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Bhavik expresses gratitude toward Akhilesh. I am prepared to let you know everything on the off chance that you are interested yet I guarantee you I am not abusing this cash. Devina insults Bhavik. You more likely than not pulled back cash to support Ira! Bhavik denies. She has never approached me for help ever! I put it in a venture. Devina will not confide in him. Ira enters simply at that point. Vansh and Mishri go to inquire as to whether she landed the position. Devina lets them know not to squander their time. See her face! She appears to be so tranquil which implies she dint land any position! Kunika insults Ira for not having the capacity to satisfy her little girl’s needs. How would you face yourself in the mirror regular realizing that you are a disappointment both as a spouse and a mother! Pushpa takes her to her space to rest. Try not to get into this. Everybody leaves with the exception of Bhavik and the children.

Mishri discloses to her mom not to cry. You possibly state that we can’t discover an answer in the event that we cry when stuck in an unfortunate situation. She embraces her sweetly. Bhavik says imagine a scenario in which Ira dint land position. I am here. I will find her another line of work. It will fulfill everybody. The children grin while Ira takes a gander at Bhavik in disarray.

Next morning, Pushpa is supplicating. Devina is enticed seeing the laddoos. My sweet tooth is misbehaving. I should eat something. These laddoos will be perfect. Pushpa wont save me on the off chance that I eat it before puja however overlook it. Puspha sees her picking a laddoo however does not stop her. Devina is shocked. Is everything fine? Pushpa shares that Akhilesh took Kunika to clinic for eye check up. I am petitioning God for her prosperity. I am additionally asking that Ira goes out asap! Devina keeps the laddoo down. It will be a wrongdoing. Devina talks about Akhilesh’s guarantee to Trinetri Baba. He dint offer Mishri to Baba. Is it as a result of that pledge? Pushpa says even I have been thinking about that. I was thinking to orchestrate a stupendous havan in Banaras so every one of the issues fall just on me! I figured I will leave when Kunika’s eyes are fine. Devina advises her to continue her petition. I will manage the house once she leaves!

Akhilesh is helping Kunika sit in the vehicle when two children come to clean his shoes. He is stunned to see them in this manner. Kunika likewise questions them. It must be some extravagant dress challenge in school. Mishri denies. We were just aiding Mapu. We will just do what she will do! He understands this is the thing that Ira is likewise doing. Mishri focuses at Ira who is sitting toward the edge of the road. She requests his shoe however acknowledges it is Akhilesh. Kunika makes complain of it. Akhilesh advises her to sit in the vehicle or somebody will give her cash believing her to be visually impaired. The children help her sit inside.

Akhilesh gets some information about. You have included my children in this! She answers that she dint do anything like that. They went ahead their own. I don’t have throughout the day. Give me your shoe. I need to clean shoes toward the beginning of the day and after that sell blooms at the flag later. I need to likewise do men’s club during the evening. She presents before him. He asks her for what valid reason she is doing this. Stand straight. Why nightclub? She discloses to him she is prepared to do anything for the good of Mishri. Get your shoes cleaned and give my cash in my grasp, kyuki primary aaj bhi feke shade paise nahi uthati (a popular motion picture discourse which she says it run of the mill style). The children chuckle. Mishri and Ira wink at one another. Akhilesh takes a gander at the children. Bhavik likewise comes there. Akhilesh guides him to talk some detect to his sister however Bhavik rather calls Ira’s exertion right. Akhilesh whines that Ira is making his little girl likewise work like a homeless person. Bhavik reminds him to profound inhale like he had instructed him. Bhavik pays Ira and furthermore gives her a tip. Bhavik discloses to Akhilesh he will reveal to him an answer in emergency clinic. Ira and the children yell for boot clean. Akhilesh leaves. Bhavik and the children high-five.

Akhilesh makes Kunika sit on the couch. I will total a portion of my work till the opportunity doc comes. I am under part of stress. She commends him. You are so sweet and spoil me to such an extent. I dint need to be a weight on you like your ex yet I couldn’t do it as a result of that Ira! Bhavik advises her not to stress. I comprehend your pressure and I have an answer for it. Ira strolls in as Bhavik requires Akhilesh’s new PA. Akhilesh takes a gander at Ira from top to toe. Kunika looks from her glares. She asks Akhilesh what Ira is doing here. Akhilesh questions Bhavik who shares this is the answer for the issue. You dint need Ira to clean boots on flag or do supper club in disco. Kunika was likewise stressed that you have no PA. Everybody is glad at this point. You guaranteed me you will tune in to whatever I state. Along these lines you will have a PA and even Mishri wont need to clean boots. State indeed, it would be ideal if you Akhilesh gives in. Bhavik says all the best to Ira for taking care of irate young fellow. You are a specialist in any case. You will do it. He leaves.

Ira expresses gratitude toward Akhilesh. Kunika looks upset. Ira approaches Akhilesh and plays with her hair. She winds up sitting in his lap. Where would it be a good idea for me to sit, Sir? They share an eye lock. Akhilesh turns away. Get up! Try not to stay here. She is sorry as she gets up. You appear to be so worried. Give me a chance to rub your shoulder. She begins doing it yet he discloses to her he is fine without it. Ira discloses to him he will feel good. Kunika expels her glares and cautions her to avoid Akhilesh. Ira reminds her she can’t see. Kunika lies that she can detect their vicinity. Clean the room. Ira concurs. She begins from Akhilesh’s work area as he begins reciting Hanuman Chalisa. What have you gotten me into? Ira hangs over him while professing to clean which makes him awkward. Ira drops a cockroach inside his shirt. Kunika stands up in alert. Akhilesh begins opening his tie and shirt. Ira causes him. Kunika advises her to remain away. I will do it. Ira rehashes that she can’t see anything. I will do it. Akhilesh feels awkward. Kunika covers her glares. Ira discloses to Akhilesh this is the way she used to embrace him in the past at whatever point he got terrified of insects. They share another long eye lock. Ira says I am dependably with you to shield you from such unnerving creepy crawlies (indicating Kunika). She takes out the insect. Akhilesh fixes his shirt. I comprehend what you are attempting to do. He goes to call doc.

Kunika asks Ira for what valid reason she is acting. Ira answers that it is she who is acting utilizing these phony glares. Your show is going to cost you seriously! I will continue coming nearer to Akhilesh till the time you will claim to be visually impaired before Akhilesh. He will toss you out of his life extremely soon simply like he tossed the cockroach! All the best, Kunika! Try not to cross the street alone till the time you are claiming to be visually impaired. Akhilesh shouts to Ira. She advises Kunika to wear her glares. Your better half just overlooked his jacket. Ira selects coat and strolls from the room. Kunika thinks about how to isolate them from one another.

Precap Upcoming Meri Hanikarak Biwi Episode Update: Ira advises Akhilesh not to trust Kunika like this. He consents to demonstrate Kunika’s fact today. A puja is going on in Akhilesh’s home. Kunika’s telephone vibrates. She puts it on quiet and notification Akhilesh looking toward her.


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