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Bhavik pins doc to the divider. How could you make a phony report of Kunika? For what reason did you lie to Akhilesh and Ira got terminated due to your falsehood! Doc answers that Kunika took steps to get him terminated on the off chance that he doesn’t bolster her. Bhavik instructs him to demonstrate Kunika’s fact before everybody now. Akhilesh and the children bring Kunika there. Akhilesh asks Bhavik what uncommon treatment he was talking about. Bhavik says simply like we hit individuals on a similar spot where they got injured before losing their memory. Presently we will toss a similar chutney in Kunika’s eyes to bring back her visual perception. Kunika considers it a moronic arrangement. By what method would this be able to be genuine? Ira and Bhavik advise her to confide in the doc. He just said you can’t see. We need you to have the capacity to see once more. Kunika discloses to Akhilesh she wouldn’t like to do it yet he persuades her to attempt once. Mishri brings bean stew powder. We don’t have chutney however this can work, isn’t that so? Doc concurs. Vansh chooses to turn the fan towards Kunika. The powder will go in her eyes naturally. Kunika flees to spare herself. She hits the rack and the books fall on her head. She imagines that she can see everything unmistakably now. This is a wonder! I think the books fixed my vision. I am so glad to see you! Akhilesh discloses to Kunika that it implies she never lost her visual perception. Do you think I am a trick? You think vision returns by accomplishing something like this? On the off chance that truly, at that point that individual wasn’t visually impaired ever! This was your arrangement to get Ira terminated from her activity and ruin her fantasy! Kunika says what else would I be able to have done. She is destroying all that she has come. Akhilesh cautions her not to take Ira’s name. Mishri reasons that Mapu was straightforward. Kunika was lying. Mapu ought to have the capacity to continue her activity once more. Kunika says the children would have put this bean stew powder in my eyes. I would have turned visually impaired totally at that point! It must be Ira’s arrangement. Akhilesh cautions her to possibly apologize to Ira in the event that she needs to state something. He is sorry to Ira and exits seeming a bit piqued. The children complete an upbeat move around Kunika which goads her. She raises her hand to slap Mishri yet Ira holds her hand. I have let you know in the past additionally not to hurt Mishri but rather you don’t appear to get it. Bhavik takes the children outside. Kunika reveals to Ira she doesn’t wish to address her. Ira says the equivalent. My hands will do the talking. Ira slaps her for prompting scorn in Akhilesh’s heart against her. She slaps her next for filling Pushpa’s ears against her. She slaps her keep going for harming Mishri. Kunika tumbles down and holds her stomach in agony. I am feeling mixed up.

Ira makes her rests on the stretcher kept there. She checks Kunika and reveals to her that she is pregnant. Kunika expels it yet Ira reminds her she is a specialist. You will be a mother. It isn’t Akhilesh’s child which implies it must be Sameer’s child! I should tell Akhilesh. Kunika demands ehr not to say anything to Akhilesh. This is in reality Sameer’s child. Akhilesh will decimate the two of us if that occurs! Atleast consider this child. She cries. Ira reasons that she can’t mislead Akhilesh. I guarantee you he wont send you to imprison. Kunika advises her against it. Ira advises her to rest. Try not to stretch or the child will be under pressure as well. I will bring medication for you. Kunika is in a fix. My arrangement will be demolished if Ira discloses to Akhilesh anything. I should stop her. She discovers chloroform bottle there and places some in her bandanna. At the point when Ira comes back with her medications, Kunika makes her oblivious utilizing that tainted handkerchief. She calls Sameer next and enlightens him concerning her pregnancy. Ira knows everything. we need to stop her! She reveals to him an arrangement (in quiet). Ira will fall in everybody’s eyes if this arrangement succeeds. Make every one of the courses of action. I will bring Ira. He concurs.

A person asks Sameer where he has brought her. You revealed to me you will make me meet some lovely young lady. Sameer says you wont locate a delightful young lady in this age. You should wed her. He demonstrates to him Ira’s photograph. his uncle consents to wed the young lady immediately. I will pay you whatever sum you will request.

Kunika leaves the emergency clinic. A ward kid is removing Ira on a stretcher when her hand drops out of the duvet. Akhilesh sees her hand. He finds the bangle and hand recognizable. He remembers it to be Ira’s. The stretcher is trapped. Ward kid is attempting to get it out. Kunika remains in Akhilesh’s manner to redirect him. He leaves as she is sorry to him. Kunika admonishes ward kid for his recklessness. Another ward kid encourages them. Akhilesh takes a gander at them. It implies Kunika has made Ira oblivious and is taking her some place with her! She will concoct a story on the off chance that I question her now. I should give it a chance to happen normally.

Kunika conveys oblivious Ira to the wedding episode. Sameer inquires as to whether Ira increases cognizant before the wedding. Kunika calls it outlandish. The old person acclaims Ira on her excellence. Sameer requests that he prepare as the husband to be first. You can respect her magnificence later on. The person goes to prepare. Sameer asks Kunika how this arrangement will support them. Kunika says Akhilesh wont take a gander at Ira subsequent to realizing that Ira is wedding this elderly person for his cash. She gives an infusion to Ira exactly when she begins moving. Kunika calls Pushpa alongside educate her about Ira’s wedding.

Sameer calls Akhilesh. He discloses to him that he came to marriage lobby for some work and discovered that Ira is wedding somebody. Akhilesh claims to be vexed. Sameer offers to send him the location so he can see it for himself. Akhilesh concurs.

Kunika reveals to Pushpa that she can see once more. She additionally reveals to her the location of the marriage corridor. Your first DIL is wedding somebody here.

Sameer and Kunika convey Ira to the mandap dressed as lady of the hour. She pays Pundit ji to finish the wedding at any expense. The husband to be takes a seat also. Kunika does their gathbandhan while Sameer goes outside to keep a tab on everything. Kunika sees Pushpa achieving the setting with the whole family. She reveals to Pundit ji to hustle just a bit. The man of the hour holds Ira. Kunika makes them trade wreaths. She requests that the man of the hour help Ira in finishing the pheras. The man of the hour holds Ira’s hand and supports her as they take pheras. Kunika is glad reasoning that a little girl will go to her mom’s wedding out of the blue today. It will be incredible to see Mishri crushed. She will detest her Mapu at that point!

Bhavik tells his family that they question Ira for reasons unknown. It must be Kunika’s thought! Devina guides him to go inside to see with his own eyes.

Kunika tallies the pheras. The last one is left. Ira will fall in everybody’s eyes in almost no time from now! Pushpa and her family enter. Mishri yells Mapu in stun. Savant ji declares Ira and the person as a couple.

Precap Upcoming Meri Hanikarak Biwi Episode Update: Ira says just a single person has placed vermilion in my hairline. It is Akhilesh! The person advises her not to stress. The vermilion in your hairline is of my name as it were! He expels his sehra and everybody is amazed to see Akhilesh. Mishri and Vansh appear to be excited though Kunika looks on in stun.


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