Mere Sai 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Tara Gets Stung By Honeybees

Mere Sai 6th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vishwas Rao gets prepared to depart for his house and asks Shubangi and own family to go to his house quickly. Shubhangi says that is a proper idea and asks if he sold any present for his spouse. He says he forgot, he will purchase a sari when he busies a get dressed for Tara. Shubhangi says Tara has many lovely clothes. Vishwas Rao says he buys quite a few attire for his stunning daughter and this time will buy more colourful clothes to his spouse and Tara. Tara requests if she will be able to accompany him to market. He yells no, it’s far particularly warm outside.

Sai sees antique female sporting water tiredly and helps her. lady thanks him and says his son and daughter-in-law convey water generally, however they’ve gone out of the village for a few days. Sai says he will deliver her water daily until her son and bahu returns. woman thank you him. Pari at her facet makes a decision to play cover and are seeking together with her friends and invitations Tara be a part of them. Tara afraid of her father says no. Sai reaches there and says she will play while she wants. Lady takes water pot from Sai and walks away thanking him. Pari asks Sai to join them. Sai says he is taller than them and can be without difficulty determined. Pari asks what is going to they play then. Sai says he is aware of one sport and making a ball out of material plays catch with them. Tara watching them silently joins them. everyone claps for her. Sai asks them to maintain gambling and walks away. Tara takes Sai’s region and performs seize with them. Govinda says this vicinity could be very small, let us cross and play in the lawn. Pari asks Tara to enrol in them. Tara thinks once she returns to her home, she gained’t be let loose, so she can play till her father returns. She accompanies them.

Chihu searches Govinda. Kulkarni asks why is she shouting. Chihu says considering that Rukmini Vahini has long past to her figure’s house, Govinda is asking her to do his chores, she is tired. Anta and Panta convey a letter for Kulkarni. Kulkarni angrily says Rukmini and Keshav are returning the following day, they need to have stayed there for extra days till his plans complete. He then scolds Chihu to control Govinda as he’s staying out of the house regularly. Chichu says he’s proper.

Tatya’s temporary employee Girdhari (Anta Panta’s puppet) returns lower back with veggies and informs him that British basecamp organizer backs him announcing he located every other contractor who can supply veggies at lower charges. Tatya asks how can they do this. Sai hears them and asks what passed off. Girdhari gets tensed reminiscing Anta and Panta’s warning to stay away from Sai, else he could be stuck. Tatya explains his ordeal. Sai asks when did he rent Girdhari. Tatya says Keshav hired him earlier than going to his uncle’s residence. Sai asks Girdhari where is he from, he is not from Shirdi. Girdhari says he’s from Keshav’s uncle’s village and Keshav gave him process before leaving Shirdi. He returns Tatya’s final agreement cash and walks away nervously. Tatya gets extra tensed. Sai asks him to be affected by a person.

Pari and her pals pray disguise and are searching for and then decide to pluck mangoes from the tree. Tara says mangoes are a long way away. Govinda throws a stone at the mango and it falls down. Pari also tries. Tara attempts but fails. Pari teaches her and hits honeycomb as an alternative. Honeybees rush closer to them. They run and seeing Tara still standing to signal her to run, but she panics and falls down now not knowing to run. Bees attack Tara. Pari ties the stone to material and throwing it closer to Tara asks her to drape it round her face, but Tara not understanding any practical understanding because of her father’s overprotection bears bee stings. Pari asks Govinda to get assistance from the village and seeks Sai’s assist.

Precap Upcoming Mere Sai episode update: Sai stops honey bees and taking Tara to Dwarkamayi treats her. Vishwas Rao stands amused.


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