Mere Sai 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sai says he needs to keep some weight on it to prevent air from flying grass rooftop away. He grins holding stone. Raghunath feels his pocket getting overwhelming, thinks before he is captured, he should conceal this plundered wrist trinket some place and attempts to shroud it behind sanctuary, however quits seeing individuals strolling around. He at that point attempts to shroud it under a tree, yet observes a kid playing there. He at that point sees Yamuna going by and supposes she is here and Mhalsapati is in sanctuary, so he can conceal wristband in Mhalsapati’s home.

A man meets Mhalsapati and says his manager Devidas has sent gems for god for celebration pooja. Mhalsapati says Raghunath is sanctuary poojari now and he will ask Raghunath to enrich Hanuman ji with this gems. He calls Raghunath, yet not discovering him there requests that helpers design Hanumanji with this adornments. Assistant sees icon’s correct hand arm ornament missing and educates Mhalsapati. Raghunath conceals wrist trinket in ground outside Mhalsapati’s home. Sai strolls to him and inquires as to whether he can wash his hands. Raghunath concurs. Sai inquires as to whether he was planting seeds. Raghunath says indeed, he did pooja today just because, so he sow seeds as recognition. Sai takes a gander at ground and arm ornament sparkle under it.

In sanctuary, everybody hang tight for Raghunath to ask where did wristband go. Raghunath comes back to sanctuary and gets strained acknowledging individuals got some answers concerning burglary. Sai discloses to Raghunath that he is sanctuary poojari and ought to proceed to check what occurred in sanctuary. Raghunath strolls into sanctuary and asks what occurred. Helper says icon’s wristband is absent. Mhalsapti inquires as to whether he stole it. Raghunath goes about as outraged and asks how might he, gripes god why he is trying him. Mhalspati asks who more likely than not stolen it. Raghunath says they all should look through it, anybody can take it and more likely than not left sanctuary at this point. Patil says a major delinquent has stole armlet. Raghunaath says he did this wrongdoing, on the off chance that he had not gone out, arm ornament wouldn’t have been stolen. He argues god to pardon him for his thoughtlessness. Sai recommends him not to get dismal and supplicate god for assistance. Ragunath asks god to enable him to get back wrist trinket, else he will get sin. Sai smilingly sees blooms before god’s godlike object. Blossoms move way and arm jewelery rises. Raghunaath gets strained how could it come here when he shrouded it under ground. Sai says god consistently tunes in to teach’s supplications and Raghunath should fix this armlet in god’s grasp. Everybody present there concurs. Ragunath fixes arm ornament thinking Sai can’t keep arm jewelery here as the two of them came here together. Sai requests that he design god’s deity with adornments next. Raghunath voraciously takes a gander at adornments and believes god’s gifts are on him and he got loads of gems to take.

Precap: Raghunath attempts to pick Sai’s sack, however Lakshmi stops him. Sai portrays his master’s story and getting a block as blessing from his master. Ragunath plans to take block.


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