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Ira reaches sanatorium. She runs to Mishri and attempts to wake her up. not anything will take place to you. Your Mapu is here. awaken! She calls out to sister. Why hasn’t everybody attended her until now? She begins searching through the stuff. Vansh is recording a video. Mishri sits up. Ira seems at her in shock. Mishri asks Vansh if he is aware of how a whole lot she likes tomato ketchup. i love it all the more now. Ira attempts to scold her again but fails. Mishri says now I recognize what I imply to you. forestall performing and pop out with the fact. receive it which you are my Mapu. Why might you have got come running here otherwise? Ira says I just desired to test on you as you are poor. in case you are sincerely harm then you definately wouldn’t have money in your remedy. Vansh tells her that they both recognise the fact now. Ira tells them to prevent this nonsense but Mishri refuses. She runs to inform everyone.

Akhilesh tells Tanya about a own family coming to peer Mira. Tanya asks Aditya why he keeps quiet. Do something. do we get a stranger married in our house? Aditya attempts to ask Akhilesh out of it however Akhilesh tells him to get to paintings. A servant asks Akhilesh to flavor the juice. We can not quite recognize the taste. Kabir comes downstairs. Akhilesh drinks the juice and approves it. Doorbell jewelry. Kabir says it have to be the groom and his own family. He welcomes them. Akhilesh makes Tanya and Aditya convey candies for them. Akhilesh starts feeling dizzy. He sits down quietly but is uneasy. Kabir introduces Akhilesh to Shantanu. Kabir smirks seeing Akhilesh’s circumstance. Akhilesh excuses himself. Kabir asks him to send Mira downstairs. Akhilesh nods.

Kabir thinks Akhilesh had no concept that the equal medicine has additionally been jumbled in someone else’s glass as properly.

Mira wonders how to say no to Kabir. She too starts offevolved feeling dizzy.

Akhilesh somehow manages to reach his antique room. Why is my head paining ? the whole thing is blurry. He knocks at the door. Mira attempts to stand up however fails. Akhilesh opens the door. He imagines Ira in Mira as soon as he looks at her. He walks up to her feeling emotional. My vision is blurred but I can not pass over recognizing you in this saree. wherein were you? i used to be so lonely with out you. He hugs her. Mira tells him she has a intense headache. He tells her no longer to leave him ever. They hit upon the mattress. Akhilesh caresses her hair. Don’t depart me ever. I wont be able to live with out you. Don’t move faraway from me ever! He loses aware and so does Mira.

Shantanu’s family asks about Mira. Kabir sends Tanya to bring her. He thinks now there may be new twist in the story.

Tanya knocks at the door however there is no reaction. Is she lifeless or what? She calls out to Mira and then walks inside. She stands there shocked. Akhilesh isn’t carrying his kurta and Mira’s bangles are scattered at the mattress. Tanya calls everyone upstairs. they’re stunned at the sight in the front of them. Flashback shows Kabir arising a while ago and disposing of Akhilesh’s kurta and Mira’s jewelry. He rests their hands on pinnacle of each different. This became what i used to be anticipating! Flashback ends. Kabir shouts angrily. He throws water on Akhilesh and Mira. they’re taken aback to peer each other therefore as quickly as they open their eyes. Kabir asks Akhilesh why he ruined Mira’s lifestyles. Akhilesh is careworn. Ira become here a while in the past. Kabir says it isn’t possible. Your spouse Ira is dead. that is my sister Mira! Shantanu’s family reprimands Kabir. Akhilesh explains that not anything occurred among him and Mira. it is a misunderstanding. Shantanu’s dad and mom talk badly about Mira’s character and spoil the alliance. Akhilesh tries to give an explanation for to them however Kabir warns him to live faraway from him. Akhilesh assures him that the whole lot can be first-rate. Kabir asks him if he’s going to take obligation in case his sister attempts to take her existence. Akhilesh says it wont show up. Mira runs downstairs.

Mira stops near the dining desk. Kabir’s phrases echo in her head. She selections up the knife stored on the desk. Akhilesh stops her. You very well understand that nothing occurred between us! go away this. Mira cries. My Bhai turned into insulted nowadays because of me. Kabir tells Akhilesh to step apart. You can not faux to be excellent after ruining her life. Marry her if you don’t want her existence to be ruined! you can most effective say massive matters but you don’t have the braveness to take a stand for my sister. she will continue to be unmarried her entire existence if you leave her facet today! What’s the guarantee that she wont attempt this once more? Mira says Akhilesh isn’t at fault. Kabir asks her how she may be capable of spend her lifestyles alone like this. Akhilesh recollects what number of women had refused to marry him because of his operation. Kabir says this insult will take your lifestyles. Akhilesh replies that nobody will lose their life. i’m able to marry your sister. Aditya asks Akhilesh if he’s in his senses. Akhilesh says I don’t realize if I made this mistake or no longer however I wont allow anybody be insulted or die because of me. i can marry Mira. Kabir tells him to marry Mira these days itself. I don’t trust you. What if you trade your thoughts tomorrow? Akhilesh has the same opinion. Kabir is going to call pundit. Tanya asks about decor. Kabir tells her to shut up. Mira attempts to object however Kabir tells her to get prepared asap. Tanya takes her upstairs. Aditya is going to arrange garments for Akhilesh. Kabir thinks he killed birds with one stone.

Akhilesh is status teary eyed in a corner.

all of the preps were made. Akhilesh is carrying a sherwani. Kabir asks him why he seems hesitant. Don’t attempt to lower back out now. you have to repair your mistake. Tanya brings Mira downstairs. Mira says every body can talk once. Tanya tells her she has no time to pay attention her nonsense. Get married and give up this drama. Devina is satisfied that Ira might be out of picture now. Mira and Akhilesh take a seat within the mandap. Mira seems at Akhilesh who’s considering Ira. Kabir tells pundit ji to begin the pheras. He continues glancing at the door worriedly. Akhilesh and Mira start taking pheras. Kabir wants it to be over earlier than Ira returns domestic.

Precap: Mishri enters with Vansh and Ira. they are bowled over to see Akhilesh taking pheras with Mira. She holds Akhilesh’s hand. What are you doing Bapu? My Mapu is alive and proper right here with us. I swear upon you. Akhilesh asks Ira about her identification. Ira admits that she is indeed Ira.


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