Meri Hanikarak Biwi 18th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Mishri praying that Akhilesh becomes her dad. Akhilesh comes and says i’m able to apprehend your ache, I used to lengthy for dad’s love, we used to live in village, he used to live in city, I used to wish that we meet him, he never came to satisfy us, inform me in which do your mother and father stay, i can discover them and get them right here to you. Mishri tells some address. She apologizes for lying. He is going. Vansh says if Akhilesh knows this deal with is incorrect, he’ll no longer leave you. Mishri says just mum can shop me. She calls Ira. Akhilesh comes and takes Mishri alongside. Ira is at the way with Bhavik. She says i was helpless to deceive Ira, i can see Mishri and Akhilesh are getting attached. Vansh calls her and says Akhilesh has taken Mishri to satisfy her mother and father, do something and save her. Ira asks What deal with did she say. He says she told something. Bhavik asks him to try to take into account. Devina calls Vansh. Vansh disconnects. Ira says we have no address, what to do now.

Mishri tries to make excuses. Akhilesh reaches the deal with. He scolds the couple for leaving their baby Monu. The couple denies realizing about Monu. Akhilesh argues. The woman lies and says we don’t need Monu, we fooled Monu and sent him with Bhavik, we are not his dad and mom, in case you love him, you then adopt him. Mishri smiles. Akhilesh says you don’t deserve Monu. He leaves and drives the car angrily. Ira and Bhavik thank the couple for saving them and pay cash. They depart. Mishri asks what passed off. Akhilesh says your dad and mom were no longer at domestic. She receives satisfied. Akhilesh feels disillusioned. He thinks what’s going to I inform Pushpa. He receives Mishri domestic. Vansh receives relieved. Akhilesh sends the children. He tells everything to the family. Pushpa praises Monu.

Ira says i have requested Bhavik to convince that couple to lie. Bhavik asks Akhilesh not to ship Monu everywhere, he’s going to discover some couple to undertake Monu. Ira says you’ll be out of right here by fake adoption, then we can stay collectively. Mishri says I don’t want to move from here. Akhilesh asks who will give an explanation for Monu. He profits braveness and is going to talk to Monu. He gives an instance and says you may be raised with the aid of a person else. Mishri says this passed off with me before, I were given habitual, I m no longer upset, why are you disappointed, my new dad and mom will come to take me, I don’t need to dissatisfied every person, we can live happy so that I consider your smiling face. Akhilesh guarantees. She desires that she doesn’t go away from him ever.

Precap:- Mishri falls sick. Akhilesh takes her to a health practitioner. Ira thinks I should prevent him, else he will know Mishri is a female.

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