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Vansh assures Tanya he will do some thing she desires. Pichkari may also consume properly and wont do any mischief. I promise. Tanya wonders why Pushpa dint die of the shock of Ira’s demise. Why did she ought to live? She is making ready the injection. Pushpa starts mumbling. Tanya is about to inject her while Vansh holds Tanya’s ft requesting her now not to damage Pushpa. She tells him that that is his ultimate warning. I know it is Mishri’s doing. these days you and Mishri will do the whole lot! She takes Vansh with him. Pushpa is all shaken up.

Mishri is fortuitously cleaning the floor. She sits down to speak to her Mapu’s picture. Why do you appear so unhappy? Is it due to the fact i am doing household work? there may be not anything to be disillusioned about. it’s far my house handiest. i will tidy the whole thing before you’re home! Vansh says simplest the ones who are alive come lower back. She stops him from saying anything similarly. should I stop talking to you? i am telling you that my Mapu isn’t useless. she can virtually go back. Will you guess with me? you may lose anyhow as Mapu will honestly come for Bapu. You haven’t seen it however i have seen that Bapu does no longer need to stay anymore given that Mapu left. i can educate him the way to stay. God will find a manner. He may be exceptional once Mapu is home. Don’t talk to me. He apologizes to her. Shall I help you? She refuses and sternly asks him to leave. He walks away quietly. She maintains along with her work. She reveals a diary in one of the open drawers and selections it. Mapu’s diary turned into mendacity here since so long yet I dint note. it’s miles awful to study a person else’s diary but i will sense near her if I read it! She reads the diary. Ira has written about her first assembly with Akhilesh. there may be a mention of the bangle which he had given to her. Mishri thinks that it will likely be in the safe best. Bapu dint have money but he dint promote them. it method it’s miles an brand of their love much like me! It also method that that bangle best will unite Mapu and Bapu again.
The house is more pepped up because of Mishri’s enthusiasm than some thing else. Will the identical bangle, which had united Ira and Akhilesh will bring lower back memories / emotions of Mishri’s mother?

Tanya smiles. Our plan turned into first rate. you have to take hold of the bangle from Mishri as soon as she opens the safe. Adi is hesitant however she tells him that if they both do it then they’ll be blamed. If we take hold of it from Mishri then she might be scolded, now not us. Adi says it wont be smooth to steal bangles from her. Tanya asks him how he may be fearful of a bit woman. maintain an eye on Mishri. i will do something due to which she might be able to get maintain of the bangle!

Pushpa and Vansh are gambling carom. She notices him tensed. He says i’m wondering why Mishri gave me such a hard task. She said she wont speak to me until the time I do it. Pushpa tells him now not to tlak to Mishri if she isn’t talking to him. Vansh shares that Mishri wants the bangles from Mamu’s secure. Tanya stays in that room. Pushpa name callings her. Tanya overhears hr. Did someone say some thing? Pushpa sneezes and the talc splashes throughout Tanya. Pushpa cleans her. You appear like a mongoose today! Tanya refuses to bear her anymore. Vansh apologizes to her another time from Pushpa’s facet. She wont do anything to you after today. Tanya gives in. in which is your partner-in-crime? Pushpa mumbles that she has long past to temple. Vansh tells her the same component. Tanya asks about residence cleaning. Vansh shares that each room has been wiped clean besides Akhilesh’s. We don’t should keys to that room. She hands him the duplicate keys. he’s relieved that he could be in a position to complete the assigned undertaking now. Pushpa fingers her a few leaves before going with Vansh. My goat isn’t consuming any! Tanya throws it away. Vansh should be wondering he’ll provide the bangle to Mishri but he does not realize what the actual plan is.

Vansh involves Akhilesh’s room. We used to have so much amusing right here. Mishri still thinks her Mapu is alive. He prays to God to make Mishri’s perception come genuine. He reveals the bangle in the cabinet. Mishri stated that she will be able to find her Mapu using it. he takes most effective one in all them and continues the second one again in its area. He heads downstairs. He calls Mishri while he’s inside the living room. Come home soon and go to search for Ira Mami. he’s perplexed to listen that Mishri will be staying in sanatorium tonight. How will I find Ira Mami? She disconnects the call. He wonders in which he’s going to search for Ira.

Pushpa comes home with jalebi. He asks her wherein she had gone by myself. Who gave you jalebi? She admits that she stole some cash from Tanya’s handbag and bought jalebi. Please don’t scold me. He has the same opinion. He feeds her sweetly and looks after her. he is nevertheless thinking the way to find Ira whilst he notices the pamphlet in Pushpa’s hand. It speaks of a Swayamvar. Pushpa asks him if he is going to get married. you’re still a kid or police will take you to prison! I don’t need to marry. Mamu and Mami met in a Swayamvar for the first time. i’ve a sense that i can locate Mami in a Swayamvar handiest. You gave me the nice concept. He hugs her calling her the high-quality. She says I wont come up with anymore jalebi. He gives to bring more jalebi for her rather. Lie if all of us asks about me. i’m able to carry extra jalebi for you. Pushpa receives happy. Tanya calls Adi. there’s a mild alternate in plan. Vansh is taking the bangle with him in place of Mishri. steal it from him and come home directly.

Vansh is speaking to himself. i’m able to inform Mami how a great deal we miss her once I meet her! Adi mentally apologizes to him for what he is ready to do. He is available in front of Vansh wearing a helmet, pushes him and runs in the direction of his bike. A lady beats Adi hearing Vansh calling him a thief. He runs as his helmet falls off. Vansh rubs his eyes to have a look at the woman and finds Ira calling out to him (he isn’t wearing his specifications). Mami? you’re here?

Precap: Tanya tells Adi that she could have devoted suicide if his mother would have been here. Your mother did one aspect via taking that insurance police. They find a person in their room and try and strangle the character. Devina pushes Tanya and glares on the couple. Akhilesh finds out from a staff member that Mishri has admitted him to health facility.


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