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Mishri prays to Bajrang Bali. Please deliver Mapu back. I handiest wanted to find her. I wouldn’t have misplaced that bangle ever.

My devotee does not realize that the bangle will attain the right fingers on the right time.

Vansh says Mamu went to find the bangle. perhaps it is a signal from God. He would possibly meet Mami. Mishri smiles. Please make Bapu meet Mapu, Bajrang Bali.

A lady steps down from her vehicle. Adi and Tanya are in a jap eating place. Adi asks her why they may be right here to search for a bangle. Tanya says I stated it intentionally that we are going to assist your brother. I need to have Sushi. He appears at the charge. This restaurant could be very steeply-priced. She shares that she offered a silver body and got here right here to have dinner. He praises her.

The mystery woman walks in the same eating place. Her supervisor walks in first. He offers reimbursement to all people to vacate the restaurant as she (Amaya) isn’t at ease round humans. Adi and Tanya get intrigued. Tanya tells the supervisor they wont depart. He tells them that no person says no to Amaya. Tanya remains placed. He walks away. Adi reasons that they may have taken the money. Tanya replies that she is so wealthy and might truly pay 1 lac as nicely. another couple refuses to go away as they’ve come to rejoice their anniversary. Amaya overhears it. i am no longer used to listening to no. i can get out of right here my manner! She tells the restaurant manager to dim the lights. Mango people! Her manager explains her logic. eating place manager dims the mild. Amaya liquids from the bottle. She asks for disco lights. He tells her that there isn’t any disco light in their eating place. She palms him a package of cash and tells him to get it achieved. Waiters flash lighting at her as she steps atop a table and dances. She throws her footwear on the couple celebrating their anniversary. That guy’s spouse asks for divorce from her husband. I dint recognize you came here to ogle at such girls! He chases her.

Adi tells Tanya he wasn’t staring at her. She smiles. i’m considering some thing else right now. She asks the manager to change the music to a unhappy song. She offers him money to accomplish that. Adi is worried about the money however Tanya tells him to attend and watch. Amaya complains about the tune. Did a person die? supervisor points at Tanya. Tanya murmurs at Adi to see how a great deal she will be able to earn this night. Amaya seems at Tanya and Adi. She takes her grasp from her supervisor and throws a package of money on the desk. I need my tune lower back. this is the fee of converting your terrible track. Tanya finds it much less and tells her. Amaya offers her 2 lacs. Tanya asks for hefty quantity if she wants to strike a cope with her. Amaya calls her grasping. i will find out people such as you from far. Do you already know what I do with them? She aims her gun at Tanya and Adi shocking them. Adi shouts for protection. Amaya shoots the recorder rather. I even damage their parties! eating place supervisor asks Amaya for cash to cowl the damage. Amaya tells him to pick out up the money she had kept on Tanya’s table. Adi appears at Tanya who says I did now not recognize whatever.

Amaya eliminates her sunglasses and steps out in the light. it’s miles Ira or her lookalike.

The voice is same however the nature is exceptional. My little devotee asked for her mother’s love so I gave her this.

Mishri requests Bajrang Bali not to disregard her prayer this time. They see Ira’s picture on the floor and choose it up. Mishri smiles. I understood the entirety. it is Bajrang Bali’s plan. It way Mapu and Bapu will meet quickly. Don’t disappoint me this time, Bajrang Bali. lead them to meet soon!

Akhilesh is walking aimlessly on the street. i wonder wherein i’m able to discover the female with the bangle in the sort of massive city! dust falls in his eyes. He appears in that path and notices a temple. you can try and attract my interest however I wont fold palms earlier than you once more. you have made my lifestyles hell! I killed my spouse with my fingers. You had been just looking the entirety! My Amma lost her intellectual balance. You dint do anything! entire world is still calling a terrorist and blaming her and also you are getting praised! I need to receive it that God does not exist on this world! carry Ira returned if you want to show me wrong. are you able to do that? can you carry Ira lower back in my existence? He wipes his tears. she will be able to in no way return. Amaya’s automobile breaks down near that temple. driver steps down to test the hassle. there may be a hassle within the engine. Amaya is feeling hot. She is informed that there it will take some time. She complains of suffocation however it’s miles useless. She steps down from the car as well.

Akhilesh says you can’t carry my Ira back.

Amaya starts typing on her smartphone. She is walking towards Akhilesh together with her face covered.

Akhilesh says you can not do that miracle.

Amaya stumbles in her step. She is ready to fall near Akhilesh but he walks away just then. Amaya complains of a sprain. the automobile is repaired so she sits within the vehicle again.

Kabir tells Mira he had transferred cash in her account. Why did you need to do those menial matters? You dint have money to buy food that’s why you went to that area? Mira says I can not take cash from you. I agree that i used to be raised in your home however my mom become a maid there in any case. He tells her no longer to call Lali Ma a maid. you have got grown up now. She additionally tells him about her meeting with Vansh for the duration of their convo. i can return it to him. he’s looking for his Mami because lengthy. The bangle slips out of her hand and lands in Amaya’s ft. She choices it up.

Precap: Amaya comes to somewhere. Pushpa is at that stall. She notices the bangle in her hand and her face. Pushpa chases her vehicle calling her Ira Kaki. Later, Amaya stops outside a place. Akhilesh is right there. He looks in her path.


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