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Mishri is crying in her room. Vansh wipes her tears. Mishri tells him to trust her. Mapu isn’t like this. She cannot droop this low for cash! I consider her. She has looked after everyone within the village and has in no way taken any money from them. She shows her pictures in which Ira is wearing the same saree. She hasn’t sold any new saree for her over so many years but she used to get me new dress whenever. She isn’t like this. She could be very fine. Vansh asks her why Ira did this then. Mishri is clueless. There have to be a motive in the back of it. We should get Mapu out of jail. Bapu and Badi Ma wont help us. Vansh says I recognise you simplest believe folks that talk reality. Pushpa Dadi may assist us.

Adi comes inner Kunika’s room with coloration. i have been seeking to observe colorings on her considering that morning however not getting any hazard. He decides to hide in the cupboard as he hears some noise. He reveals the papers of Banaras Ceramics there and realises that Kunika desires to get complete assets in her call. i can inform mother.

Pushpa attempts cleaning the ink mark however in useless. Mishri and Vansh come there. Pushpa tells her she isn’t inquisitive about listening to some thing if she has come right here to vouch for her mother. Mishri requests her to pay attention to her atleast. Pushpa says you’re the apple of my eye but i will in no way accept your mother. Vansh calms Mishri. He asks Pushpa why Ira took this step now. If she only wanted Mamu’s money then she may want to have done this long ago. Pushpa tells him now not to be Ira’s attorney. i’m already concerned as this color isn’t going. Vansh appears intently. this is ink pad’s ink. She wonders who applied this. i can clean it. move and feature food. Mishri looks at Pushpa with desire however Pushpa tells them to leave. outdoor, Mishri tells Vansh she was sure Badi Ma wont assist them. she can by no means believe us. Vansh shows speaking to D. they come to Devina’s room however she isn’t there.

Devina asks Kunika about the papers. This turned into what you were up to? How dare you cheat us? You notion we’re silly like Pushpa? just like we need to throw Pushpa out of the house after gaining keep of her property you wanted to do the identical right? Kunika shouts that she had a motive for that. attorney might have suspected you if the papers have been to your name. Akhilesh would have despatched you lower back to Banaras. i’m Akhilesh’s business and life partner. Devina refuses to trust her and so does Adi. Kunika asks for the papers however Devina refuses. They war for it and the papers get torn in two pieces. Akhilesh asks them what these papers had been about. Devina and Kunika prepare dinner up a faux tale. Akhilesh tells them to stop combating over small things. Kunika indicates going out for lunch. he is reluctant however she insists. Kunika comes again for a 2nd to tell them to rip the papers. Adi complies. Devina shouts at him for his stupidity. we can use those papers to blackmail Kunika. pick out up the pieces and be a part of them!

Akhilesh opens his cabinet and Ira’s image falls down. How oftentimes need to I try to dispose of you? Why do you maintain coming in front of me whenever I try to push you away? Why can’t I prevent thinking about you? Ira replies that it is because he nevertheless loves her. He denies. She calls him a weak liar. He insists it isn’t true. She tells him now not to dismiss the truth by shouting. you could try to forget about it however you know you can not see me in pain. i am positive you may still come to bail me. Akhilesh denies. You had been placing a address me for my daughter! She asks him if he without a doubt believes it. I wouldn’t should look ahead to those years if that is what I wanted! people will maintain talking but ask yourself once. Do you watched i can sell Mishri for couple of dollars? Do you think i’m this foxy? Akhilesh recalls an incident wherein Ira was supplied a scholarship however she stated no. Kunika breaks his reverie and asks Akhilesh why isn’t he geared up but. i will call to make reservations. He looks right here and there for Ira. Kunika says i can set your mood right. Come soon. He nods. Akhilesh seems at Ira’s photograph. The female I noticed after ultimate my eyes is a cheater! I don’t love you anymore. I hate you!

Devina and Adi conceal the papers hearing Vansh’s voice. Vansh asks Devina to help them. We must get Ira aunty out of jail. Devina appreciates his issue. kids shouldn’t intrude within the subjects of grownups. It isn’t viable to get Ira out of prison! She tells Mishri to neglect her mother for 4-five years. She walks out with Adi. Mishri prays to Bajrang Bali to assist her. you recognize Mapu isn’t grasping. no one believes me. a way to get Mapu out of jail? She throws something angrily which hits the box wherein Adi had hidden the papers. They have a look at it apparently and discover thumb prints on it. It rings a bell of their head. it’s far of Badi Ma! They be a part of the pieces using tape. Vansh reads it for her. Khalnayika aunty is the proprietor of Banaras Ceramics! Mishri says why Mapu went to jail then. Vansh says i’m worried that Khalnayika aunty plans to rule the residence. She already were given a agency in her call. He imagines Kunika torturing everyone such as Ira. Mishri refuses to permit it come authentic. Police will discover the reality if they get preserve of those papers! Mishri imagines Police arresting Kunika. The youngsters beat her happily with a broom as police takes her away. Akhilesh and Ira hug. Mishri comes to a decision to visit police station. We must get Mapu out of prison!

Kunika enters simply whilst the kids are going out of the room. She closes the door from inner. I warned you both not to act clever with me. give me the papers! Mishri argues along with her. Kunika fights with it. Vansh bites on her hand to assist Mishri escape from the room. Mishri runs outdoor. Kunika slaps Vansh.

Mishri stops her Papu. I want to reveal you something. you’ll get Mapu out of prison yourself then. She indicates the papers to him however Kunika snatches them out of her hand earlier than he can see them. Kunika lies that Mishri has drawn Ira at the papers. it’s miles her emotional drama. Mishri denies but Kunika does not permit her talk. She sends Akhilesh outdoor. Mishri grabs keep of the paper once more. Kunika chases her around the residence. listen to me you little satan. You haven’t seen my anger till date. i will educate you such a lesson which you wont mess with me again!

Precap Upcoming Meri Hanikarak Biwi episode update: Ira reveals the other papers and confronts Kunika. Mishri says Khalnayika aunty did it stealthily. Ira asks Pushpa if she knows that Kunika were given her thumb impressions at the papers to benefit preserve of this property! absolutely everyone is taken aback. Kunika meets some guy at night time. Ira comes there too.


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