Meri Hanikarak Biwi 20th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

Akhilesh seeing Ira. They argue. She says there’s a sick youngster in my automobile. She checks Mishri and says I have to take her to a doctor. He refuses. He says I hate the word health practitioner. Ira says i will deal with this woman. He worries for Mishri. Ira asks him not to get adamant. She takes Mishri. Devina and Pushpa argue even as walking. Devina receives worn-out and goes shopping for coconut water. She sees Akhilesh with a lady/Ira. She runs to Pushpa and says i have seen Akhilesh going to the hotel with a girl. Pushpa doesn’t agree. They wager. Devina asks her to come and see it herself. Ira wakes up the receptionist and asks for a room. She says we are a family, he is my husband, that is my son. Akhilesh holds Ira and says our son. They rush to the room and contend with Mishri. She calls Mishri as Monu. He seems at her. She asks him to get drugs.

She says you advised me, that this kid’s call is Monu. He asks when did I say, will you be able to deal with him properly. She asks him to get medicines fast. He is going. Devina, Pushpa and Kunika come to test the inn room. Akhilesh thinks i can get Monu handled through some other doctor, as an alternative Ira. Devina argues with the man and asks for Akhilesh’s room. Akhilesh meets a health practitioner and asks him to come back along to deal with his infant. the doctor says i will come for visit proper now. Akhilesh insists and takes him. the person asks who Akhilesh. Pushpa laughs and calls Devina a liar. Kunika says prevent it, is Akhilesh Pandey here. the man says sure, i have a room to him just now. Ira is treating Mishri. Devina asks Pushpa to return quickly. A girl asks Devina to clean her room. Devina scolds her. Pushpa laughs. They enter the room and get shocked seeing ill Monu. Pushpa asks what are you doing here, you have got a fever.

Akhilesh receives the physician. He sees everyone and receives taken aback. He thinks what are they doing here, in which did Ira pass. Devina says that woman is likewise right here. Pushpa asks what’s all this. Akhilesh thinks to alert Ira approximately them. He talks aloud to alert Ira. Devina asks why are you screaming. Pushpa says Devina stated you obtain a female here. Devina says I m certain Akhilesh has come here with a girl. They argue. Devina hears sound from the washroom. She goes to the test. She doesn’t see each person. Akhilesh worries. Devina says there may be nobody interior. He gets stunned and thinks wherein did Ira move. Ira hides at the back of the curtains. Akhilesh sees her. He asks Devina no longer to doubt. He asks the physician to deal with Monu. health practitioner says the fever is less now. Devina asks who has achieved moist clothing if Akhilesh wasn’t here. Akhilesh stops Devina and says don’t doubt. Devina asks him to break out.

Pushpa says enough now. Kunika says i will wait with Akhilesh. He asks her to go together with them, they constantly combat. health practitioner asks him to give medicines to Monu. He goes. they all pass. Ira says thank God they didn’t see me. Akhilesh receives impolite and asks her to head. Ira says let me see Monu as soon as. Ira gets harm. He says sorry. Mishri sees Akhilesh caring for Ira. She smiles and thinks their appearance desirable after they take care of me together. Akhilesh name callings Ira. He asks Ira to attend to her wound. he takes Mishri. Mishri thinks I got pleasant as they have sorted me together, but what’s that means of obligation. Akhilesh gets Mishri home. Vansh receives irritated and asks for Monu. Akhilesh says Monu is right here, it’s my mistake, I slept in Monu’s lap, he didn’t flow for my excellent sleep, he fell sick by way of cold. Pushpa says i can’t accept as true with this. Akhilesh says doctor and nurse would be coming, Monu ought to get great. Kunika thinks to do something quickly.

Precap:- Devina says you’re a burden on Akhilesh, you have to move. Mishri gets indignant. a pair comes to undertake Monu.


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