Meri Hanikarak Biwi 1st March 2019 Written Episode Update
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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 1st March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Devina pronouncing I ought to make Monu out of the house. She gets a name from her nicely wisher and rushes to recognize Monu’s mystery. She sees Monu going out secretly. She goes to tell this to Pushpa. She asks Pushpa to come back fast. Monu was going out, they have to comply with him. Pushpa asks what do you imply to say. Devina asks her to just come. They go out and spot Monu leaving. Devina says he’s fooling us. Mishri calls out Maapu. Devina asks whom is he calling if he is an orphan. They cover and see Monu assembly Ira. They get greatly surprised. Ira sees them hiding and says I overlooked you, its exceptional, you’ve got made Akhilesh your dad. Mishri says I did what you informed me, even then… Ira says I m very satisfied which you convinced Akhilesh. Pushpa cries seeing them. Ira says our plan worked, I believe you, you’re my blood, like you received every body’s heart, you may get everything right here, go earlier than each person sees you. Mishri asks can i call uncle as dad. Ira nods. Mishri goes. Ira feels unhappy to cheat Mishri. She acts and says my son will make me reach Akhilesh’s richness, Akhilesh be equipped, I m going to come returned to your life quickly.

Pushpa claps and confronts her planning. Ira says it doesn’t rely, Akhilesh will adopt Monu. Pushpa says i’m able to see how this occurs. Ira cries. Akhilesh thinks of Ira. Mishri involves him. She tells her tale to Akhilesh. Akhilesh says I sense this tale’s hero is you. Mishri says you’re very smart Papa. Akhilesh asks what did you say, Papa? Mishri says Papa, why, didn’t you like it, i really like to call you Bapu, but people here will snort hearing this. Akhilesh asks her now not to think of human beings and get in touch with him Bapu. Mishri says Bapu. Akhilesh receives glad and excited. He says with whom shall I percentage my happiness, absolutely everyone is napping, Bahadur would be wide awake. He calls out Bahadur. Ira runs to cover and solutions. She asks him now not to come back in advance, she is performing some puja. Akhilesh says pleasant, keep your puja. Ira asks didn’t you sleep. He tells Ira approximately Monu giving happiness and Ira giving him sorrow. Ira cries. He says I experience i’ve a coronary heart even nowadays which beats, Monu known as me Bapu, old Akhilesh is alive even nowadays. Ira cries. He says maintain your puja, i’m able to move and sleep. He goes.

Its morning, Pushpa thinks who is in kitchen at this time. She sees Akhilesh cooking meals for Monu. She recalls Ira. Akhilesh calls out Monu. Pushpa says I need to speak to you. He says we will first have meals, Monu come down, i’ve a wonder for you. Kunika comes and greets them. Devina asks her to attend and watch. lawyer comes and asks Akhilesh to sign the papers of adoption. Akhilesh is going to signal. Mishri and Vansh come. Akhilesh asks Monu to have meals. Pushpa and Devina appearance on. Pushpa tears the papers and shocks Akhilesh. She says I gained’t will let you adopt this boy. She sends the legal professional. Mishri asks did I do any mistake. Pushpa scolds her. Ira as Bahadur seems on. Pushpa asks Monu to get out. Kunika smiles.

Akhilesh says you know Monu is an orphan, why are you being so rude. Devina says don’t get fooled, this boy is very smart. Mishri says no, I m now not clever. Pushpa asks Monu to swear and say that his mum has died. Devina asks Monu to swear it that he is an orphan. Mishri sees Ira. Pushpa asks Monu to swear. Mishri says i can’t swear due to the fact my mum is alive. Akhilesh gets bowled over. Devina says his mum has planted him in our house so that he wins your coronary heart. Kunika says that is insane, shameful. Mishri says no, I just got here for your love. Pushpa scolds her and asks her to just leave. Mishri asks Akhilesh to trust her. Akhilesh scolds her and says once agree with breaks, it is able to’t be joined, you played with our feelings for the sake of love. He gets angry on Mishri and offers her a blank cheque to fill amount. Devina insults Mishri. Mishri takes the cheque and says I write what I need. She writes Bapu. She says I just need Bapu. Akhilesh tears the cheque and says I m not your dad. Aditya asks Mishri to simply go away. Akhilesh says we don’t care for Monu now. Mishri cries.

The written episode of 1 March 2019 Meri Hanikarak Biwi episode update online story ends.

Precap: Upcoming Meri Hanikarak Biwi episode update Pushpa sees Mishri and asks is she Akhilesh’s daughter.


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