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Akhilesh sits by Mishri. If it’s not too much trouble open your eyes once. Your Bapu is longing to converse with you. He holds her hand. I guarantee I will give you each joy of the world. Converse with me please. We will work on wrestling together. I will influence your twists and will to likewise keep your Mapu exceptionally glad. We will have an ideal life. Whole family is sitting tight for you. It would be ideal if you wake up Mishri. He wipes his tears. It is totally my deficiency in view of which you are here today! I wish I had tuned in to you. We wouldn’t need to see this day at that point. My heart has broken in million pieces seeing you like this. Presently this heart will possibly join back when you will completely recuperate. Your Mapu! He is hindered by a telephone call from a specialist. He ventures out of the ward to converse with doc.

Bhavik enters in the ward stealthily at the point when Akhilesh isn’t looking. He expels the breathing device from Mishri’s mouth. She begins breathing vigorously. Bhavik keeps something all over. He rationally apologizes to Mishri. I needed to do this for Moti Ba and Ira. He takes her face estimations utilizing dirt/form and afterward keeps the breathing apparatus back on. He leaves the ward stealthily. Akhilesh returns inside.

Bhavik meets Dr. Pillai on a stranded street. He gives him the last model. Bhavik affirms with him in the event that it is a similar model that he had requested. Dr. Pillai guarantees him about it. Bhavik gives him a check and keeps the model in the storage compartment of his vehicle. Presently just this machine can spare our home at this point!

Vansh gets some information about Mishri. She was going to accompanied you, isn’t that so? Pushpa asks Akhilesh as well. Is it accurate to say that someone is bringing her? Akhilesh denies. She should remain in emergency clinic today around evening time as she isn’t well. How’s Ira? Pushpa shares that she is fine. Devina took her to emergency clinic. Vansh includes that Devina got injured in the knees so Ira took her to emergency clinic. She will likewise meet Mishri along these lines. Akhilesh comes up short on the house.

Devina professes to limp. I am upset for alarming you in this condition. Ira reveals to her she is fine. I will bring doc here. Take a load off. Devina advises her to meet Mishri. I can go to doc all alone. Ira cheerfully heads towards Mishri’s ward. Devina stands upstanding. In what manner will Ira bear seeing her practically dead little girl?

Ira discovers that Mishri is in ICU.

Akhilesh inquires as to whether somebody went in Mishri’s ward. Doc shrugs cluelessly. Ira says Akhilesh said Mishri has slight fever. She goes inside ICU. Devina looks from the glass window. Ira endeavors to wake up Mishri. For quite a while there is no reaction. Ira yells for specialist. Ira checks Mishri’s heartbeat. She peruses Mishri’s reports however Akhilesh grabs the document out of her hands. You ought to have been at home. We should return home. She reveals to him that Mishri isn’t opening her eyes. How is she? Akhilesh lies that doc gave her infusion. Ira requests to know why she is in ICU. Akhilesh guarantees her Mishri is fine. Ira will not trust him. Let me know everything genuinely. Give me the reports. What are you escaping me? She takes the document from him and understands it. Mishri all of a sudden opens her eyes and calls for Mapu. Akhilesh looks on in stun. Devina too is paralyzed. Ira cries in alleviation. I was so terrified. Akhilesh thinks about how Mishri increased cognizant. Doc had said it is unimaginable for her to escape extreme lethargies. Mishri sits up and takes a gander at them. Triumph is in front of dread. How are you Mapu? Ira answers that she is fine. How are you? Mishri says I am happy to realize that you are fine. I am likewise fine. Ira kisses her on her brow. Akhilesh is in tears. Ira reveals to Akhilesh that now her trust on God has reinforced. Our child is impeccably fine! They embrace. Ira turns Mishri’s face towards her. I revealed to you that your Bapu will secure the two of us. We are fine at this point. I need to embrace you both. She sits by Mishri and Akhilesh embraces them. Mishri says it is an outflow of appearing. Akhilesh discloses to Mishri he was frightened. She discloses to him she wont abandon him ever and falls oblivious. Akhilesh and Ira get strained. Ira checks for her heartbeat once more. Her body has turned virus. She goes to call doc. Akhilesh proceeds in his endeavors to wake up Mishri.

Devina gets some information about Mishri. Ira reveals to her what simply occurred. Devina guides her towards Mishri’s doc. Ira expresses gratitude toward her. Devina thinks about how Mishri can be so fortunate. Something is doubtlessly off-base. I sent Ira off course however I will address her doc myself now. In what capacity would this be able to be valid?

Doc comes to ICU. Akhilesh reveals to him that they just addressed Mishri. She is fine. Doc checks Mishri and reveals to him that Mishri is still in unconsciousness. Akhilesh denies. She just addressed us. Doc discloses to him this isn’t Mishri. Akhilesh is shocked. I don’t get your meaning by that? Who is she at that point? What are you saying? State something. Bhavik offers to clarify. Doc leaves.

Akhilesh gets some information about what doc has recently said. Bhavik plugs a switch on Mishri’s head. Akhilesh looks on.

A flame breaks out in the medical clinic. The children’s ward has burst into flames. A woman is halted by the medical caretaker from heading inside. In the mean time, Ira hops inside the consuming room. She finds the young lady there. She drives the carriage out of the room yet her exit gets blocked. She goes out on a bed.

Akhilesh reveals to Akhilesh it isn’t Mishri yet she looks like Mishri. Akhilesh asks him what he implies. Is it her copy? Bhavik shares he had no other alternative. I needed to do this for Ira and Moti Ba. This isn’t Mishri’s copy. They hear nurture yelling about the flame and surge out to help. Mishri’s room hears it and accepts it as a direction.

Precap Upcoming Meri Hanikarak Biwi Episode Update: Mishri’s robot soaks fire and brings Ira securely out of the room. Akhilesh and Bhavik look on. Akhilesh is boggled concerning how a little young lady can splash fire. She has additionally lifted Ira in her arms.


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