Meri Hanikarak Biwi 19th September 2019 Written Episode Update

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 19th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mishri is excited to see them playing hide and seek. Ira seconds her. Akhilesh says many of them have very less resources but they are still happy. Mishri asks him if they cannot take them to their home if these kids don’t have a roof over their heads. Akhilesh shares that they had been planning to adopt a kid. You are already missing Vansh. We thought it will be better if you get a sibling. Mishri loves the idea but asks for a brother. My sister might hijack all my clothes. Ira smiles. Mishri adds that it will be great if he is Bajrang Bali’s devotee as well but Ira denies. You two are enough for that. I need someone as naughty as me.

Chuttan keeps looking at them from his hiding place. I must teach them a lesson. He notices their car and picks a bottle. Mishri notices him aiming the bottle towards their car and holds his hand. You were about to break the mirror of our car? Do you know how expensive it is? He says I will puncture your car then. Do anything but I will even out for what you did to me yesterday. He runs towards their car.

Mishri notices her parents talking to each other and moves Chuttan away from the tyre. Don’t mistake me to be weak just because I am a girl. This time I have just moved you aside. Next time I can throw you away if you will try to do something like this again! He asks her if she thinks she can threaten him in his locality. He summons his friends but Mishri isn’t bothered. Chuttan’s gang comes there. Mishri asks him if he is done. She sits atop the bonnet happily. Even I have a team today. She calls out to Akhilesh. Akhilesh and Ira run to her side. Chuttan and his friends panic. His friends run away leaving him alone. Chuttan asks Mishri if she is a coward. Why did you call your Bapu? He runs away. Akhilesh asks Mishri why she was shouting. She fears that he might handover Chuttan to police again. She suggests visiting some other place for adoption. He nods. Are you happy with this decision? She affirms. They sit in the car.

Chuttan gets tired of running. She is a coward! She keeps shouting Bapu all the time! A lady holds his hand. Chuttan thinks it will be Akhilesh and shouts to let go. Kamla Chachi calls out his name. He shrugs her hand away. Why did you hold my hand? She says I thought to talk to you when I saw you. He replies that it isn’t needed. I don’t talk to people who talk badly to my Mother India. She tells him that she is Chanda’s friend. Friends keep fighting. I am going to meet your mother. I had told her that we will celebrate her kid’s birthday. We had decided to call everyone. When is your birthday? Chuttan tells her – October 23, 2011. I need 7 candles on my cake. She gets thinking. This is what I wanted to know. His date of birth is same as Mishri. I was right. He is indeed Ira’s son. Chuttan asks her where she is lost. Chanda comes there before Kamla Chachi can say anything. Kamla Chachi tells her that she knows the truth. Chanda tells Chuttan to leave. Don’t dare to speak to this Kaki ever again! Chuttan accepts her wish and bids adieu to Kamla Chachi.

Chanda stops her from going after Chuttan. Kamla Chachi tells her that she can hide the truth from Chuttan but not from her. I know that Chuttan is Ira and Akhilesh’s son. I wont let this happen. I will tell the truth to Chuttan. Chanda insists that Ira’s son was dead. Ramavatar buried him himself. Chuttan is my son! Kamla Chachi asks for proof. Show me his birth certificate. Chanda’s eyes widen in shock. She looks away. We lost it while coming to Mumbai. Kamla Chachi still demands for another proof. Chanda threatens her. I cannot live without my son. Kamla Chachi calls it kidnap. I wont let it happen to Ira. I will tell her the truth and I will also tell the truth to Chuttan. Chanda threatens her again. Kamla Chachi notices Ira and her family in the car ahead. Chanda is stunned. Kamla Chachi chases the car to tell them the truth. Chanda is running after her. She throws a stick at her feet so as to stop her. Kamla Chachi hits her head on the cart and gets hurt. Chanda gets tensed. I will be in trouble if she dies. Passerby’s decide to take Kamla Chachi to hospital as she is bleeding. A lady recognizes her. She is from my native place Silvassa. Chanda walks away stealthily. Kamla Chachi screams in pain as she tries getting hurt. Chanda thinks the situation has subsided for the time being but it will not be for forever. Why did Ira come here? Did Chachi tell her about Chuttan? I should keep my son away from here for some time.

Adi is crying at home. Tanya went for a getaway of 2 days and left us for forever! I loved her so much. Devina tells him that she wasn’t their type. I think I deserve better than you! Landline rings. He thinks it will be Tanya but it is a call from adoption agency for Ira. Devina gets shocked.

Chanda brings Chuttan to orphanage. He asks her why she brought him here dressed like this. She replies that she wants to save him from the world. No one should take you away. He asks her who will snatch him away. She speaks of the latest incidents. He says I can tell Inspector that you are my real mother. She nods. I have no legal papers to prove it though. I will come to take you once your Bapu is home. We will adopt you officially. No one should know that you aren’t an orphan. He assures her that drama is in his blood. She smiles. Go and play with the kids. I will come back with your Bapu asap. He nods. Chanda gives some money to the peon. Make fake papers with my son’s name. I will come back with his Bapu soon. Take care of him. Peon agrees. Chanda thinks Kamla wont be able to take Chuttan from her once she gets the adoption papers of Chuttan’s name.

Devina calls it impossible. She tells Pushpa about it. How can you do this? Pushpa is unaware of it. Devina says you have lost your importance after losing your memory. They used to ask you everything earlier but they haven’t told you about it now. I feel very bad for you! They don’t respect you anymore. Ira enters with Mishri. Devina tells Pushpa to ask her DIL herself now. Pushpa asks Ira directly. Ira thinks to tell her everything. I will have to bring Mishri’s brother asap.

Chuttan notices some kids playing ludo peacefully. He pats at a girl’s head and another kid gets blamed for it. Chuttan smiles seeing them fight.


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