Mere Sai 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Tukaram sees his significant other and says this can’t be. Sai grins sitting in Dwarkamayi. Tukaram then observes water clearing in it, fills it in a cup, and offers it to Sai saying he can’t get more perfect water than this. Sai asks how could he get this water. Tukaram says by holding up till mud settle in pit and he filled pot after that. Sai pours water on tulsi tree and after that fills water from his pot. Tukaram inquires as to whether there was water in his pot, at that point for what reason did he inconvenience him. Sai says he just asked water. Tukaram says he advised he will offer answer for his response on the off chance that he gets water from pit, he needed to squander quite a bit of his time and needed to trust that mud will settle down to get water. Sai says when he understood there is no other go than pausing, he serenely paused. Tukaram says that was the main way. Sai even unsteady personality needs time to mend, he can’t escape from his distresses and need to trust that his mind will settle; he didn’t grieve totally for his significant other’s passing and is attempting to shroud it by keeping himself occupied; he should leave it on time to recuperate his injuries and overlook his better half after some time. Sai proceeds with his ethical gyaan.

Mhalsapati takes Raghunath to sanctuary and acquaints him with everybody as between time poojari in Yasjwantji’s nonattendance and acquaints 2 associates with Raghunath. He at that point asks Raghunath to begin pooja. Raghunath says he will recite Hanuman chalisa first, however needs book as he is apprehensive to recite it before such a large number of individuals. Mhalsapati concurs. He serenades peruses Hanuman chalisa taking a gander at book and does botches. Individuals think he is apprehensive. Sai enters. They all welcome him. Raghunath requests that he give his sack while performing pooja. Sai says he can hold it himself and asks Raghunath to fill oil in light. Raghunath pours oil on consuming string and it passes over, anxiously requests that associates help him. They clear string and light. Bhima and different talk about he looks excessively apprehensive and excessively youthful.

Mhalsapti discloses to Sai that Raghunath’s energy helps him to remember his more youthful days, sooner he was suspicious on Raghunath, however now he is sure observing his modest nature; as Sai said help can emerge out of anyplace, they simply need to pick an individual cautiously. Sai grins and leaves sanctuary. Raghunath assesses every single valuable thing in sanctuary and takes god’s brilliant kada/bangle. Sai quits seeing it.

Precap: Raghunath requests that followers search god’s kada all around as it must be some place here. Patil asks who more likely than not done this transgression. Raghunath admits he stole it. Sai grins.


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