Mere Sai 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mhalsapati peruses letter that Yashwant can’t return for 1 more month because of family issues, so he is sending his understudy to do pooja till he returns. He supposes if this kid is competent to move toward becoming Poojari. A man sits tight for Sai in Dwarkamayi and once Sai returns welcomes him. Sai takes him in and requests that he sit, asks what is his concern. Man says his name is Tukaram and as of late his significant other passed way going out work on him, he is stressed if his dad had nourishment on schedule and his child isn’t playing out.

Sai asks what does he do. He says he is a bookkeeper and is required to not commit any errors in records, however as of late he completed a mix-up breaking trust on him by his supervisor; he realizes his better half can’t return, yet his psyche is strained and insecure and he needs an answer from Sai to quiet his brain. Sai approaches him to get water for him, not from lake or well, yet from a pit on street. Tukaram thinks Sai does not need water to drink, however for something different. He exits to get water. Raghunath discloses to Mhalsapati that he should think in the event that he is fit for dealing with such a significant activity, he needs to gain from Mhalsapati and since he doesn’t have a spot to remain here, he will remain at Mhalsapati’s home and gain from him by following his daily practice. Mhalsapati counsels Appa, Baiza maa, and Ranoji who state kid is useful and doesn’t have any unfortunate propensities. Raghunath in pressure picks biting tobbaco when Mhalsapati strolls to him and says he addressed everybody and they acknowledged him as sanctuary’s pooja, so he can begin performing pooja in sanctuary from tomorrow. Raghunath says it is so pleasant of him, he will get laurel soon. Mhalsapati inquires as to why festoon before pooja. Raghunath says he committed an error, he will initially eat something and after that will go to sanctuary.

Tukaram picks messy water from street in Sai’s given cup and offers it to Sai. Sai says it is filthy water, how might he drink it. Tukaram inquires as to for what reason did he request to bring water from pit. Sai requests to discover a pit where clean water is. Tukaram searches clean pit in entire Shirdi, yet does not discover it anyplace. He at long last observes a perfect water, however before he could pick it a kid ventures on it and flees. He gets baffled that until he gets perfect water, Sai won’t give him answer for his concern, so he will hold up here till soil settles down and he can get spotless water. He prevents individuals from venturing on water.

Mhalsapati organizes pooja things and not discovering cotton leaves asks Yamuna to get ready breakfast soon and goes to get leaves. Raghunath enters kitchen and calling Yamuna as senior sister demands to support her. He definitely takes a gander at utensils in trunk.

Precap: Tukaram offers water to Sai. Saia asks how could he get such a perfect water. Tukaram says by pausing. Sai pours water on ground.


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