Mere Sai 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sai advises Mhalsapati that assist can come to him in any shape, but he ought to examine a person very well earlier than taking assist as evil may also come disguised to assist. Mhalsapati receives harassed and thinks what did Sai say. A young man Raghunath enters Shirdi and enables children pluck end result from tree. He reaches Mhalsapati’s house and calls him. Yamuna asks who’s he. He says he is aware of Mhalsapati properly. Mhalsapati walks out and asks who is he. He says he is Raghunath, temple pujari Yashwant’s scholar and brought his letter. Mhalsapati reads letter that Yashwant can not return for 1 greater month because of family issues, so he is sending his pupil to do pooja till he returns. He thinks if this boy is capable to end up Poojari. a man waits for Sai in Dwarkamayi and once Sai returns greets him.

Sai takes him in and asks him to sit, asks what is his hassle. man says his call is Tukaram and these days his spouse exceeded way leaving all house work on him, he’s concerned if his father had meals on time and his son isn’t always playing out. Sai asks what does he do. He says he’s an accountant and is predicted to now not make any errors in bills, but lately he did a mistake breaking consider on him by using his boss; he is aware of his wife cannot go back, but his mind is tensed and volatile and he wishes a solution from Sai to calm his thoughts. Sai asks him to get water for him, no longer from lake or nicely, however from a pit on avenue. Tukaram thinks Sai does now not need water to drink, however for something else. He walks out to get water.

Raghunath tells Mhalsapati that he ought to be questioning if he’s capable of dealing with such an vital job, he desires to analyze from Mhalsapati and due to the fact that he doesn’t have a place to stay here, he will live at Mhalsapati’s residence and study from him with the aid of following his ordinary. Mhalsapati consults Appa, Baiza maa, and Ranoji who say boy is useful and doesn’t have any terrible habits. Raghunath in tension picks chewing tobbaco whilst Mhalsapati walks to him and says he spoke to everyone and they frequent him as temple’s pooja, so he can start acting pooja in temple from the following day. Raghunath says it’s so first-class of him, he’s going to get garland quickly. Mhalsapati asks why garland before pooja. Raghunath says he made a mistake, he will first consume something and then will visit temple.

Tukaram picks dirty water from avenue in Sai’s given cup and offers it to Sai. Sai says it’s far grimy water, how can he drink it. Tukaram asks why did he ask to carry water from pit. Sai asks to find a pit where easy water is. Tukaram searches easy pit in entire Shirdi, however does not locate it everywhere. He in the end sees a easy water, but earlier than he should choose it a boy steps on it and runs away. He receives disillusioned that till he receives easy water, Sai will now not supply him solution for his trouble, so he’ll wait right here till soil settles down and he can get clean water. He stops humans from stepping on water.

Mhalsapati arranges pooja gadgets and not finding cotton leaves asks Yamuna to put together breakfast quickly and goes to get leaves. Raghunath enters kitchen and calling Yamuna as elder sister insists to assist her. He keenly looks at utensils in trunk.

Precap: Tukaram offers water to Sai. Saia asks how did he get this type of clean water. Tukaram says through waiting. Sai pours water on ground.


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