling apart every day in light of his insults, he carried her to Shirdi to change atmosphere and assemble some cash for Kashi journey, buth er condition disintegrated more; what is the utilization of moksha on the off chance that it removes dear ones from him. He depicts how he accused Sunanda for his missteps and even

Yamuna felt awful observing his impolite conduct towards Sunanda. He at that point depicts shlokas and Sadashiv portrays its implying that a productive tree and researcher consistently are modest and dry tree and tricks consistently don’t twist. He proceeds with his ethical gyaan..

Precap: Sadashiv says Sai that he had guaranteed his dad to drench his fiery debris in Kashi, by what method will he satisfy his guarantee. Sai pours water on ground and Sadashiv envisions being in Kashi.


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