Mere Sai Written Update 4th March 2019: Sai Changes Gokuldas’ Thinking
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Sai with Pari pours water on shivling and does jal abhishek. Heavy rain starts offevolved in Shirdi. Gokuldas thinks why is that this unseasonal rain in Shirdi. Rain washes away paint from wall and Pari’s made portray emerges. Kulkarni receives tensed given that. Golkuldas is amazed to look such god’s any such beautiful portray, goes beneath rain and stands looking it. He touches it and travels into Kailash in which he sees his parents get happy seeing him and hug him. He asks why did they leave him premature, now he has excessive designation and wealth, however they are now not gift to peer it. mother and father bless him to be happy all the time and walk away.

He pleads them now not to go away him by myself again. Father says he wrongly thinks that god did injustice to him via snatching his dad and mom from him, but reality god has a plan for anyone and he blesses his disciples continually and in no way leaves them. Gokuldas says even god left him like his mother and father. mother says they’re around him constantly or even god is round him, he has to apprehend the signal and hold praying god. Out of his dream, Kulkarni says he is completely drenched, so he must come to his house and dry himself. He asks who made this portray. Govinda says his friend Pari. He asks to take him to her. Govinda says why no longer and takes him alongside. Kulkarni and his puppets rush at the back of them.

Pari’s dad and mom get concerned no longer locating Pari in whole village. Viwshwas Rao sees Tara tensed and angrily seems at her. She reveals that she heard him and Shubhangi discussing to ship Pari with him for a year, so she knowledgeable Pari and she or he need to have ran faraway from home. Atma Ram receives angry on Shubhangi. Vishwas Rao punishes Tara and yells that Pari is continually a tough for his parents and if she falls and breaks her extremities, she will be a burden on his mother and father for entire life. Govinda brings Gokuldas to Pari’s residence. Gokuldas on hearing approximately Pari’s missing tells Kulkarni that they all need to search the woman as he is aware of how a toddler feels keeping apart from parents. Jhipri passes via and asks if Pari did now not return yet, even Sai is lacking, they both ought to have gone collectively. Kulkarni thinks if it’s far real, he can allege Sai and kick him out of Shirdi. Gokuldas asks who is Sai. Kulkarni says he is a nuisance to Shirdi and will tell approximately him later, first let us search Pari.

Sai gives sweet berries to Pari. Pari says they may be very candy. A hen flies and sits on Pari’s shoulder. Pari offers it berries. Sai performs bansuri/flute. Many birds accumulate and revel in berries and bansuri tune. Villagers looking Pari pay attention bansuri and talk most effective Sai can play this type of sweet bansuri song. Gokuldas says he never heard one of these sweet tune in lifestyles. they all head closer to its sound and reach jungle. Birds fly away seeing people coming. Gokuldas imagines Devi maa in Pari.

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Precap Upcoming Mere Sai episode update: Golkuldas praises Pari that he noticed god in her, she could be very special. Kulkarni alleges Sai of kidnapping Pari.


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