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Akhilesh runs closer to the car. The fumes are too strong. He shouts Ira and Mishri’s name helplessly. He informs Bhavik about the twist of fate. Come asap with rescue group. Bhavik concurs.

Pushpa tells Pundit ji that Akhilesh isn’t selecting smartphone. i hope he is pleasant. i am very much concerned. Pundit ji makes a decision to begin the puja. deliver his photograph. Vansh shows Devina to call Bhavik. he is with Mamu. Devina offers in. Pushpa hits the plate as she returns and Akhilesh’s family image falls in the havan kund. She panics. that is a totally terrible omen! Devina shouts in shock. Vansh and Pushpa ask her what took place. Devina shares that Kunika tampered with Ira and Mishri’s vehicle’s brakes. the car fell down the hill. Pushpa is in disbelief. She holds her chest in surprise. Devina asks Adi to name ambulance.

Rescue crew douses the fire. Bhavik is holding Akhilesh at bay. A wounded Ira is pulled out of the car. Akhilesh rushes to her aspect. doc tells him that her pulse is thrashing. we can take a look at. They take her in the ambulance. Akhilesh shouts for Mishri. A fireplace fighter says she was 6 years antique. It isn’t always possible for a child to continue to exist any such excessive fall. Akhilesh shouts at him to stop. Inspector stocks that they couldn’t find her round. Akhilesh runs to locate Mishri. He screams her name in the jungle. Police is likewise seeking out her. Akhilesh notices her mendacity subconscious and choices her in his hands. She is improperly wounded as well. Bhavik and police rush to their facet. Ward boys take her in a stretcher.

Devina and Adi admit Pushpa in ICU. Adi says I never idea Kunika would droop so low! She is a psycho! Devina concurs. this is an advantage for us handiest. She did what we were waiting to do these kinds of years! Adi nods. i’m dying to peer Akhilesh in ache. Devina pretends to reprimand him however then smiles too. Akhilesh and Bhavik deliver Ira and Mishri just then. they’re additionally rushes to OT. all people waits outside. Devina informs Akhilesh about Pushpa’s condition. Akhilesh cries. What’s happening to me! I couldn’t be given what has took place to Mishri and Ira and now Amma? i ponder why God is punishing me.

medical doctors deal with Ira, Mishri and Pushpa simultaneously. Akhilesh appears at them from the small home windows etched on the doorways of their wards. One is my breath, different is heartbeat and the 0.33 one is the blood in my veins! How will I live with out them? Please don’t allow some thing manifest to them, Lord. Bhavik is likewise emotional seeing their condition.

document informs Akhilesh that Pushpa is out of danger. 2d coronary heart assault is not to be taken lightly. If this takes place again then she can haven’t any threat! Akhilesh nods. i can cope with her. He asks about Ira. doc says she is disturbed. affected person receives submit stressful pressure after such incidents. make certain she is beneath no strain or her condition can get worse. Akhilesh assures him he will appearance after every person. How’s Mishri? doc shares that Mishri is in crucial situation. She is in coma due to her head injury. Her possibilities of survival are almost zero. You guys need to be robust. Akhilesh is heartbroken. He looks at Mishri emotionally. Tears move down his cheeks. doc gives them prescription for Pushpa and Ira. Akhilesh takes it and walks away absentmindedly.

Akhilesh is pretty a lot misplaced. He thinks of how he scared Ira these days morning via hiding in the dresser. He pulls her internal too. She asks him if he simplest has observed this place for love. He indicates her to shift on the mattress. He makes her lie down at the mattress. They sit up awkwardly as they locate Mishri hiding in the blanket. She makes Ira pinch her. It isn’t a dream. My Mapu and Bapu are collectively! we are able to experience collectively! Akhilesh and Ira smile. Flashback ends.

Akhilesh cries recalling health practitioner’s words. it’s miles completely my mistake! I wont forgive myself ever! A passerby asks him why he is hurting himself. Akhilesh says I deserve it. I misplaced the entirety. I had a small own family. they are suffering for life proper now. I don’t even recognise if my daughter will stay or now not. i am accountable for her circumstance. the guy advises her to accept as true with on God. There need to be a few hidden which means behind it. Akhilesh says God is watching the same humans die who bathe flora on him. What may be the meaning in the back of it? He kneels down earlier than Bajrang Bali’s idol. I wont pray to you after nowadays! You handiest made me misunderstand Ira. I stayed far from my daughter for 5 years because of that most effective. You changed the entirety while it turned into subsequently going to fall in vicinity. alas, I cannot even percentage my ache with my Amma or Ira! I wont be the handiest person who will lose. you will additionally lose something today! you may lose this devotee who has been praying to you on account that early life. You mean nothing to me after these days! I wont pray to you until the time you do some magic and pull me out of this problem! you are Sankatmochan. I mission you these days. I wont fold arms before you in reverence until the time you get me out of this problem! He walks away.

Voiceover – Bajrang Bali
The miracle has all started. destiny is writing a brand new story. The pages will flip.

Precap: Bhavik comes to a decision to apply his invention to keep Ira and Pushpa. alternatively, Ira has gained conscious. Devina and Adi determine to provide her strain so she loses her intellectual stability. Ira asks about Mishri. Devina says honestly Mishri!


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