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Vansh tells Mishri to training for my part. Staying dissatisfied wont help. Akhilesh reaches school too. He asks a person to come back asap. Akhilesh asks Mishri about her first day. She tells him not to ask her about it. teacher requested me so many questions and i used to be completely quiet. Vansh shares that everyone become teasing her. Mishri rues that she will be able to never become like Vansh. Akhilesh tells her now not to suppose like that. My English become worst than you but i’ve learnt it. you’ll also study. Mishri asks him about the range of planets in sun gadget. She says it in Hindi. Vansh tells her to invite in English. She rephrases the query however Akhilesh has no clue about it. He pretends he’s occupied. He sends the children domestic with the driver. He requires a automobile for himself next and asks the fellow to additionally arrange a textbook of first preferred.

Ira calls Bhavik. Kunika is interior considering the fact that an hour. Don’t understand what she is doing internal. Don’t understand who this guy is. She hides noticing Kunika coming out simply then and covers her face along with her saree. thriller guy waves at her as she leaves her in her vehicle. Ira tells Bhavik that Kunika appears to be surely close to the guy. I should find out who he’s. Bhavik offers her an concept.

Ira meets the mystery guy in a hide. Bhavik calls the thriller guy on the equal moment and tells him that he has additionally received a lottery. you can proportion the primary info with our executive. He invites Ira inside. She asks him about his marital reputation and wife’s call and is taken aback to pay attention that he is married to Mrs. Kunika Verma. He additionally stocks that they’re going through a economic crunch in recent times. we can be wealthy as soon as she cracks her jackpot deal. Ira realises that their jackpot is Akhilesh. She asks him to come back to the inn at 5 pm. He calls up Kunika to inform her about the same.

Ira tells Bhavik that Kunika is already married. She is trapping Akhilesh for cash. Now no person can prevent me from bringing out her truth in front of all people! Bhavik is surprised.

Pushpa greets the children as they reach domestic. Vansh advises her to speak to Mishri in English. all people changed into teasing her at school. Pushpa speaks in damaged English similar to Mishri. Vansh says all and sundry’s English is messed up right here. Devina denies. I heard human beings killing English language right here. He requests her to assist him in coaching Mishri. Devina asks for cash in go back. Pushpa motives that Mishri is the daughter of our house. She talks about Beti Bachao Beti Padhao and comparable schemes introduced by government. You can’t teach the daughter of our residence English? Devina offers in. she will examine however what about you? You wont even recognize ABC. Pushpa says A for Apple, B for Bada Apple, C for Chota Apple. Devina stops her. They turn out to be arguing again. Vansh receives a name from Ira. The youngsters head inner.

Mishri speaks to Ira. Ira tells her she became proper. Kunika is not the proper person. i’ve located out something about her which I need to tell anyone. are you able to convey every body to Sea Breeze inn at five pm? Mishri replies that Bapu isn’t home. i’m able to convey Badi Ma and Devina Amma there. She ends the decision hurriedly. Ira decides to talk to Akhilesh once more.

Akhilesh is reading the textbooks. It is ideal I understand atleast about the planets now. it will store me earlier than my daughter! He calls Mishri to answer her questions. Ira stands via the door to hear it. She shouts that Pluto isn’t there anymore. Akhilesh asks Mishri what her Mapu is doing here. Ira whispers that she is here. He asks her why she is right here. She replies that she came to look if he’s tutoring Mishri proper or not. They argue over Pluto. He assessments with Vansh who confirms that Pluto is no extra a planet. Ira asks Akhilesh if he understood now. research properly before you desire to teach everybody anything. Mishri ends the decision. Ira tells Akhilesh to come back to Sea Breeze resort to discover Kunika’s truth. He tells her against it but she does not budge. He starts chanting Hanuman Chalisa which irks her. i am not a problem for which you are chanting Hanuman Chalisa. Her efforts to convince him cross in useless. She has to depart.

Ira wonders a way to take Akhilesh there. He isn’t willing to listen to me. She hears receptionist telling Akhilesh that she can arrange a automobile for him. Ira gets an concept.

Akhilesh sits in the car but then realises it’s miles Ira who’s riding the auto. He threatens to leap from the automobile however she tells him to do it for Mishri’s sake. you have Mishri’s swear. He stops for Mishri’s sake. i am positive all your allegations may be useless. where are you taking me? She tells him the call of the resort.

Mishri and Vansh have added Pushpa and Devina to lodge. Ira comes with Akhilesh just then. Ira tells Akhilesh to do as she says if he wants to discover the reality. They cover in a nook. Waiter advises them to pay for a room instead however he sends him away. he’s irked to be there with her however she tells him to wait. Bhavik comes there dressed as the supervisor. Ira waves at him. Akhilesh also recognizes him. Kunika comes as properly. Bhavik introduces himself as Kabir. She asks about her jackpot quantity. Bhavik asks for her husband who greets Bhavik just then. Akhilesh appears at them in surprise. Kunika maintains her arm round his. Akhilesh and Ira study every other.

Kunika and her husband take a seat. Mishri and Vansh take Pushpa and Devina towards that table. Akhilesh and Ira additionally inch closer to them. Bhavik asks the couple if they may be married. Kunika’s husband admits that they’re married given that last four years! all people is in for a shock.

Precap Upcoming Meri Hanikarak Biwi episode update: Kunika tells Ira she will see her taking her revenge now. it’s far 10 right now. you’ll get a very horrific news about Mishri in four hours from now. shop her if you may!


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