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Pushpa is taken aback. Devina tells her to allow it preserve. Its right that we noticed it with our personal eyes. We wont find a higher risk than this to throw this woman out of our residence!

Pundit ji asks the groom to fill vermilion and make his bride put on mangalsutra. Mishri shouts against it. Ira tells her she fails to recognize what’s taking place. I simplest remember the fact that i was in health center with Kunika. Kunika calls her a liar. You constantly blame me that I married Akhilesh for his property. these days you are marrying an elderly rich businessman of Dubai handiest for money! Ira calls it cheating. She throws the garland away. I don’t be given this marriage. She requests Pushpa to agree with her. I don’t have any clue what has been taking place here. Kunika tells Mishri to recognize her Mapu’s reality. Your Mapu dint even suppose of you earlier than marrying! She only thought of money! She walks as much as Ira. I actually wish Akhilesh changed into here. He could have acknowledged what his ex-spouse is doing behind his returned! Ira calls it a lie. Pushpa says I hated you in advance and that i hate you these days too. You ruined my son’s existence. despite all this, I notion you’re nevertheless attached to our own family but you’re lifeless for us after what you probably did nowadays! Ira insists she isn’t in her senses. It’s Kunika’s lure! I don’t receive this marriage! She opens the gathbandhan. Her groom holds her hand. She asks him to permit go of her. most effective one man has put vermilion in my hairline. it’s far Akhilesh! He tells her not to worry. The vermilion for your hairline is of that same guy handiest! He removes his sehra and each person is greatly surprised to peer Akhilesh. Mishri and Vansh appear pleased while Kunika appears on in shock. Mishri hugs her Mapu.

Akhilesh tells Kunika he knew she changed into trying to trap Ira. I noticed Ira on the stretcher in clinic too! If I desired then I could have faced of right then and there however I wanted to recognise your complete plan! Your ex-husband known as me then. i found out that it is your and Sameer’s plan. I determined to play this game your manner. Ira couldn’t marry that oldie but my relation with Ira has strengthened for 7 births! Pushpa asks Akhilesh and Kunika. Akhilesh gives to inform them everything. Kunika by no means got divorced inside the first area! Even I did not recognize she become married. I stored her that day so as she isn’t insulted. I dint help Ira. I suppose it changed into my largest mistake. truth is that Kunika and her husband are bankrupt in order that they made this plan! She wanted to marry me for my cash. She does no longer care about any people. no longer just this, she even fooled us with that eyesight drama. i’m ashamed that we spoke badly to the female who attempted to keep us from her! She has been looking to save us from this cheater on account that day 1! He holds Ira.

Pushpa walks as much as Kunika. I depended on you blindly. My youngsters saved telling us which you aren’t match for Akhilesh however I dint listen to them! I committed the biggest mistake with the aid of making you marry Akhilesh. you’ve got performed with my households, my trust! you’re certainly Khalnayika! She slaps Kunika twice. Ira tells her towards it but Pushpa tells her not to stop her today. She slaps Kunika again. Akhilesh is ready to call police whilst Sameer holds his toes. Don’t call police. We did this as we had grow to be bankrupt due to Kunika. I supported her against my desire in her plan. I dint intend any of this! Akhilesh says you can have asked me and that i wouldn’t have said no. i will purchase your business enterprise so that you slump this low in destiny! He calls out to Mishri who rushes to his aspect. He asks her what charge she will set for his organisation. Mishri says 5. Akhilesh takes out his cheque e book and writes 5 crores. Kunika tells Sameer not to accept it but he tells her to shut up. This guy dint call police and is shopping for our organisation in five crores! you may constantly continue to be grasping. I wont preserve any relation with you now. She begs him no longer to do it however he tells her it’s miles over and walks out. Kunika cries. Akhilesh tells her that one can earn cash but not consider. Kunika tries to hit him however Mishri pushes her. Kunika attempts to hurt Mishri but falls down. She holds her stomach in pain. Mishri tells her that Bajrang Bali protects her usually. Mishri asks Akhilesh to come. Pushpa holds Ira and allows her. Akhilesh and Mishri guide her too. all people else leaves as well. Kunika cries for assist however no one is there.

