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Mishri does her satisfied dance on Pancchi Banu music around her mother and father but calms down seeing important Ma’a. i am sorry. I couldn’t manage myself. i’m very glad nowadays. i will work difficult and skip every test. principal Ma’am appreciates her spirit. She sends Ira to complete the formalities. Ira goes with Mishri. essential stops Akhilesh. a kid learns the right route from a mom handiest. Kunika is coaching Mishri the wrong things. I assume you and Ira have to remember uniting for Mishri’s sake. Akhilesh thanks her for her advice.

Mishri dances excitedly out of doors in the corridor. i will get new clothes and stuff! Ira tells her to devour first. Mishri dances and eats concurrently. Ira notices Akhilesh and he looks away. Ira takes leave from Mishri. Mishri requests her to live but Ira tells

her to recognize. you are my right female. Ira ignores all her pleas and leaves. Akhilesh calls out to Mishri. Kunika tells him that he spoke to Mummy ji simply now. She is thrilled with the news. He tells her no longer to act as though nothing happened. you have no proper to show the wrong direction to my daughter. He leaves with Mishri.
Pushpa and Vansh chase Devina and her son. Mishri got admission within the college. Devina congratulates her unhappily. Pushpa says it was a very good omen to conquer you both. Devina’s son asks for 1k for every slap. Pushpa taunts Devina on her upbringing. Mishri comes with Akhilesh and Kunika in tow. Pushpa and Vansh percentage their exhilaration with Akhilesh. Akhilesh asks Devina and her son why they may be sitting on the ground. Pushpa cooks an excuse. Mishri thanks them for bearing Badi Ma’s prayer. Pushpa indicates her to thank her new mom however Akhilesh shares that Mishri got admission due to Ira. He tells them the whole thing (in mute). Kunika become teaching Mishri to cheat but Mishri inspired primary Ma’am together with her honesty which Ira had taught her. Pushpa tells him no longer to say anything about that Hanikarak lady. One excellent deed does now not set every wrong right. Devina seconds her. She did that so Mishri gets admitted within the college. Akhilesh tells them no longer to assist her by using saying she did proper. My daughter wont pass on the wrong course for any cause. Pushpa and Devina come to be arguing among themselves. Mishri tells them to prevent fighting. hold a finger in your mouth and discover the way to have fun this right news. Vansh shows occurring a picnic however Devina dismisses the concept. but, Pushpa loves it so the concept receives finalized. She takes the children along with her to do the packing.

Kunika tells Akhilesh that it’s far okay if he thinks she isn’t always match to be Mishri’s mom. He leaves it on her to determine. Kunika shouts that she will be able to come. He walks away ignoring her. Devina tells her no longer to come back. Akhilesh need to feel you indeed remorse it. you’ll make preps of Holika Dahan at domestic to electrify Akhilesh. Kunika is of the same opinion. i’m able to provoke Akhilesh this time. Devina hopes it happens this time in some way.

Vansh is terrified of germs and is likewise carrying a masks at the picnic. He keeps asking every person for stuff like sunscreen, sanitizer. on the other hand, Mishri and Akhilesh lie down the grass. They watch the passing clouds and believe their shapes. Akhilesh asks her who taught her this recreation. Mishri takes her Mapu’s call. I did not like cricket, tennis, etc so those games helped. His telephone jewelry. He tells her to think of something else by the time he returns.

Kunika tells Akhilesh she has made preps for Holika Dahan at domestic. Come domestic early. He thank you her and ends the decision. Kunika thinks he can be impressed along with her these days.

Mishri pulls Vansh for play. She additionally takes him to pluck uncooked mangoes from a close-by tree. Devina’s son again offers to do it for 1k. Akhilesh tells the youngsters no longer to paintings tough. i’m able to get you mangoes. He climbs upon the tree and offers them a mango every. Vansh isn’t consuming. Akhilesh tells him to eat it. It improves face muscle tissues. Vansh is confused. Akhilesh tells Mishri to look at Vansh’s face. that is what I supposed. Mishri thank you Akhilesh for giving them these end result. Akhilesh tells her to thank the tree because it nurtured the fruits. it’s far much like a father raises his kids. Mishri reasons that dust is just like the mother without which the tree wouldn’t have surfaced. Vansh finds their communication dull. Mishri offers to train him some other sport which her Mapu had taught.

Akhilesh calls Ira. She asks him what she did this time. He asks her if he said that. She replies that that is why he calls her on every occasion. He invites her to his residence today. it is Holi these days. can we forget the entirety that is taking place among us for today? Can you come over on Holi? Ira consents to come back for Mishri’s sake. Akhilesh thinks he is likewise calling her best for Mishri’s sake. Mishri overhears it and thank you Bajrang Bali.

Akhilesh and his own family go back domestic. The youngsters are very happy. Pushpa praises Kunika for making evening arrangements. Kunika thanks her. I notion to do it as you men have been busy in picnic. real amusing lies in taking part in festivals with circle of relatives participants! Pushpa likes her good judgment. Devina praises Kunika for making f6ba901c5019ebe39975adc2eb223bef Holika. Kunika says we should set an example for the kids in spite of everything. everybody goes to freshen up. Akhilesh thanks Kunika for her efforts. She replies that she needed to do it for Mishri’s sake. She is so candy in the end. i’m sorry for the opposite day. Akhilesh heads interior with out announcing whatever.

Vansh asks Mishri why she is sad. Mishri says Kunika aunty will do Holika Dahan. I idea Mapu may be doing it as Bapu known as her. Vansh calls it an excellent thing that atleast Ira is coming over. we are able to should do something to make certain your mom remains here forever. Mishri tells him a plan in mute. Kunika comes to call them downstairs. Mishri asks her to go ahead. we will join you soon. Kunika asks her if she is ideal sufficient to come to be her mother now. Mishri makes her sit down down. Holika Dahan manner accurate wins over evil. I experience as if my antique mother will become my new mom. Kunika asks her what she manner but Mishri sends her downstairs. Even Vansh is pressured. Mishri plans to make her dad and mom take pheras round Holika. they will must live collectively then as they may be married. Vansh smiles.

Precap: Mishri starts walking across the holy fire keeping a burning log in her hand. Akhilesh and Ira chase her in order to prevent her. alternatively, Vansh is counting the numbers of rounds they took up to now. Mishri is thrilled to realize that most effective ultimate phera is left.


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