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Mishri inquires as to whether their arrangement was a triumph the previous evening or not. Vansh says you wouldn’t have smelled that oil ever so you question it. Mamu more likely than not flee in a second! She smells it and grimaces. It is more regrettable than your socks! She shuts the cover yet can at present smell the oil. Vansh focuses at Kunika. Mishri inquires as to whether she dint wash since morning. You smell so awful. Mapu brought another cleanser for me. Will I bring it for you? Kunika advises her to quiets down. I will deal with you both at this point! Vansh ridicules her bent neck. Mishri likewise prods her and calls her a goat. Mishri goes around yet Kunika figures out how to seize her hand. Snicker now. Mishri demands her to abandon her hand as it is tormenting yet Kunika raises her hand to slap her. Ira holds her hand. Leave Mishri’s hand. Kunika can’t so Ira turns her hand. Try not to think to do this again as I am here at this point! I will remove your hand right on the off chance that you attempt to raise your hand on Mishri once more! I can cross any line for that. Nobody will most likely stop me. Kunika inquires as to whether she will most likely grab Akhilesh from her by acting pleasant. Ira advises her not to botch the false impressions between them. Akhilesh probably won’t believe me at the present time however I will draw out your reality before him soon. How might I grab something that is as of now mine? Kunika encourages her to quit imagining yet Ira challenges her that she will prevail upon Akhilesh in seven days. My better half will be mine in next 7 days! Stop me in the event that you can! Kunika acknowledges her test.

Kunika is smoldering in her room. She wont probably grab Akhilesh from me for 7 births! Devina advises her not to misjudge Ira. She realizes great how to curve Akhilesh to support her. In the event that you truly wish to overcome Ira, at that point discover her shortcoming. Vansh comes to demonstrate his testament to Devina. She is awed that he has been gone to an International Seminar. They embrace. I realized you are most astute. Vansh says we need to submit 1 lac for the equivalent. Devina educates him not to stress regarding cash. I will mastermind everything. we should praise your prosperity first. She takes him for a dessert treat. Kunika ponders what could be Ira’s feeble point.

Mishri comes first floor stealthily yet stops at the isolating line. Mapu’s stuff is dissipated. How would I fix it as Mapu has let me know not to go to that side? She thinks about a thought and brings a long stick. She sets Ira’s stuff legitimately and grins. Ira is shocked to see her side of the house so spotless. Who did this? Mishri says I did. Ira asks her how she did this. For what reason did you need to do this? Mishri says you are my sweet Mapu. I can help you this much. Ira expresses gratitude toward her. Mishri endeavors to embrace her however does it in fanciful style. Ira does likewise. Mishri inquires as to whether she needs some parathas. Ira advises her against it. I needn’t bother with it. There will be world war 3 on the off chance that anybody discovers. They both grin. Ira demonstrates her an improvised old sort kitchen that she has made for herself. Ira inquires as to whether she has finished her homework. Mishri gestures. Ira chooses to check it from tomorrow. Mishri sees that the ghee has fallen outside and a flame has spread. Ira moves to one side. It is spreading excessively quick. Mishri goes too far to spare her mom yet Ira sends her back on that side. Akhilesh is stunned to see the flame. He keeps Mishri away and endeavors to drench the flame. She instructs him to be cautious. Mishri sees that her Mapu’s saree has additionally burst into flames and yells. Akhilesh swings to spare her yet they fall over one another and tumble. They share an eye lock. Every other person comes there and asks them about what’s going on here. How did the house burst into flames? Akhilesh answers that Ira was preparing sustenance when the oil burst into flames. Kunika calls it her endeavor to get consideration. Akhilesh attempts to deny however Ira advises her not to converse with her like this. She reveals to Pushpa she utilized this to cook. There is no kitchen on my side. I will learn in 2-3 times. They advise her against it however Akhilesh enables her to utilize their kitchen. Fix a period and let us know. Try not to light this once more. There are kids in the house. Imagine a scenario where I wasn’t here. Pushpa advises her to ensure they don’t run into one another ways. Everybody leaves with the exception of Ira and Kunika. Kunika scowls at Ira and fixes the belt once more. Ira advises her to consider it her first thrashing. I have been here for under 24 hours and I got passage in kitchen. I will very before long increase passage in Akhilesh’s heart as well.

Everybody is situated on feasting table. Vansh attempts to pass nourishment to Ira yet Devina stops him. He is going to eat burger when Pushpa inquires as to whether he doesn’t care for parathas. For what reason would you say you are eating Vada Pao? Devina clarifies this is burger. He got remunerated for getting chose for worldwide workshop. Pushpa and Akhilesh compliment Vansh. Pushpa considers making laddoos for Vansh however Devina advises her not to make laddoos for him. He will generally turn out to be moderate like Mishri. He needs cerebrum sustenance.

Vansh shares that he isn’t the special case who got chose for the course. Mishri likewise got chose. Everybody grins aside from Devina and Kunika. Pushpa asks Mishri for what valid reason she dint let them know. Mishri says I thought to tell Bapu, Mapu and everybody together except dint get an opportunity. Ira says you don’t need to hold on to tell this. You should simply say it. I am exceptionally glad for you. You need to think about and grow a great deal. Mishri gestures. Every other person sits unobtrusively. Devina advises Akhilesh to submit charges for both the children. Akhilesh advises her not to stress. Kunika calls his deed sweet. Devina calls Kunika their fortunate mascot. Since the time she is here, we have been hearing uplifting news. Kunika acts unobtrusive yet Pushpa seconds Devina. I got a shock for her. Gem specialist welcomes them simply at that point. Pushpa advises Kunika to choose a neckband for herself. Kunika calls her best MIL.

The women take a seat to take a gander at the gems. Kunika asks Pushpa to give her cash consequently of adornments. Ira thinks Kunika at last requested cash herself. Her reality will be out at this point.

Precap: Kunika asks Ira for what good reason she is asking for cash from Akhilesh. You were gloating prior that you would utilize your cash to send Mishri to the workshop yet you wound up coming here to look for help. I was directly about you!


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