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Chuttan gives sketch pens to Mishri. She asks him to colour the welcome card. I have to go meet my new brother, Gopal. He wants me to bring him home. I cannot ignore his first wish. He says that’s why you look so happy today. I am happy to see you happy. They share a hug. He takes out a letter from his pocket, takes out his chewing gum and pastes a note on her back which says she has hearing problem. She takes his leave. Chuttan thinks she has left. Devina and Pushpa are busy in the kitchen. It is time to flee.

Mishri is holding a chocolate in her hand. I will eat it with my new brother. People notice the note on her back and smiles. One guy even speaks to her loudly. It puzzles Mishri. Mishri asks a lady about the address. She replies in high volume. There is a police station at that address. Mishri calls it a misunderstanding but the lady repeats that it is indeed a police station. You are going somewhere else. Mishri is still baffled at everyone’s reactions.

Pushpa asks Chuttan about Mishri. He tells her that Mishri has left to meet her brother. Pushpa says she was very excited to meet him. Chuttan advises them to go as well. Everyone gets thrilled in the orphanage when some family comes for adoption. He tells her the address. Chuttan asks the ladies to go while he will make preps to welcome the boy. Pushpa convinces Devina who in turn insists upon taking Chuttan with them. Chuttan is in a fix.

Mishri reaches the said location and notices the police station. Why did Gopal give me this address? She notices Ira reaching there just then. It means Gopal must be around. She follows Ira inside the police station. Ira is submitting the bail papers when Mishri calls out to her. What are you doing here? You went to bring my brother, right? Why are you here? Ira asks her the same question. Who asked you to come here? Mishri tells her about the phone call. Ira asks her to wait outside. I will take you home. Mishri agrees.

Inspector asks for murderer Akhilesh’s file just then. Mishri is stunned to hear it. Devina, Pushpa and Chuttan reach police station as well. Pushpa wonders why they are here but Devina says there must be some formality before adoption. They notice Ira inside.

Mishri asks her Mapu how her Bapu can be murderer. Devina and Pushpa ask them what they are doing here. Before they can reply, Chuttan points at Akhilesh. Inspector does not let them meet Akhilesh. Chuttan taunts Mishri. This is such a bad thing. You said your Bapu wanted to teach a lesson to my Bapu but your Bapu yourself is in jail here! Gopal was no one else but me! This isn’t paratha competition which you will win. It took me only 2 minutes to fool you! Mishri breaks down.

Devina tells Pushpa they cannot meet Akhilesh. Pushpa cries. She asks Ira about Akhilesh. Ira tells them everything. There is nothing to worry. I brought lawyer. Akhilesh will be out soon. I wont let anything happen to him. Pushpa asks them to get her son outside asap. Akhilesh cannot kill anyone! Ira says I know. We will find out the truth.

Constable notices the note on Mishri’s back and shouts in her ears. Don’t go near Akhilesh. There are some rules here. She asks him why he is shouting. He asks her why she has put this note if she isn’t deaf. Mishri is in disbelief. I dint put it. She notices Chuttan laughing and realises it was his ploy! She confronts him. Dint you put it? Why? I feel like beating you black and blue. He tells her to look at her Bapu first. He is in jail and you are threatening me? Your Bapu was going to teach a lesson to my Bapu but he himself turned out to be a criminal! You call me naughty but look at yourself. You threaten to beat me also! Look at your murderer Bapu now! Mishri screams against it. My Bapu isn’t a criminal! Ira tries to calm her down. Mishri tells her to explain it to Chuttan that her Bapu is not a criminal. She shouts. Ira calms her down. Your Bapu is not a murderer. Someone is trying to trap him. Don’t listen to anyone else apart from me. You are my good girl, right? I will get your Bapu out of here. He dint do anything. Mishri tells her that they are here because of Chuttan. He fooled us and got us here. How must Badi Ma be feeling? It’s all because of him. Chuttan makes a straight face in front of Ira. She requests him to go home with everyone else for her sake. I will bring Akhilesh with me. Devina holds Chuttan’s hand. Chuttan thinks it seems Ira feels I am not at fault which is why she dint scold me. He goes quietly with Devina, Pushpa and Mishri. Akhilesh looks on.

Chuttan is still trying to figure out how to get out of this house. Pushpa tells Mishri not to be upset. Ira called just now. Akhilesh got bail. They must be coming home soon. Mishri smiles. They go to ready puja thaali for Akhilesh. Devina reminds them that he isn’t returning from war. He is coming from jail on bail. Pushpa speaks of her son’s innocence. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I will make a call if you will say such evil things against my son. Devina tells her to stop blackmailing her. Chuttan says it means even she is in some scam. Every member here is a cheater! Pushpa tells him not to say so. Every single member of our family except one (Devina) is good. Devina tells her to mind her language. Everyone ends up smiling hearing Pushpa call Devina Parkati. She smiles noticing Akhilesh and Ira at the doorstep. Pushpa and Mishri do his aarti. Chuttan asks Ira why she got Akhilesh out of jail. He is a criminal! Such people are very dangerous! They can kill anyone anytime! Such people should be behind bars only!

Precap: Mishri tells Chuttan to stop his nonsense. He says it is my mouth. I can say anything. She tapes his mouth and ties his hands with Devina’s help. He draws moustache on her face when she is sleeping.


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