Mere Sai 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghunath burrows ground to get back his shrouded god arm jewelery and discovers blossoms. He is astounded that arm ornament is in sanctuary and sees seeds additionally there, acknowledges disclosing to Sai that he is planting seeds as a recognition of performing pooja first time in the sanctuary, understands whatever deceived Sai worked out as expected.

Bhima strolls in calling Mhalsapati. Raghunath covers up and goes about as leaving house. Mhalsapati exits and meets Bhima. Bhima says today around evening time all Shirdi individuals have chosen to hear Sai’s pravachan/lessons in Dwarkamayi and even he ought to visit. Mhalsapati concurs. Raghunath says he will make pooja game plans. Bhima says as he wishes and leaves. Raghunath supposes he can take sanctuary adornments while everybody are caught up with hearing Sai’s pravachan in Dwarkamayi.

During the evening, Tatya, Bhima, and Ali bring pooja things. Sai inquires as to for what reason are they doing all work themselves. Jhipri says Sai should consider great sacred stories. Raghunath enters with Mhalsapati and Yamuna and says he will make all pooja courses of action while Sai can calmly convey his pravachan. Sai favors him to consistently do great deed and sits aside. Raghunath thinks once everybody get occupied, he will quietly sneak off and take sanctuary gems. He attempts to pick Sai’s pack. Jhipri stops him and says no one can contact it and asks Saik to take his sack. Raghunath thinks what is in this sack Sai ensures it so much, at any rate he needs to focus on taking gems. Yamuna picks pot to get water. Raghunath takes it from her and leaves saying he will get it.

Devotee assemble around Sai. Mhalsapati demands Sai to begin his pravachan. Sai begins samudhra manthan story. Raghunath strolls towards sanctuary. Sai proceeds with story. Raghunath enters sanctuary and thinks Shirdi individuals are exceptionally blameless and couldn’t recognize him even after his numerous errors. Sai proceeds with story how Swarbhan devoured amrith, god cut his throat, and so on. Raghunath makes a decent attempt to take gems yet falls flat. Sai gives moral gyaan that a man can deceive others, yet can’t prevail for long, be it Swarbhan or researcher like Ravan, their ravenousness moves toward becoming explanation behind their end. Raghunath irately exhaust that townspeople have fixed adornments with gum and he can’t take them, so he should come back to Dwarkamayi before individuals question him. He furiously strolls towards Dwarkamayi holding water pot.

Precap: Sai indicates block and says he is especially joined to it. Baiza maa demands him to tell where was he and what was he doing before coming to Shirdi.


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