Mere Sai 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghunath serves poha breakfast to Mhalsapati and himself tasting poha praises Yamuna that it is very tasty and asks for onion to decorate its tasty. Mhalsapati scolds him for having food before appearing pooja and deliberating ingesting onion other than that. Raghunath apologizes and says he is an orphan and did no longer research pooja in a proper way, he learnt it from his temple pandit and some from Yashwant, now he desires to examine it from Mhalsapati and he can scold him for his mistakes however additionally forgive him. He then says he is a great cook even though as he cooked his food himself and could put together bhindi sabji for them this night. Mhalsapati thinks he unnecessarily doubted this boy.

Tukaram sees his spouse and says this can not be. Sai smiles sitting in Dwarkamayi. Tukaram then sees water clearing in it, fills it in a cup, and gives it to Sai saying he cannot get greater clean water than this. Sai asks how did he get this water. Tukaram says by way of ready till mud settle in pit and he crammed pot after that. Sai pours water on tulsi tree after which fills water from his pot. Tukaram asks if there was water in his pot, then why did he trouble him. Sai says he just asked water. Tukaram says he informed he’ll provide strategy to his answer if he receives water from pit, he needed to waste tons of his time and needed to wait for mud to settle all the way down to get water. Sai says while he found out there may be no other cross than waiting, he calmly waited. Tukaram says that was the most effective manner. Sai even volatile thoughts desires time to heal, he cannot break out from his sorrows and want to look ahead to his mind to stabilize; he did now not mourn absolutely for his spouse’s loss of life and is attempting to hide it with the aid of maintaining himself busy; he ought to depart it on time to heal his wounds and forget his spouse through the years. Sai continues his moral gyaan.

Mhalsapati takes Raghunath to temple and introduces him to every person as intervening time poojari in Yasjwantji’s absence and introduces 2 aides to Raghunath. He then asks Raghunath to begin pooja. Raghunath says he will chant Hanuman chalisa first, but desires e book as he’s fearful to chant it in the front of so many humans. Mhalsapati agrees. He chants reads Hanuman chalisa searching at e book and does mistakes. humans think he is anxious. Sai enters. they all greet him. Raghunath asks him to provide his bag whilst appearing pooja. Sai says he can keep it himself and asks Raghunath to fill oil in lamp. Raghunath pours oil on burning thread and it blows off, nervously asks aides to help him. They clear thread and light lamp. Bhima and different speak he seems too worried and too younger.

Mhalsapti tells Sai that Raghunath’s pleasure reminds him of his younger days, in advance he changed into doubtful on Raghunath, however now he is assured seeing his humble nature; as Sai stated assist can come from anywhere, they simply need to pick a person cautiously. Sai smiles and leaves temple. Raghunath evaluates all treasured items in temple and steals god’s golden kada/bangle. Sai stops noticing it.

Precap: Raghunath asks disciples to go looking god’s kada all round as it must be someplace right here. Patil asks who have to have done this sin. Raghunath confesses he stole it. Sai smiles.


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