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Ira cries her heart out in her room. I can’t believe it! Akhilesh can not do some thing like that. He can’t consider everybody except me! Kabir is looking her from the door. He calls out to her. She asks him why he did this. I know Akhilesh thoroughly. He can in no way do this. there may be nothing wrong in his individual. He wouldn’t even study ladies earlier than meeting me and you are announcing that he misbehaved with Mira? She cries. He asks her if she thinks he is mendacity to her. Why did he agree to marry Mira if he hadn’t executed so? Why become his family obtainable too? i can recognize your pain but it is proper that Akhilesh turned into inside the same mattress as Mira. She desired to kill herself. Akhilesh stopped her and chose to marry her! Ira nonetheless refuses to simply accept it. There ought to be a few different motive. i’m able to speak to him. I will tell him i’m his Ira. he’ll tell me the reality then. Kabir stops her. i will let you know the reason. He imagined you in Mira. He went loopy. He imagines you anywhere. this is what drove him to Mira. He has to forget about his past to get over it! anything came about turned into right. Mira is a good female. I know her nicely. she will be able to take care of Akhilesh and make him an unbiased character. Ira asks him what about her. Kabir reminds her that she dint come right here to be with Akhilesh. you’re still a terrorist inside the eyes of the arena! You can’t be along with your own family. forestall crying. She requests him not to snatch her right to cry atleast. I can not do something else. i am sorry. Kabir pats at her shoulder. He thinks Akhilesh and Ira wont unite at any fee now! Now I must find the appropriate time to take Mishri from here!
Mishri is standing on her one toes with folded hands. Tears stream down her cheeks. Vansh tells her to accept the reality. We cannot exchange it. Mishri refuses to face on her two ft till the time she receives her solutions. Why are you doing this to me?

Pundit ji asks the newlyweds to take all people’s blessings. Akhilesh says I have no relation with all people and walks away. Tanya and Aditya depart as well. Mira walks as much as the children. Mishri asks God why he separated her Mapu and Bapu. Mira tells her not to harm herself. Mishri advises her to live far from her. I idea you’re an angel. how will you marry my Bapu? I informed you that my Mapu is alive! Pushpa additionally calls her horrific. Mira attempts to explain that the occasions weren’t proper. i’m grateful in your Bapu for saving my life. Mishri tells her she wont be capable of take her Mapu’s area ever. Amaya Aunty is my Mapu. Mira says I wont be capable of give an explanation for my scenario to you however there might be a few hidden time table in the back of it. If Amaya is your Mapu then she wont be able to spill the beans herself. we will have to instigate her to mention it! Vansh seconds her. Mishri says we must make Mapu jealous grade by grade every day specially you. Mapu wont be able to see you in the direction of Bapu and inform us the whole lot! you may depart Bapu afterwards, right? Mishri folds her fingers at Mira who nods. Pushpa says i can not spare her if she wont depart my friend. Mishri takes Pushpa with her as it’s miles lunch time.

Mira folds her fingers in reverence. it’s far your plan. Do some thing due to which Amaya Bhabhi turns out to be simplest Ira’s lookalike! that i have commenced to love Akhilesh. Come what can also, I wont have the ability to break this lady’s heart!

Mishri, Vansh and Pushpa come to Ira’s room. They discover the room darkish. Ira tells them now not to exchange on the lights. i’ve a headache. Why have you ever come here? Mishri says I want to decorate the room of newlyweds. Ira asks her how she had a exchange of heart in the direction of Mira. Mishri says earlier I concept you are my Mapu however you weren’t troubled at all seeing them getting married. You aren’t my Mapu then. i will start to name angel aunty my Mapu quickly. Vansh asks Ira to help them decorate Akhilesh’s room. Ira refuses. i’ve a headache. leave. Mishri smiles seeing her consequently. you are the Bhabhi of my angel aunty. she will be able to feel terrible now not seeing you involved. Ira replies that she does not care. Vansh says Kabir uncle will sense horrific. Mishri says I cannot allow him get disappointed. She asks Pushpa to take Ira downstairs. Pushpa pulls Ira who shouts against it. Mishri hopes Ira will spill her reality seeing Mira and Akhilesh collectively.

Akhilesh is in tears. I don’t recognise how I made this kind of massive mistake! I continually assume simplest about you. I don’t realize what I did unknowingly. It became my mistake to peer your mirrored image in Mira. You married me to rectify your mistake years in the past. nowadays I married Mira to rectify my mistake. Please forgive me if feasible. The children convey Ira there. Akhilesh asks them what they may be up to. Mishri and Vansh respond that they’re decorating his room. Akhilesh tells them towards it but Pushpa says the aunty who looks like Ira Kaki requested us to beautify the room. she will scold us otherwise. Mishri says Mapu is angel aunty’s bhabhi. this is her present to angel aunty. The kids deliver flowers and candles. Mishri asks Ira to help them calling her Mapu. Mishri corrects herself. Make a heart at the bed and write – Akhilesh weds Mira. Vansh and i are weak in spellings. Ira complies with their want. She recalls her past moments with Akhilesh.

Mishri and Vansh decorate the room with candles. Ira is at the verge of tears. Akhilesh appears pained as nicely. Ira attempts to depart however Mishri blocks her manner. She factors at her photos with Akhilesh at the aspect desk. We must take them out of this room now as we should preserve Akhilesh and Mira’s snap shots inside the room.

Precap: Akhilesh and Mira observe every other. they come close. Ira wonders why she feels so hurt seeing Akhilesh pass on in his existence and cries. Kabir speaks of his daughter’s heart transplant.


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