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Kunla gives flora to Ira. She speaks sweetly to him. Akhilesh looks at them out of jealousy. She holds Kunal’s arm and takes him inside. She also tells Akhilesh to close the door. Akhilesh does as told. He asks Ira about Kunal. Ira stocks that they met on a courting site. it is our first date. He asks her if she isn’t ashamed to head on a date after having a daughter. She asks him if he dint experience ashamed after marrying someone. She goes again to Kunal. I recognise we determined to satisfy out of doors however permit’s make it special right here. i’m anyways by myself here. She has organized candle light dinner for them. Akhilesh maintains looking at them. Ira offers him bloodless coffee. I realize it’s far your preferred. it is my favourite too. some those who drink Badam milk could by no means respect cold espresso. they are caught with Neem ka kadha now. Kunal smiles looking at Akhilesh. Kunla loves the bloodless espresso and kisses her on her hand to compliment her. She calls him candy. My ex-husband in no way appreciated me that’s why i’m not used to listening to compliments. i’ve a terrific taste in song too. He tells her to head beforehand. She performs a track which he loves too. He inches closer to her. Our flavor is very comparable in track too. i am so glad to have found you. She stumbles and he holds her shocking Akhilesh. She tells him that she constantly desired to be with a sturdy guy who should shield her. He indicates making this meeting memorable. They dance romantically on Honton Pe Bas Tera Naam Hai music right in the front of Akhilesh who’s seething in anger by now. Kunal caresses her hair while dancing and cups her face. Akhilesh looks away but can’t keep himself lower back for too lengthy. it is enough! i can see this man! He tells them to stop this dance. Kunal withdraws his palms but Ira keeps his palms again around her waist. He knows not anything about dance. Akhilesh steps in her aspect of the house. leave now if the date is over. This man isn’t right for you. She asks him how he can say this. On what basis are you judging him? Akhilesh is sure he should be lacking some thing. Kunal says i am well educated and have roamed the world. Akhilesh exams his garments and unearths cigarettes. He throws it on the floor. You each wont stay after some time! Ira asks him who is he to make decision on her personal existence / choice. He stops himself from calling him her husband. He pushes Kunal out of the residence. Ira smiles. I knew you continue to love me. You just proved me proper nowadays. Kunal seems at Ira who whispers a thank you in his path.

She asks Akhilesh how she dare break her date. I made all this with so much love. He tells her to strive at the proper region. Who stated that I don’t like cold coffee? She says i am saying it. you’ve got greater almond milk internal your veins than anything else. go to your Kunika now. He tells her she is inaccurate. i like it extra than some thing else. He makes her pour a pitcher of bloodless coffee for him. She mixes a pill in it. they may prevent from having suhagraat with Kunika. i am sorry. Akhilesh gulps down cold coffee in a move. I loved it! Who advised you I don’t like it? you know nothing approximately me! you have misconceptions approximately me. He begins feeling dizzy. Ira asks him if he is excellent. You can’t even stand on your ft. She is going to drop him till his room.

Kunika rues that she has to do so a great deal for blo*dy assets. Akhilesh almost killed me! Ira brings Akhilesh to her room. He asks her why he delivered him right here. She replies that she isn’t Dara Singh to take him all the way to his room. He calls it her plan. Don’t touch me. He fails in opening the door. She tells him she got the room these days itself and has no idea approximately the lock but he insists upon going to his room. She makes him lie down on her mattress. Her hand gets stuck below him. She caresses his face. i am sorry for mixing sound asleep tablets on your coffee for you to preserve you faraway from Kunika. She wont be capable of take gain of you till the time i am right here. you furthermore may confirmed your love by shoving Kunal out of the house. I wont permit Kunika achieve her plans now that i’m here. She kisses him on his cheek and rests her head on his chest.

next morning, Devina tells Pushpa it’s far ok if she is taking milk for Akhilesh. Kunika will drink green tea. She is fitness aware like me. Adi calls Akhilesh lucky. He first were given property and now has 2 better halves much like Dad. Pushpa hits him. Devina and Pushpa shout that Akhilesh has simplest one wife – Kunika. Adi is amazed that they both agree on one issue for the primary time. Pushpa and Devina shake hands fortunately. They decide to address Ira together. They want to awaken the newlyweds. it’ll disturb Ira. Adi is likewise excited but Devina sends him away.

Kunika remains inside the identical dress when there is a knock at the door. She hides the bed below the mattress. Pushpa asks her about her apparel. Devina says looks as if remaining night time became movement packed. They call out for Akhilesh. Kunika says he might be in washroom. Pushpa denies. The door is open. Did he visit exercising? He have to have woken up past due nowadays atleast.

Akhilesh wakes up and is bowled over to discover himself in Ira’s room with no clothes. Ira begins shouting / appearing. What did you do to me?

Devina, Pushpa and Kunika pay attention her voice and run outside to see.

Akhilesh runs outside protecting himself with the blanket. What occurred? Why are you shouting? Ira cries loudly. Why did you do this to me? He tells her no longer to shout for no cause. I dint do some thing. Akhilesh’s own family additionally comes there. Ira says he taunts me each 2d but examine what he did whilst he discovered a few on my own time with me ultimate night. I saved asking him to depart but he locked the room from inside. He calls her liar however she says your suhagraat became meant to be with Kunika. Why did you try this to me? Akhilesh holds his head and sits down. Pushpa and Devina refuse to believe her. Ira says nobody will believe me because of him now. Kunika throws water on Akhilesh to wake him properly. He stocks that he has headache. Devina stops Kunika. Ira tells Akhilesh to tell absolutely everyone what he did to her. You said you don’t need any sort of relation with me then why did you do this to me? He calls her mad. i can hit you! Don’t accept as true with her. Ira says some greater tacky dialogues. He calls her toxic. What did you mix in coffee remaining night time? She says might I do some thing like that so that you can do that to me. Akhilesh calls her a liar. Kunika shows faith in him. i’m sure you dint do some thing! Akhilesh and Pushpa agree. Ira desires to fill poison in your thoughts in opposition to Akhilesh. Kunika tells Ira she knows what she is as much as however you cannot win over me. Ira thinks she has already set foot on the right course. just wait and watch what I do now!

Precap: Ira demanding situations Kunika that she can win over Akhilesh in per week. Devina tells Kunika to locate Ira’s weak point if she actually wants to defeat Ira.


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