Mere Sai 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghunath apologizes god and his aide after stealing god’s bracelet/kada. Aide asks why is he apologizing. Raghunath says he is doing a whole lot of mistakes, so he apologized him and god. Aide says he is doing appropriate task and need not express regret. Sai sees Pari and her buddies near a damaged dog refuge and asks what are they doing here. PAri says due to rain this canine shelter is broken and dogs are stranded, so if he can help them repair this safe haven. Sai has the same opinion and fixes shelter. Pari thankfully says it’s far constant. Sai says he has to hold a few weight on it to stop air from flying grass roof away. He smiles maintaining stone. Raghunath feels his pocket getting heavy, thinks earlier than he’s caught, he ought to cover this looted bracelet someplace and tries to hide it behind temple, however stops seeing human beings walking around. He then tries to cover it underneath a tree, however sees a boy playing there. He then sees Yamuna passing with the aid of and thinks she is right here and Mhalsapati is in temple, so he can conceal bracelet in Mhalsapati’s residence.

A person meets Mhalsapati and says his boss Devidas has despatched earrings for god for competition pooja. Mhalsapati says Raghunath is temple poojari now and he’ll ask Raghunath to enhance Hanuman ji with this jewelry. He calls Raghunath, but not locating him there asks aides to decorate Hanumanji with this earrings. Aide sees idol’s right hand bracelet lacking and informs Mhalsapati. Raghunath hides bracelet in ground out of doors Mhalsapati’s residence. Sai walks to him and asks if he can wash his palms. Raghunath concurs. Sai asks Raghunath if he was sowing seeds. Raghunath says sure, he did pooja nowadays for the primary time, so he sow seeds as remembrance. Sai appears at ground and bracelet glow below it.

In temple, anyone look ahead to Raghunath to invite in which did bracelet cross. Raghunath returns to temple and receives tensed figuring out humans located out about theft. Sai tells Raghunath that he’s temple poojari and ought to pass and check what came about in temple. Raghunath walks into temple and asks what befell. Aide says idol’s bracelet is lacking. Mhalsapti asks if he stole it. Raghunath acts as indignant and asks how can he, complains god why he’s checking out him. Mhalspati asks who must have stolen it. Raghunath says all of them must search it, everybody can thieve it and should have left temple by way of now. Patil says a massive sinner has stole bracelet. Raghunaath says he did this sin, if he had not long past out, bracelet wouldn’t have been stolen. He pleads god to forgive him for his carelessness. Sai suggests him not to get unhappy and pray god for help. Ragunath prays god to help him get returned bracelet, else he will get sin. Sai smilingly looks at plants in the front of god’s idol. vegetation circulate way and bracelet emerges. Raghunaath gets tensed how did it come here whilst he concealed it under floor. Sai says god continually listens to disciple’s prayers and Raghunath ought to fix this bracelet in god’s hand. every person gift there is of the same opinion. Ragunath fixes bracelet wondering Sai can not hold bracelet here as they both came right here together. Sai asks him to decorate god’s idol with jewelry next. Raghunath greedily appears at earrings and thinks god’s benefits are on him and he were given plenty of jewellery to thieve.

Precap: Raghunath tries to pick Sai’s bag, however Lakshmi stops him. Sai describes his guru’s tale and getting a brick as gift from his guru. Ragunath plans to thieve brick.


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