Ira profits conscious. Pushpa feeds her water. She apologizes to Ira. it is my mistake as i’ve been misunderstanding you every time. I wouldn’t have forgiven you if i used to be to your region. She folds her fingers before Ira. Lord will kill me if I doubt you ever once more! Ira requests her no longer to mention so. You aren’t at fault right here. Your anger become justified. I haven’t any qualms with you. Akhilesh asks her how she has this type of huge coronary heart. I thought you wont forgive all of us after what came about. i am absolutely sorry. She tells him that she has best forgiven Moti Ba. Your sorry has no place in my lifestyles. I cannot forgive you! I only got here here to prevent guys from Kunika and it’s accomplished. i am leaving now. Pushpa requests her now not to mention so. I agree we made a mistake. we are able to cope with you. Don’t depart us. Ira shakes her head. Mishri tells her Mapu she has Bapu too now. Ira says your Bapu wasn’t like this. He loved me. He depended on me and my words. who’s this guy? I don’t recognize him. This guy says hurtful things every second. He does now not appreciate me or my feelings. I can not stay here. Akhilesh thinks it’s time to make her meet that guy. only that man or woman can forestall Ira from leaving the residence now.

Ira has packed her bags and comes downstairs. Pushpa tries to stop her again however Ira stays positioned. Vansh asks Mishri to do something or her mom will leave for forever. Mishri refuses. She requests her Mapu now not to head however Ira tells her to permit her pass. She can pay her reverence in temple. Akhilesh enters in his vintage avatar and speaks inside the preceding slang. Mishri is amazed. i have never seen you want this earlier than. He shares that that wasn’t him in reality. that is your actual Bapu. i’m just like you. They excessive-5. He turns his interest to Ira again. He admits all the wrongs that he has accomplished (in candy, antique style). Mishri asks her Mapu to repair Bapu however Ira says I don’t have a solution for this. Mishri suggests her Bapu to express regret asap. Akhilesh asks her if she is physician’s compounder. Mishri nods. Akhilesh kneels down on his ft. Ira ji, old Akhilesh Pandey were given lost in the closing 5 years. i used to be handiest respiratory. My soul left my frame the day you left this house! i have simplest concept of you in these past five years. There hasn’t been a 2nd after I haven’t overlooked you. i might have changed but I couldn’t erase you from my reminiscences. i like you very tons. every member of this own family loves and respects you very lots. Please forgive me for my mistake. Ira wipes her tears. Akhilesh says sorry to Ira. you’ll should stroll over my lifeless frame in case you still desire to go away. He lies down in her way. Vansh, Mishri and Pushpa lie down in Akhilesh’s aid. all the eyes are pinned on Ira.

Ira attempts to go from the opposite aspect however Bhavik lies in her manner. Akhilesh tells Ira he’ll die if she leaves the house. She covers his mouth. Don’t you dare say that once more. I did not like what you had was! i love my antique Akhilesh very a good deal who I fell in love with. Will you exchange again? He denies. They percentage a hug. every body smiles besides Devina and Adi. They perform a little satisfied dance round Akhilesh and Ira.

Love gained again! Jai Siya Ram.

Devina receives Kunika’s call. Kunika cries that she misplaced the entirety. I lost cash, Sameer and my infant! Devina says you dialled a wrong variety and disconnects the call. Adi asks her what that is about however Devina blocks Kunika’s wide variety. Kunika realises that Devina is also not with her now. it’s miles all because of that Mishri. I wont spare her!

Pushpa welcomes Akhilesh, Ira and Mishri. they may be keeping an idol each in their hands. Pushpa asks them about it. Mishri says Mapu and Bapu are like Ram and Sita. I turns into their Hanuman. i will keep them collectively like this. Ira does her grahpravesh. Devina says there are so many idols in our temple. Akhilesh suggests retaining them inside the manufacturing facility they have got sold from Sameer. Kunika appears at them from a distance. I wont will let you men stay at peace! you have snatched my husband and toddler from me. Now Akhilesh may even have to lose considered one of his cherished one!

Akhilesh stealthily is available in Sameer’s manufacturing facility past due at night. Guards are searching on the electricity degree. Akhilesh ji’s daughter handiest need to transfer it on tomorrow. Kunika overhears it. Mishri wont survive! She snatched the whole thing from me. i will take her life now! She notices the excessive strength cable there and fixes it incorrectly. Mishri has killed my child. She must pay for it!

next morning, guard notices the wires and realises that whoever touches the lever gets taken aback. He calls out to his fellow defend but Kunika hits him on his head with a rod. He passes out on the ground.

