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Ira asks Akhilesh if its true. He nods. This was Kamla Chachi’s last words. She is reminded of doctor’s words. I dint believe her earlier but it is clear now. I don’t understand why Kamla Chachi hid this from us till now. Akhilesh too is confused. She could have told us if she wanted to but this secret rests with Chachi now. It is certain though that the person who was present at Kamla Chachi’s house is the one who stole our son. I don’t know what condition our son would be in.

Chuttan says that nice Kaki saved my life. Where is she though? Pushpa enters in the room. Why do you act so naughty? You got in trouble because of your mischief. He looks at her from top to toe and recalls meeting her in the hospital. She asks him if she isn’t looking fine. He asks her if she is

Mishri’s Dadi. Chuttan asks her if she is done roaming around a kid in 2 ponies. She is surprised. How do you know? Chuttan tells Pushpa that they met in the hospital when she wasn’t mentally fit. You tortured me and I pushed you and ran. She is surprised to realise that he had saved her. Mishri did tell me about you. She kisses him on his forehead surprising him. I thought you will beat me for pushing you but this? She shares that that push turned out to be a blessing for her. I became Pushpa from Pichkari. I forgave you. Don’t worry. He smiles. Devina is shocked to see Chuttan. You? What are you doing here? You are doing all this to seek revenge! Pushpa tells her not to scare the little kid and calls her Pak Pak. Chuttan laughs like crazy hearing it. Devina warns him not to laugh at her. I will hit you with this cane now! Pushpa tells her against it. Devina says he is the same kid who stole stuff from our house the other day. He calls her atrangi aunty. You were not giving me money. Mayi told me that I should teach a lesson to those who don’t understand things in simple words. Pushpa stands in between them. Mishri shouts at them to stop fighting. She scolds Chuttan for instigating a fight between both the ladies as soon as he woke up. Pushpa tells her she is misunderstanding him. He is a simple, sweet kid. He dint do anything wrong. Pushpa goes to bring parathas for him.

Mishri tells Chuttan to have kadha but he refuses. Since when did you start looking after me? I am fine now. I will go home now. She says I promised Mapu you will stay here till the time your fever goes away. Drink it. He says I know you want to send me to jail again. Don’t act in front of me. Mishri tells him not to ignore Mapu’s words. She is a doctor and left this kadha for you. She is the one who saved you. He refuses to trust her or anyone else in the family. I will drink it from your Mapu’s hands only. Devina says he is a poor kid but he is showing such attitude. He gives a fitting reply to her. Mishri asks him to be nice to elders. Have this kadha. He smells the kadha. It sucks. She tells him not to make fuss or she will have to teach a lesson to you in my own way. He is surprised to hear it. I thought only my Mayi has taught me this trick but has your Mapu taught you the trick as well? Devina offers to feed him the kadha but he threatens to bite her. Pushpa brings parathas. Mishri says Mapu told me to feed him kadha first. He shouts that she wants to eat the parathas herself. Don’t act smart in front of me. Devina says she isn’t like you. She wont eat these many parathas like you. He is positive he can eat all of them but Pushpa says Mishri is no less. She can finish these in 2 minutes. He laughs at the idea. Let’s bet for Rs. 100. Mishri agrees. She challenges him to eat more parathas than her. You wont have to drink kadha then. He accepts her challenge. Mishri is confident of her victory. They start the competition on the count of 3.

Akhilesh says we do have a son. We must find him. Don’t know what condition he will be in. She agrees. You must get out of jail first of all. You cannot be locked here. He says we don’t have time for that right now. We need to find out the culprit. She reasons that she cannot do it alone. I need you. He is our son. We can find him together. I will call lawyer to arrange for your bail. We will find the culprit once we find our son. Your innocence will also be proved till then. Constable tells her that the time is up. Ira tells Akhilesh not to worry. We will find our son. I will call lawyer and get your case transferred to Mumbai. He requests her not to tell anyone anything at home yet. She nods and leaves. Akhilesh wonders where and how his son will be.

Chuttan eats 5th paratha. Mishri isn’t feeling comfortable yet eats a 6th paratha. Both of them touch their stomachs. Pushpa claps for Mishri. Devina stomps off. Pushpa tells Chuttan t have kadha as he lost. Mishri is in a lot of pain. Pushpa asks her why she ate so many parathas. It wasn’t a competition. She says I was just fulfilling my promise to Mapu. Chuttan wouldn’t have drunk the kadha if I hadn’t won. She is touched and hugs her. You are a blessed soul. They see Chuttan making faces as he drinks kadha. Mishri tells him to drink it happily. My Mapu gave it. Chuttan feels stuck. The more I stay away from these people is better. I must do something big now!

Precap: Mishri looks after Chuttan while he is creating fuss in the house. She warns him to behave but he lights crackers to trouble her. Ira is speaking to someone about Akhilesh’s case. Chuttan overhears it and decides to tell the entire family.


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