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Vansh and Mishri are outside Pandey House. Mishri says Bapu will be excited to know reality. There is no reason to worry. Vansh gestures. Ira again rehashes that she isn’t her Mapu. A family has come to see Mira. I don’t need any show inside. Mishri discusses verification. Vansh demonstrates the video to Ira. They hear the sound of serenades originating from inside and go to perceive what’s going on. Ira has the telephone with her.

Mishri and Vansh are stunned to see Mira and Akhilesh taking pheras. Ira enters following a second and stops in her tracks in stun. Mishri yells Bapu. Akhilesh stops to take a gander at her yet then continues his pheras. Mishri and Vansh hurried to him. Ira is sorrowful however can’t indicate it. Mishri asks Akhilesh what he is doing. You are hitched to my Mapu. I wont give you a chance to do it. Devina advises her not

to talk between older folks. Ira drops her shoes. Mishri advises Devina/Langdu Chacha to relinquish her. Nobody can assume my Mapu’s position. She hurries to Ira. Stop Bapu. How might you let him wed another person? Stop him. Let him know not to wed once more. He is hitched to you! For what reason would you say you are tranquil? She races to bring Pushpa. In the interim, Vansh advises Mamu not to wed.

Pushpa asks Mishri what’s going on. Mishri brings up that Bapu is wedding holy messenger aunt. He is as of now hitched to my Mapu however. Stop him for the wellbeing of I. He will hear you out. Pushpa asks Akhilesh for what reason he is wedding once more. You are as of now hitched to Ira Kaki. This isn’t right. Mishri is in tears. Pushpa says I will give you unpleasant medication and an infusion on the off chance that you will wed once more. I realize you fear infusion. Drop this thought here itself. Mishri Didi and I are so stressed. Great children don’t act difficult. She advises Mira to wed another person. My companion is hitched. She asks Akhilesh to come. Devina signals Tanya to accomplish something. Tanya takes Pushpa with her. You don’t have the foggiest idea what has occurred between them. Devina holds Mishri solidly once more. Mishri battles to break free. Kabir advises intellectual ji to finish the wedding rapidly. Akhilesh and Mira resume taking pheras. Ira is altogether shaken. Mishri nibbles Devina’s hand to free herself. She requests that Ira accomplish something. Advise Bapu not to wed once more. Ira advises her to stop it. you are a bothering kid. I will ask in the event that I have any inquiry! You don’t have to give me any requests! She asks Kabir what’s going on here. A family was coming to see Mira. For what reason would you say you are causing her to wed this failure at that point? Kabir requests that her accompany him. Circumstance was with the end goal that we had no other decision. He discloses to her the phony story. The pheras proceed.

Mishri holds Akhilesh’s leg. Kindly don’t do this. Mapu said that wedding her implied that you will be with her for 7 births. How might you wed blessed messenger aunt at that point? This isn’t right! Akhilesh answers this would have been off-base just if Ira was alive. She is no more! Mishri considers it an untruth. Mapu is directly here. You may lie as much as you need however she is my Mapu. Akhilesh says she isn’t your Mapu yet Mishri swears upon him. She is in fact my Mapu! Vansh seconds her. For what reason would she swear dishonestly upon you? She is Mami! Akhilesh attempts to state something however Mishri rehashes her words. Akhilesh inquires as to whether she is in reality Ira. Ira concedes that she is without a doubt Ira. Everybody is shocked. Ira says I am your Ira. What were you going to do Akhilesh? Kabir frowns at Ira. Akhilesh gets enthusiastic. Ira? Ira breaks into a grin. This is what all of you needed to hear right? I said it. Is it true that you are folks upbeat at this point? I am burnt out on hearing her name. Would it be advisable for me to likewise kick the bucket like your significant other? I am sick of saying it! I am not Ira. I can’t be Ira for the good of you! For the wellbeing of God, wed anybody, I couldn’t care less! After what I have heard, it is better that you wed her! End this dramatization asap. She advises Kabir to complete it rapidly. Mishri discloses to Ira she wont let her untruth today. You may attempt however I realize that you are my Mapu. She reveals to Akhilesh she has a video wherein it is seen that she is without a doubt Ira. She checks her telephone however there is no video. Ira erased it when the children had headed inside. Mishri gets some information about the video. He checks the telephone. It got erased! Mishri calls it unthinkable. Ira discloses to them that there was no such video in any case. Quit watching Hindi films. Mishri demands she isn’t lying.

Kabir advises everybody to stop this dramatization. I wont give my sister’s life a chance to be demolished! He makes Aditya remove the children. Ira plunks down on the couch and advises Akhilesh and Mira to complete it rapidly. My eyes are consuming because of this smoke. Mishri yells weakly. Akhilesh makes Mira wear mangalsutra. Ira reviews her wedding. Mishri demands Ira to stop this wedding. I can’t see any other individual in your place. Akhilesh thinks about his wedding with Ira as he fills Mira’s hairline. He turns away. Savant ji proclaims them a couple. Mishri separates. Ira is attempting her best to control her feelings. She wipes her tears before anybody can see her. Tanya, Devina and Aditya grin.

Ira leaves there and cries quietly. She runs upstairs in the end. Kabir grins. Mira takes a gander at Akhilesh.

Ira weeps hysterically in her room. Whatever happened first floor continues blazing before her eyes! She is sorry to Mishri rationally. I hurt you and lost your Bapu. I am constrained to shroud my fact!

Precap: Mishri reveals to Mira that they should make Ira desirous gradually consistently particularly you. Mapu wont almost certainly take it and spill her fact! You will leave Bapu a short time later, correct? Mira is sad.


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