Pushpa is having a puja at domestic for Akhilesh’s family’s well being. Devina and Vansh take a seat together with her in the puja. Pundit ji lighting fixtures the havan kund. One log falls out and the presents capture hearth. They douse the hearth by hook or by crook. Pundit ji points out that it is a awful omen. It guidelines at some thing untoward. it may be serious. It is probably that a person’s lifestyles is probably in risk. Pushpa panics.

Puja occurs at Sameer’s manufacturing facility. Akhilesh asks Mishri to boost the lever to exchange on the power of the manufacturing facility. Mishri smiles. Kunika peeks at her from at the back of a fan. Mishri stops. Why ought to I do it? You personal the factory in the end. He asks her if they are one-of-a-kind from every different. Ira makes Mishri keep in mind that her Bapu will find it irresistible if she does it. Ira nods. Akhilesh receives Pushpa’s call simply then. He is going apart to speak to her. She asks him if they’re nice. He asks her why she appears so tensed. She repeats what Pundit ji had stated. He assures her that the whole thing is excellent. we can go back domestic asap. They stop the decision. Akhilesh wonders why Amma is getting such signs. the entirety goes smoothly.

Pundit ji asks for Akhilesh. Mishri is reluctant and does now not need to switch at the strength while her mother and father are right there. Bhavik shows Ira and Mishri to do it together.

Akhilesh turns and finds the shield lying unconscious there. He wakes him up. protect stocks that a person has connected electric powered twine to the energy lever. Whoever will touch it will get surprise. Akhilesh shouts Mishri’s name in shock.

Kunika smiles seeing Ira and Mishri inch closer to the switch together. Akhilesh runs to stop them and succeeds. He factors at the electric wires there. a person is making an attempt to attack us. He sends the supervisor to deliver the guard. defend takes Kunika’s name whilst Akhilesh questions him. Akhilesh tells Ira that this own family isn’t secure. I can not chance your and Mishri’s lifestyles. Head domestic. i can handover Kunika to police today! Bhavik asks security to fasten the gates.

Akhilesh sends Ira and Mishri in his vehicle. Akhilesh and Bhavik appearance in every nook of the manufacturing unit. Akhilesh notices Kunika leaving in her vehicle and chases her.

Pushpa asks Pundit ji if the kids could be safe after the puja. He nods. it might have been higher if all 3 of them have been right here. Pushpa tries Akhilesh’s wide variety.

Akhilesh is chasing Kunika’s automobile. He overtakes her and confronts her. She attempts to flee however he catches maintain of her. you suspect i will go away you after seeing you try to hurt my circle of relatives? It was my largest mistake! i’m able to hand you over to police now. She laughs at him. Mishri and Ira might not have got electric powered shock but my plan is still on! I in no way lose. i’m able to take revenge. you can no longer recognise however i was pregnant with Sameer’s toddler. I fell down while chasing Mishri and misplaced my youngster! Mishri killed my toddler. I wont spare her life nowadays. Ira will die with her today! That’s when my revenge may be complete. He says I recognise you’re pronouncing this to scare me. She asks him if he thinks his own family is quality after sitting in the car. The brake can fail. call them as soon as. They is probably already dead in the event that they wont pick your telephone. Akhilesh calls Ira and tells her that Kunika has messed with the auto brakes. He leaves to discover Ira and Mishri. driving force confirms to Ira that the brake isn’t working. Mishri panics. Akhilesh asks her to fulfill her at one point. drive sluggish. She is of the same opinion. Ira’s driver struggles with the car. Akhilesh notices their car and jumps at the pinnacle of it. the auto is out of manipulate. Ira continues reassuring Mishri they’ll be nice. She asks Mishri to leap from the auto. Mishri refuses. Akhilesh assures her that not anything will go wrong. i am right here. Ira requests Mishri to jump. Akhilesh falls down and the car turns because it hits a bulk of sand saved nearby. It falls down the hill to a lower lane and catches hearth.

Precap: Ira is in clinic. She is in put up demanding pressure. Pushpa is likewise in medical institution. Bhavik decides to apply his invention to keep Ira and Pushpa.


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