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Pushpa is greatly surprised to see Ira. What are you doing right here? How dare you come here? Akhilesh tells her that he has called her here. Mishri and Vansh are glad to look Ira. Akhilesh says I dint want Mishri to miss everyone today. For her happiness, i used to be prepared to undergo a person who Mishri needs round. Ira kisses Mishri. Pushpa gives in for Mishri’s sake. i will most effective be centered on my would-be DIL. She isn’t poisonous like Ira. She asks Kunika to do Holika Dahan. Mishri points out that Gangajal is to be sprinkled earlier than Holika Dahan. Pushpa is inspired with her know-how. Vansh points out that it’s far inside the room. Kunika is going to deliver it.

Kunika involves the room and complains to herself. I worked so tough to make those arrangements and Akhilesh invited Ira! it is all due to Mishri! She starts looking for Gangajal. Vansh locks her within the room.
Mishri asks Ira for jalebi. You usually convey it for me on Holika Dahan. Ira says it’s going to wreck your enamel. Mishri asks about Kunika. Vansh says she is on call so she despatched Gangajal with me. Pushpa asks Mishri to do Holika Dahan this year. Mishri readily agrees. She holds her Bapu’s hand and also makes Ira stand with them. She tells them she wants to play a sport with them. i can run and you will chase me clockwise. You ought to now not cheat.

Kunika is unable to locate Gangajal. She attempts beginning the door however in vain. She shouts for assist.

Dhol starts offevolved gambling as Mishri lighting the Holika. She seems at her dad and mom and hopes they don’t get separate this time. i’m able to get their pheras done today. She starts offevolved taking walks round hearth keeping the lit log in her hand. Akhilesh starts following her in an attempt to prevent her. Ira’s pallu is tied to his kada and she or he is dragged along. Vansh begins counting.

Kunika opens the window and shouts for help. Why are they taking rounds like this! She abruptly realises what’s happening and is taken aback.

Akhilesh and Ira preserve following Mishri.

Kunika recollects Mishri’s words. She is making them take pheras round Holika. they will be married this way! This become her plan! She drops a small vase down. It falls on Adi. He smirks as he notices her. She gestures him to assist her but he errors it to be something else. I always had a doubt on her. She checked out me sweetly. He heads upstairs. Adi closes the door from in the moment he comes upstairs. I admire your guts. you are flirting with me as Akhilesh is downstairs. i like daring ladies. She slaps him. Did you spot my daring now? i was asking you to open the door as Mishri and Vansh are making Akhilesh and Ira take pheras round Holika. I have to stop them!

most effective the last phera is left. Kunika stops Akhilesh and Ira all at once. She tells Mishri she thoroughly is aware of what she was up to. You desired them to take pheras round Holika right? Adi throws the lit log away. Pushpa asks Kunika what she is displaying. Kunika factors on the pallu which is tied to Akhilesh’s kada. She blames it on Ira. Mishri and Vansh locked me so I don’t discover about it! She tells Ira she always supported her. I even asked Akhilesh now not to split you and Mishri yet you had been attempting to interrupt my house! Ira denies. Kunika rues that Akhilesh and Ira could had been married if she was even 2 minutes overdue. Pushpa questions Ira. Mishri admits it became her plan. Mapu knew not anything about this. Devina also rebukes Ira for teaching her daughter all the incorrect things. You came here to interrupt his alliance and gain sympathy proper? Mishri denies. Mapu isn’t like that. you are false impression her. Pushpa tells her not to speak in between. Devina asks Akhilesh why he had to name Ira right here. She is so inauspicious! Pushpa seconds her. Why do you (Akhilesh) soften seeing her crocodile tears? i have understood that she isn’t always just a toxic wife however a poisonous DIL too! She is coaching incorrect matters to her daughter and proving herself to be a toxic mother too! Ira tells her to stop. i’m able to undergo your hatred but I can’t bear any stain on my dating with Mishri. Pushpa asks her who she is to say that to her. She tells Akhilesh to keep Ira faraway from Mishri so she does no longer grow to be like Ira. Why don’t you go away us? you can try as an awful lot as you want but you will by no means make an area for your self on this house! Devina agrees. You cannot smash Akhilesh’s relationship with Kunika. He has determined a better life partner after so long. There can not be a better life companion for him than Kunika! Mishri counters it. Pushpa scolds her again. I recognise your mom very well. she will never want anything food for you. I wont let her shadow fall on you. Mishri tries to argue however Ira shakes her head at her. Devina asks her if she wants to be thrown out of her right here or will depart willingly. Don’t allow even your shadow fall in this house! Adi and subsequently Akhilesh have to forestall Mishri from chasing Ira as she goes. Kunika tells Mishri that her antique mother will never be capable of take area of her new mother. the sooner you recognize it the better!

Mishri is punishing herself for hurting her mother. Vansh calls it silly. Akhilesh attempts to forestall her however she tells him towards it. He too comes to a decision to punish himself if she wont forestall. She tells him he isn’t at fault however he insists he simplest known as Ira right here. I forgot she can never set her foot her. Mishri asks him to arise. I cannot see you want this. He asks her to rise up first. She gives in and makes him stand too and hugs him. Akhilesh tells Mishri he can give her every little bit of happiness of the world besides the only which she is yearning for. simply suppose that i’m very helpless. I tried the whole thing but I can not permit your Mapu come close to you! i like you very a lot. Mishri guarantees him that she will be able to do something he will say. They sit down all the way down to consume. Akhilesh apologizes to Mishri who says you’re welcome in go back. Akhilesh and Mishri feed meals to each different flip via turn. Vansh has already eaten. Mishri thinks she is here to wipe her Bapu’s tears. Who will wipe Mapu’s tears?

Precap Upcoming Meri Hanikarak Biwi episode update: Ira receives a name and is greatly surprised. She holds a paper and thinks i will now display Moti Ba and Akhilesh what my individual is. Ira asks for repayment in go back of giving Mishri’s rights to Akhilesh. Pushpa tells Akhilesh to offer her something she needs. Ira asks for Banaras ceramics to be named after her.


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