Meri Hanikarak Biwi 15th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Akhilesh scolding Vansh. He asks where is Monu. Pushpa asks what’s the problem, what did kids do. Akhilesh says the fact will come out now. He gets a bit field and asks Vansh to open it. Vansh opens it and receives scared by using the clown. They snicker on Akhilesh’s mischief. Akhilesh says take a look at Monu, he isn’t scared, if I had a son, he would were brave like Monu, not a coward like you, I m so pleased with Monu. Mishri is going. Akhilesh asks what happened, did he fight with children. Ira says no.

Kunika says its k, cross and get prepared, i will make some thing unique for you. Pushpa teases Devina. Kunika says i can make Suji halwa properly, Akhilesh will be impressed with me and kiss my hand. Ira sees her and says wait, that’s salt. Kunika doesn’t pay attention and asks her to clean the desk. Pushpa asks why did you make. Kunika says i have prepared Suji ka halwa. Pushpa says its Akhilesh’s fav. Devina tastes it and spits. She says its too salty. Pushpa doesn’t pay attention to her. Kunika asks Akhilesh to devour the halwa. He says allow the youngsters come, then we will have it. Vansh says Monu isn’t coming out of the room. Akhilesh says i can move and see. Ira says kids do such matters, i will take food for Monu. She is going.

Mishri remains upset. Ira involves feed her food. Mishri says i have time-honored Akhilesh as my dad. Ira asks her to stop this nonsense, he can’t become your father, have food in case you need. She turns and sees Akhilesh. Akhilesh asks is this way to talk to children, i will feed her. Ira worries and symptoms no. Mishri nods and shuts the door. She cries. Ira says his temper is awful. Akhilesh says how can he misbehave, let him stay hungry. He goes. Ira cries and is going. Mishri stays dissatisfied. She thinks of Akhilesh. Akhilesh thinks why did Monu try this, why am I thinking a lot. They think of every other and pray to recognise their relation.

Its morning, Akhilesh is going to look for Monu. Vansh says Monu has locked himself in the room. Akhilesh says i’m able to deliver him out. He acts and screams. Mishri concerns for him and runs out of the room to see him. She sees Vansh beating Akhilesh in the wrestling combat. Monu asks why are you beating Akhilesh. Vansh says i can make him lose in wrestling. Monu asks Pushpa to prevent Vansh. Pushpa says no, I m scared seeing Vansh’s anger. Monu pushes away Vansh. She asks are you great. Akhilesh says no. Mishri asks Vansh why did you do that. Akhilesh says I advised him to do that, you have got now come out of the room, i will get your lost smile lower back. Mishri laughs whilst he tickles. Ira comes and sees them. Mishri goes away. Kunika says perhaps he’s homesick. Ira says i will see. Akhilesh goes to look Monu. Ira thinks Mishri can’t stay right here now. Ira calls Bhavik and says Mishri can’t stay here anymore.

Precap:- Akhilesh asks Monu why did his dad and mom leave him. Mishri tells the residence deal with. Vansh calls Ira and says Mishri gave incorrect cope with to Akhilesh, he has long gone to fulfill them and took Mishri alongside. Ira and Bhavik worry.

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