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Bhavik gets call from Dr. Pillai and discovers that the model is finished. Nobody would have seen it on the planet! Bhavik lets him know there is some family confusion. Dr. Pillai demands him to see it on video call. Bhavik requests 5 minutes.

Medical caretaker advises Devina and Adi that Ira has increased cognizant. She is calling Akhilesh. Devina consents to bring him. She supposes to utilize this chance to compound Ira’s condition. Mishri is as of now out of our way. Presently I will handle the second obstruction! Adi wishes her karma as she heads inside.

Ira accepts Akhilesh’s and Mishri’s name as she sits up. Devina advises her to unwind. Ira shares that they tumbled from a tallness. Is Mishri fine? Devina consents to advise her beginning and end. Ira is freezing seeing her quiet. Where is Mishri? Before Devina can disclose to her anything, Akhilesh says she isn’t here lamentably. Ira gets some information about Mishri once more. He says she fell in water and has achieved another town. She is fine. Townspeople have kept her securely. I will bring her. Ira is soothed. I was so terrified. Mishri is fine! She is crying at this point. Mishri must be frightened. She hasn’t gone through multi day like this. Don’t have the foggiest idea in the event that she has eaten anything. We should go. He guarantees her he will bring her. She needs to go with him. I will find a sense of contentment in the wake of seeing her once. They take a gander at one another. Judaai plays out of sight. She asks him for what valid reason he is standing this way. We should proceed to bring Mishri. He discloses to her she needs rest. Doc comes simply at that point. He encourages Ira to have total bed rest. Ira clarifies about Mishri yet doc reasons that on the off chance that her condition exacerbates in transit, at that point Akhilesh should pivot mid-way. Akhilesh seconds him. Mishri will feel better observing you recuperate soon. Try not to take any pressure. She is fine. Ira asks him by when he will come back with Mishri. Akhilesh says very soon. I will call you. He goes. Medical attendant advises Ira to rests. Devina likewise pardons herself. Ira is crying quietly.

Bhavik is on video call with Dr. Pillai. He takes a gander at their development (a robot). She can do pretty much every assignment. she is vitality proficient and her boot time is 0. He sees Bhavik miserable. Bhavik says I can’t demonstrate it to the 2 individuals for whom I made it. My niece is in unconsciousness and my sister is battling with post horrible pressure. How might I be upbeat? This machine can neither profit the missing grin for my sister’s face nor would it be able to spare Moti Ba’s powerless heart. He all of a sudden acknowledges it isn’t valid. This is an amazing creation! There can’t be a superior arrangement than this to our concern! He pardons himself to address Akhilesh.

Devina asks Akhilesh for what reason he isn’t coming clean to Akhilesh. He shares that she wont most likely take any further pressure like the doc said. Amma ought to likewise not know anything about it. I may have lost my girl. Presently I can’t lose them. he demands Devina to recount to a similar story to Pushpa that he just advised to Ira. I will attempt to contact the best neurosurgeon till at that point. Devina gestures. Akhilesh goes to make a call. Devina and Adi leave to eat something. Akhilesh calls somebody requesting that her message a few contacts asap.

Bhavik endeavors to converse with Akhilesh about his task. Akhilesh says this isn’t the opportune time. Mishri is in unconsciousness. Ira just increased cognizant and is requesting Mishri. Bhavik discloses to him that just his machine can spare them now yet Akhilesh does not appear to be intrigued. He leaves worriedly. Bhavik tells Dr. Pillai he is coming over asap.

Bhavik chooses to utilize his creation to spare Ira and Pushpa. Dr. Pillai concurs. I would require a few things to redo this machine according to your prerequisites. He advises the equivalent to Bhavik.

Vansh holds Pushpa and Ira’s hands as they enter. He requests Mishri. Ira reveals to him a similar story that Akhilesh had advised her. Vansh trusts Kunika gets rebuffed for her offenses. Adi guarantees him she will be gotten soon. Pushpa is grateful that they are fine after whatever occurred. She expresses gratitude toward Lord for tuning in to her supplications. Ira says I don’t have faith in it yet despite everything I feel it is a direct result of that terrible sign. We can make Mishri complete a shanti puja once she is back. Pushpa gestures. Vansh instructs them to rest first. He takes them inside.

Devina says who will they request to do the puja. Wish they knew Mishri is in unconsciousness! Adi asks her for what good reason she isn’t revealing to them this. Devina is bound by Akhilesh’s notice. That can’t stop me. I will figure out how to reveal to them reality!

Vansh conveys Ira to her room and brings juice for her. He switches on her preferred film which amazes her. He shares that Mishri disclosed to me this. She additionally guided me when you are disturbed. Ira calls herself fortunate for having Mishri. I will love her so much once she is back that she will overlook everything about the mishap! Devina and Adi are listening in. Vansh makes Ira call Akhilesh to think about Mishri. She puts the approach speaker as Vansh needs to address Mishri as well.

Akhilesh is conversing with certain specialists in respect of Mishri. He gets Ira’s call when he closes that call. She gets some information about Mishri. He lies that Mishri is with him. Vansh and Ira are anxious to address Mishri. Akhilesh goes dumbfounded. She can’t talk at the present time. I conveyed her to clinic. I will make you folks talk in some time. She is fine. She was in water for long so she can’t talk. Specialists are trying her. Ira needs to come as well however he reveals to her docs will oversee everything. It would be ideal if you take rest like you guaranteed. I don’t need Mishri to stretch as well. If you don’t mind rest till the opportunity we return. She requests that he bring Mishri home asap. He guarantees her.

Adi says I wish I could come clean to them. I need to see those shattered articulations! Devina says there is one way how we can disclose to Ira reality. We should take her to emergency clinic asap.

Akhilesh cries pondering Mishri. Epi finishes on the split screen of Akhilesh, Mishri and Ira.

Precap Upcoming Meri Hanikarak Biwi Episode Update: Akhilesh gets some information about Ira. Pushpa shares that she went to clinic. Ira achieves emergency clinic and discovers that Mishri is in ICU. Mishri addresses her and calls her Mapu. Afterward, Bhavik plugs a switch on Mishri’s head. Akhilesh asks him what he is doing. Bhavik reveals to Akhilesh this is anything but an individual however the most developed robot of India – Mirchi 2.0!


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