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Mishri continues playing Holi with Ira. This colour wont leave any side effect. Ira applies colours on Mishri’s cheeks. Mishri brings Akhilesh there. Vansh gives balloons to Mishri. We wont play with uninteresting colors anymore. Mishri is happy. this may be amusing. Mishri gives balloons to Akhilesh and Ira and all of them throw them collectively.

Pushpa is sitting alas in a nook. Devina offers the glass of thandai to Kunika and tells Pushpa to do some thing. Will you let Ira take Akhilesh’s difficult earned money? Pushpa says it’s miles better as Ira’s actual face has come out in the front of absolutely everyone. Kunika shows religion in Akhilesh. He can build higher groups than Banaras Ceramics. She offers bhang to Pushpa. Pushpa wonders how such humans can exist within the world. till date I hated this toxic woman but these days I experience like killing her! Kunika tells her to overlook it. simply signal these papers. Pushpa vows to hurt Ira these days. She shouts loudly and runs towards Ira. She strangles Adi mistaking her to be Ira. Devina and Kunika forestall Pushpa by some means. Pushpa says Akhilesh went to hospital to offer blood that’s why all this began. Ira would not have are available in our life if it wasn’t for your son! She subsequent blames Devina. I got here to Mumbai due to you! i might were fortunately living my lifestyles in Banaras otherwise like earlier than. I wont spare you! She chases Devina. Akhilesh asks them what they may be up to. Kunika lies that they may be gambling Holi. She is going after Pushpa asking him to sign the papers. Pushpa tears 2 copies but Kunika has greater. Devina tells Pushpa to sign the papers or Ira will take Mishri along with her for for all time. Pushpa signs and symptoms the papers incorrectly as Pushpa Panda. She starts offevolved complaining but Kunika tells her she has any other plan. She diverts Pushpa’s attention to Adi. You have to slap him as he is constantly after cash. Pushpa slaps him. Kunika has dipped her other thumb in inkpad and stealthily takes her thumb influence on the papers. Kunika smiles wondering that she became the owner of 1 business enterprise atleast.

Mishri is consuming sweets and is sitting with Ira. Mishri thanks Bajrang Bali for letting her enjoy the high-quality Holi of her lifestyles. Ira sends her to clean up. She next asks Akhilesh to sign the papers asap. lawyer is here. I need to leave. Akhilesh makes Pushpa sit down in a corner. Pushpa is having a headache but he assures her he is right here. He asks her to sign the papers so Ira can’t solid an evil eye on their house ever once more.

Devina and Kunika are satisfied wondering that they may be later shocked to understand that we have the company in our name. Kunika says permit Mummy ji signal first. i will make the declaration then. Ira’s face will be well worth an eye fixed! Devina smiles.

Pushpa signs and symptoms the papers. Akhilesh offers them to Ira. Don’t show me your face once more! Kunika stops Akhilesh. She takes out her set of papers.

Police reaches Pandey residence. Kunika hides the papers. Inspector asks for Akhilesh. there is an arrest warrant in his name. A pregnant female slipped on the tiles made with the aid of your corporation and were given harm. Her husband has filed a file with us. you may must include us! Kunika advises him to arrest the proprietor of Banaras Ceramics. Akhilesh isn’t the proprietor anymore. Kunika offers them the document. you may arrest Ms. Ira Pandey. Inspector apologizes to Akhilesh and asks Ira to include them. Pushpa asks Ira if she saw how she were given caught within the entice she simplest set. God does justice to every body. Ira has a mild / non violent smile on her face. Police arrests Ira. Pushpa asks Ira what she can do now. i’m glad with some thing came about. you obtain my curse! Police takes her away. Pushpa starts offevolved coughing. Devina tells her to calm down and takes her inside.

Kunika tells Akhilesh now not to fear. you’ll construct returned anything you have got lost. i am with you. Akhilesh says i’m wondering what to say to Mishri. Mishri comes there. i have modified. let’s eat now. She asks for Mapu. Kunika asks Akhilesh till when he will cover the truth from Mishri. You need to inform some day. She tells Mishri that police arrested her Mapu. Mishri is taken aback. Mapu is in jail? Kunika calls it karma. You only stated that appropriate wins over evil on Holi. You don’t even understand why your Mapu came here. Holi become simply an excuse. Your Mapu got here to promote you! She requested for Akhilesh’s corporation in change of you! Devina adds that Ira has been after money on the grounds that beginning. Her greed has eventually despatched her to jail. Mishri is in tears.

Bhavik is already out of doors. He says some thing to Inspector who nods in return. Bhavik asks Ira why she asked for Akhilesh’s corporation. I realize you don’t have any interest in his belongings. Ira says Akhilesh and Moti Ba could have been in prison if I hadn’t accomplished this.

Kunika says sorry to Mishri. truth is that Ira constantly had an eye fixed on Akhilesh’s cash. Mishri refuses to agree with it. Mapu could be very nice.

Ira tells Bhavik everything. how could I permit Akhilesh and Moti Ba move in jail mainly whilst Mishri is dwelling with them? I don’t need her to look her father going to prison. this is higher. i’ve not anything left in life in any case! Bhavik asks her why she can still visit prison for the people who don’t accept as true with her in any respect. Ira replies that she will do some thing for them. Inspector calls them inner.

Mishri requests Akhilesh to bail her Mapu but he tells her he can not do something. maybe that is the reality. Kunika smiles. bad Mishri! It is right that nobody noticed the alternative papers or i might have been in prison!

Precap Upcoming Meri Hanikarak Biwi episode update: Ira unearths the other papers and confronts Kunika. Mishri says Khalnayika aunty did it stealthily. Ira asks Pushpa if she is aware of that Kunika were given her thumb impressions at the papers to benefit hold of this property! all people is stunned.


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