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Mishri is caught amidst the guys. She attempts calling out to him however in useless. A guy tells a person that more money has been positioned on Akhilesh’s name. The combat begins. Mishri continues calling out to Akhilesh but he’s busy beating his opponent (Tiger). How did my Bapu become Akhil Bhai from Akhilesh Pandey? Why did he must fight? i am certain he’s going to win! She starts offevolved cheering for him. Tables turn when Tiger starts offevolved hitting Akhilesh. Mishri fails to understand why Akhilesh isn’t hitting him lower back. Tiger lifts Akhilesh and throws him on the ground with a thud. Akhilesh fails in all his counter attacks and falls down at the floor with blood throughout his face. Mishri’s eyes widen in surprise seeing him therefore. humans hold cheering for Akhil such as Mishri. The referee begins counting.

If we knew the final results of some of prayers then a few prayers might not have escaped our lips ever!
Akhilesh stands returned simply in time. Mishri mentally needs that he stops however Akhilesh challenges Tiger. Hit me more if you really want to win. Tiger hits him difficult. Akhilesh claps for him. precise punch! Hit me on my eyes once more. these eyes have visible a loved one loss of life. He thinks of Ira and the way he needed to shoot her. Tiger maintains to hit him. Akhilesh’s supervisor tells him to surrender or he will die. Akhilesh mumbles that he wont be able to apologise to Ira if he wont die. Announcer says seems like Akhilesh wont give up. Mishrir realises that Akhilesh desires to lose handiest. Akhilesh stands once more. Tiger asks him if he needs him to beat him more. Akhilesh factors at his lips. Tiger hits him a lot that Akhilesh falls on the floor helpless. human beings rue that

A heart also broke along with some enamel and bones! that is why I wanted to maintain Mishri away from this vicinity. it is very painful to look your loved one give up on existence!

Mishri rushes to her Bapu’s side. I wont allow anything happen to you. She requests some spectators to help her take Akhilesh to the hospital but they retort that they lose their money because of Akhilesh. Mishri assures Akhilesh she wont let some thing show up o him. Mishri has positioned Akhilesh on a cartwheel and is taking him to the medical institution. She prays to Bajrang Bali to assist her take her Bapu to hospital. I cannot allow him die like this. I have to store him!

Tanya has discovered out that Vansh and Mishri have switched locations. She asks Vansh wherein Mishri is however he does no longer tell her. She most effective requested me for assist and i did assist her. Tanya vows to train Mishri a lesson as soon as she is domestic. Vansh prays for Mishri.

Mishri is once more soliciting for help from Bajrang Bali. She stops behind an vehicle rickshaw which has a Bajrang Bali sticky label on the bottom. A guy is fallen in front of the rickshaw and the motive force (a lady) steps out protecting a mace. Meera asks the guy to go back her money to her. the fellow offers her the package deal and runs away. Meera maintains her university prices properly. She notices Mishri and Akhilesh in the queue. Why is not any one helping a bit girl? She asks Mishri in which she is off to. Mishri stocks that Akhilesh is her Bapu. Meera notices her even Mishri looks sick. I guarantee you your Bapu can be pleasant. Meera and her pal tuck the cart at the bottom of the rickshaw whilst Meera takes a seat. She takes Akhilesh to the clinic. Receptionist calls it police case. Meera argues together with her. preserve your regulations aside. you’ve got commercialised everything! How lots is the deposit amount? Receptionist tells her. She sends Akhilesh with the nurse. Meera thinks that she arranged the coins for her college expenses. What’s the use of the money which can’t shop all of us’s existence? The proprietor of the automobile calls her and asks her to go back the automobile to him asap. by the time Mishri involves the reception, Meera has left.

It is probably viable that this lady has a few essential position to play in their existence!

doc is working upon Akhilesh. He tells the nurse to tell Mishri that they may preserve Akhilesh here for 2-three days. She is a touch girl yet she takes care of her father. She is splendid!

Vansh brings food for Pushpa calling her Pichkari. She is speakme / performing like a child. Vansh convinces her to eat taking Mishri’s name. She asks him to tell her a tale if he wishes her to devour. Vansh narrates a tale as he feeds her. She holds her toys. Vansh thinks a lot has changed. Pooh used to feed us earlier and now we are doing this. Tanya comes there. She calls her an aggravating Budhiya. Pushpa gives her a fitting reply. Tanya readies an injection. Pushpa hides at the back of Vansh.

Precap: Mishri reads Ira’s diary. there may be a point out of a bangle in the drawer. She decides to find it. Aditya and Tanya had positioned the diary intentionally so Mishri should find it. They plan to scouse borrow the bangle.


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