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Ira hugs Devina and Tanya. thank you so much! I dint consider it. this was so sudden. You made the celebration amusing. Cheers! Tanya tells Devina that their new plan additionally failed. This dint have an effect on Amaya in any respect. Ira mentally apologizes to Pushpa. I have to help them to save the house from the larger hazard. I can not allow them to discover the truth. Pushpa ends the dance. Ira asks anyone to clap for her. They comply. Tanya and Devina appearance on from a long way. This lady is way smarter than we idea! Tanya nods. human beings provide food to Pushpa in a mocking manner. Tanya says we must do some thing huge to reveal Ira. We have to threat Pushpa’s lifestyles. We need to that this woman is Ira. we will then ship her to prison and the house might be ours! i will do whatever to get this residence. They conceal in Mishri’s room as Ira comes upstairs. Devina asks Tanya what her plan is. Tanya tells her to attend and watch. She calls Pushpa upstairs who asks them about their whereabouts. Tanya asks Pushpa if she were given a prize or not. i’ve an idea. You need to do something to ensure you get a prize. She comes again with a chair. you may sit here and i’m able to push the chair. each person will clap then. Pushpa happily sits at the chair. Devina is concerned that Pushpa might get hurt but Tanya isn’t bothered. it will make Ira spill the truth. Tanya inches Pushpa near the brink of stairs when Ira holds the chair. What have been you going to do? have been you going to push her from the steps? you already know what? i really like new matters loads. allow me do it! She holds Pushpa’s chair and looks returned. it will likely be so a laugh whilst this lady will roll down the stairs! I know that this will harm this vintage lady a bit however it will be a laugh. Tanya tells Devina that it will be proved that she is Amaya if she pushes Pushpa these days.

Ira places her steps between the top stair and the chair. She pretends that the chair were given caught. She steps down to test however continues to be keeping back the chair by way of preserving it on her feet. She decides to push Pushpa to kill Devina and Tanya’s doubt once and for all. She shouts that something is inaccurate with the chair. Tanya comes to a decision to test the the front wheel however Ira does now not need her to find out the fact. She places her other toes at the back of just while Tanya is coming closer to her. Tanya slips and rolls down the steps. Ira’s different foot is harm. Devina rushes to Tanya. Pushpa asks Ira if Tanya will get the prize. She fell after all! Ira pretends to complain that it changed into this antique female who need to have fallen. that could were fun. Akhilesh enters simply then. What’s happening here? Pushpa runs to him. you have come on the proper time. Ira Kaki changed into going to push me from the stairs. i would have gotten masses of chocolates however this Tanya fell down. Tanya lies that she couldn’t see Amaya behaving like this with Badi Ma. I went to keep her however Amaya pushed me. Pushpa asks her as to who she is looking Badi Ma. Tanya dismisses it. Ira says it’d had been amusing if this vintage lady had fallen from the steps. The video could have long gone viral. Akhilesh slaps her.

Ira reprimands him for doing so. He warns her that he could have killed her if she had performed what she simply stated. Be thankful that I handiest slapped you! She shouts at him but he shouts louder in return. I additionally realize a way to shout. you’re a stain within the name of girl! that is my Amma’s house. simply get out! She warns him now not to mention it.

Vansh and Mishri have made preps to rejoice Ira’s birthday.

Akhilesh and Ira retain to argue over the house and Pushpa. Ira tells him to attend to his mom. She became dancing like a monkey in my birthday celebration! It turned into so embarrassing! Akhilesh increases his hand but Kabir holds Akhilesh’s hand simply in time. you’ll raise a hand on my wife? Ira tells Kabir it’s miles sufficient. I can’t endure this own family for any other 2d! Out of my residence right now! i can surrender Akhilesh to police. How dare he throw his circle of relatives out of my house and raise a hand on me? Tanya speaks of the video wherein Kabir had promised that whoever wins the arm wrestling fit will live here. We had a deal. Ira calls it an old deal. Akhilesh and i had a brand new deal and he failed! Akhilesh says the day isn’t entire yet. I consider the deal nicely. i can throw the money in your face! Ira heads upstairs with Kabir. Kabir ends the birthday celebration and bides adieu to the visitors. there’s a path of blood at the back of Ira. Kabir holds her hand as she stumbles. Pushpa rues that Ira Kaki dint give her the prize. Akhilesh takes her with him.

Mishri asks Tanya about the fight. Tanya tells her that it’s miles because of Amaya. She isn’t your mother however a person girl. She tried to push your Badi Ma from the steps. It is right that I came there on time or I don’t recognize what could have occurred! Devina nods at her. She takes Tanya to her room. The youngsters are pressured at Ira’s behaviour. Vansh shows that they have to assume from an open mind. We had been wrong till now. It isn’t Mami. What should we do about the cake? It turned into a terrible idea. She notices the blood droplets and receives questioning. She relates it with the opposite marks. It method Mapu attempted to store Mapu and now not vice versa. Vansh asks her wherein she is misplaced. What need to we do the cake? Mishri smiles. we are able to think about it later. I must first meet Mapu. Vansh asks her if she is going to scold her too. i’m able to also be part of you. Mishri denies. i have to inform her some thing.

Kabir tells Ira they want to forestall the bleeding however she calls it her punishment for what passed off with Moti Ba. He tells her no longer to punish herself for whatever happened. let me apply ointment. She asks for a while on my own. He calls her cussed. i have been attempting to speak experience to you however you aren’t taking note of me. Is there all and sundry within the world who you concentrate to without arguing? Mishri enters simply then. Kabir asks her what she is doing right here. Mishri says I got here to talk to ehr. Ira asks her if she has additionally come to taunt her like her Bapu. i am a stain in the name of humanity! Mishri shakes her head as she sits next to her. She is preserving the primary resource child. I need to use ointment. i will additionally get your blessings this way. Ira tells her in opposition to it however Mishri requests her once more. i have been craving for this moment on the grounds that long. Please bless me. Ira declines however Mishri tells her to stop her lies. My coronary heart knows the reality. You can not deny that i’m your daughter! i encourage you to talk the fact as soon as. Ira is in tears. Kabir’s eyes widen in shock. Mishri says I realize you should be in ache seeing me like this. Please talk the truth once, Mapu. call me Mishri, your Gudiya as soon as. I haven’t heard it since a long time. Ira is crying silently.

Precap: Ira tells Kabir that she can’t take it anymore. I should tell the reality to anyone! Later, Kabir collides with Pushpa and a record falls from her hand. Kabir reads it. The patient for which i’ve been doing this drama in the front of Ira is Mishri! She must die so my nephew can live! He involves Mishri’s room stealthily at night time but Akhilesh also comes there simply then.


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