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Govinda climbs tree and appreciates fruid when he gets apprehensive seeing a snake heading towards him on tree. Srikanth looks Govinda and inquires as to whether they saw Govinda. Individuals state no. Govinda argues to spare him from snake. Individuals assemble and dither to help seeing a ruler cobra. Srikanth comes to there and climbs tree to protect Govinda. He pushes Govinda down and let individuals get him. Snake chomps him and he tumbles down. Govinda gets stressed and requests that individuals take instructor to Sai. They take Srikanth to dwarkamayi where Sai checks him. Individuals talk about that Srikanth saw Govinda coming towards school, yet when Govinda did not come to class, he went looking for Govinda and took Govinda’s inconvenience on himself. Sai calls for help. A snake comes and sucks Srikanth’s toxic substance and leaves. Pari, Udhav furthermore, other understudy enters and seeing Srikanth’s condition argues him to wake up. Sai says Srikanth won’t until he hears the voice he needs to hear, taking a gander at Govinda. Govinda argues Srikanth to wake up straightaway. Srikanth opens eyes and inquires as to whether he is fine. Townspeople examine even in his awful condition, Srikanth is stressed over his understudy.

Govinda yells at Srikanth to quit going about as helping him, due to him he will be rebuffed at home. Srikanth asks wouldn’t he be able to see he has changed and is attempting to become friends with him. Govinda yells who asked his assistance. Sai reveals to Govinda that Srikanth truly has changed and needs to become a close acquaintence with him. Govinda yells he knows Srikanth’s saying, he will whine his mom Chihu who will rebuff him once more. Sai composes a number on glass piece and asks Govinda and Srikanth to remain inverse to one another and read this number. Govinda says 3 and Srikanth says 6. Sai says their vision is same, yet their taking a gander at the issue is extraordinary. They stand confounded. Sai requests that they trade their shoes. Govinda wears Srikanth’s shoe while Srikanth wears Govinda’s shoes. They both imagine issue confronted in view of one another. Sai discloses to Srikanth that he knows Srikanth has changed and needs his understudy’s better life. He at that point discloses to Govinda that Srikanth would have griped when he sustained stale jalebi or blending stew powder in sustenance, however he didn’t and Chichu herself affectionate out Govinda’s errors; Srikanth is stressed for Govinda and bore wind chomp for Govinda and when he opened his eyes, he originally asked how is Govinda. Govinda says he didn’t realize his instructor is so great. Sai discloses to him that he got a closest companion in his instructor who spared him from even snake. Govinda apologizes Srikanth for sparing and helping him. Srikanth says he ought to express gratitude toward him rather for encouraging him stale jalebis, on the off chance that he had not fallen debilitated that day, he would not have an opportunity to change and not understand his missteps, so even Govinda ought to excuse him; presently they can become a close acquaintence with now as he heard Govinda first despises individuals and after that adores enormously. Govinda grins and asks when will he come to have nourishment. Srikanth says let us commend their new companionship with jalebis. Govinda gets anxious hearing jalebis. Srikanth says he will sustain him new ones. Govinda candidly embraces him. Srikanth figures now he can satisfy guarantee made to Govinda’s mom Chihu.

An impediment man acquires his sibling and sister law/SIL to Sai with an issue. He clarifies his concern that his dad was famous gem specialist in the territory and passed away as of late, he exchanged all his property in sibling’s name by means of a will and left him just a stone which he used to gauge merchandise in his primes. He says his sibling has altered dad’s will to snatch entire property. Sibling says they are kin, for what reason will he do unfairness to his sibling. SIL says since he is debilitation and his sibling does all work, their dad would have figured he would squander riches lazing around, so he gave entire riches to senior child. Sai checks will and says it is plainly composed that he will get just stone, so he can proceed to check stone’s esteem some place yet ought not offer it today itself. When he leaves, sibling gets stressed for him and says father never sent only him whenever. Sai says he felt great seeing his anxiety for his sibling.

Srikanth watches Govinda addressing him happily and says til yesterday he was furious. Govinda says he had misjudged him previously, presently he doesn’t. Srikanth says he has misconstrued likewise his mom and acted up with her multiple occasions. Govinda irately says his mom dependably rebuffs him superfluously. Srikanth reminds him the episodes where he did slip-ups and his mom rebuffed him unavoidably and requests that he guarantee to carry on with his mom legitimately and become a decent child, at that point let us witness what will straightaway. Govinda concurs.

Precap Upcoming Mere Sai Episode Update: Govinda returns home snickering with Srikanth. Chihu reproves him seeing his grimy garments.


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