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Sai continues bread in front of rat’s burrow. Rat comes out, takes it, and walks again into borrow. Tatya and Keshav watch him cautiously. He asks in the event that they understood what it manner; if this rat would have hidden in burrow in worry, he could not have were given food; in addition sitting at home, they can’t understand about commercial enterprise; they should visit market and thoroughly have a look at many commercial enterprise to understand which one is right and the way can they begin a business. They both agree.

a pair return to their house and notice a girl breaking plant pots and think her as thief. Udhav with Govinda watches that and asks Govinda to bring Sai there soon. girl throws water on Pari’s face and identifies as the one who comes frequently to free birds from cage. Pari says no. woman says she will bitch her mother. Sai reaches there and asks Pari if she tried to free birds. Pari says no, she came to feed birds however fell down and broke pots. Sai says if Pari is telling, they need to take delivery of it as his Pari does not lie. He asks Pari to correct her mistake. Pari says pots are damaged but, sees potter within the opposite house, runs to him and requests if he can lend her 4 pots, she will be able to pay him on Monday when she receives pocket cash. Potter appears at Sai and agrees. Pari then refills pots with flowers.
a man along with his juvenile daughter enters Shirdi. human beings see daughter and think she is so lovely. They pass with the aid of a dusty area, daughter starts sneezing due to allergy. Father scolds that he does now not get her out of house because of her allergic reaction, in which is her dupatta. She gets dupatta from her bag. Father says it is not matching and Aatya may not find it irresistible, so they may go to market and purchase matching dupatta.

Pari decorates plant pots with calcium carbonate liquid and tells girl and her husband that their pots are prepared. lady praises Pari that she is a good girl; she got irritated seeing broken pots; she adorned them well. guy says just a few people receive their mistake and correct it with tough paintings, what need to gift he need to supply her now. She says she does not need it. guy insists. She says he must now not get indignant hearing her request. man says go ahead. Pari says she wants them to loose birds as birds aren’t happy in cage. They each agree and ask her to unfastened birds herself. Pary jumps in happiness and frees birds with Sai’s help.

Mere Sai 6th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Woman cries keeping apart from her father. Shirdi humans console her, and Sai gives her laddoo. Father returns and seeing laddoo in her hand throws it away.

Mere Sai 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Mere Sai Main Cast is as under

Abeer Soofi ( Sai Baba )

Toral Rasputra ( Bayaza Bai )

Vaibhav Mangle ( Kulkarni Sarkar )

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