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Adi is hanging tight fretfully for Ira and Devina to return home. I am certain Ira should get going insane seeing Mishri’s condition. I will act so well before her. She wont even think I have abhorrent goals towards them! Devina and Ira come there and Adi begins his poor acting. Devina slaps him and reveals to him that Mishri is fine. Ira requests that he help her orchestrate an appreciated gathering for Mishri. She heads inside. Devina and Adi talk about Mishri’s condition. Adi is certain something isn’t right. He chooses to converse with doc and takes the vehicle from driver.

Akhilesh is conversing with himself. I took another course to evade traffic. I trust we will reach soon. Mirchi 2.0 opens guide and aides him on the course. He discloses to her he needn’t bother with her assistance here. Will you help me notwithstanding when I wont request your assistance? He takes a turn and the vehicle’s tires get punctured. There is no extra tire in the storage compartment. He calls somebody for help. Mirchi 2.0 says now Bapu is requesting help himself. I was made to support people. She ventures out of the vehicle and lifts the vehicle in air. Adi is going by from that point and notification Mirchi lifting the vehicle with without any help. In what capacity can Mishri lift the vehicle like this? Mirchi 2.0 fixes the tires. Adi questions her with respect to what she was doing. Akhilesh is diverted by his uproarious voice and closures the call. Mirchi asks Adi his identity. He is boggled regarding how she can’t recollect him. Akhilesh asks Adi what he is doing here. Adi discloses to him what he just observed. She isn’t notwithstanding remembering me! Akhilesh considers it the post injury stress. The vehicle’s tires are punctured. Adi focuses at the tires. They are fine. Akhilesh requests that he remain back with the vehicle as the specialist is coming. Adi thinks about whether he was envisioning everything. I dint even beverage.

Akhilesh censures Mirchi for helping him when he dint even request it. She talks about his direction. He advises her to be calm now except if he requests anything. She lashes on the safety belt when they sit in the vehicle which bewilders Akhilesh. She answers that all traffic directions are sustained in her framework heretofore. Akhilesh addresses Bhavik. Bhavik guides him to take her home. I will bring Dr. Pillai who will wrap up of fixing. I just included your and Ira’s information in her. Presently you need to do it. Akhilesh concurs. He exchanges the information of his relatives in Mirchi 2.0 as he drives the vehicle. He talks about Ira first. She adores Mishri definitely and must make prepares to invite you home.

Ira is enlivening the house. Vansh compliments her endeavors. She embraces him saying that she has even arranged frozen yogurts for them two.

Akhilesh informs Mirchi concerning his Amma. She should sit tight energetically for you.

Ira sees Pushpa holding her bag. Where are you going?

Akhilesh informs Mirchi concerning Devina. She is decent yet somewhat savvy. Be cautious before her. Mirchi gestures.

Devina discloses to Ira that Pushpa chose to make a beeline for her previous lifestyle once Mishri is fine. Pushpa gestures. I don’t need my feeble heart to make any more inconveniences for you both. It happened 5 years back as well. I can’t do it now. Ira reasons it was misconception which made that remove between them. Kindly don’t go. Pushpa advises her not to stop her. I have decided.

Mirchi downloads information about Vansh. Akhilesh discloses to her they are home. Everything is in your grasp now. All the best. He expels the wire from her head. How about we head inside.

Pushps says I need to serve in Kashi Vishwanath sanctuary for an amazing remainder. Akhilesh asks her for what valid reason she is saying as much. Mishri is so anxious to meet you. Everybody grins seeing Mishri/Mirchi. Mirchi perceives Pushpa and discloses to her that she cherishes her without a doubt. Pushpa embraces her. Vansh demands Mirchi to stop Pushpa. She supposes Mamu and your mother will battle again on the off chance that she remains here. Akhilesh sees his mom questioningly however she reveals to him she has chosen as of now. I am missing Banaras definitely and need to return. I will be content there so I chosen to go. Deal with everybody. Come to town amid occasions. Akhilesh asks her for what good reason she is being difficult. Mishri is likewise here at this point. Pushpa swings to go however Mishri holds her feet. I wont release you Badi Ma. Pushpa advises her not to do as such. Release me. She can’t move even an inch as a result of Mishri’s hold and is stunned. How could you become so solid? Mirchi talks about her processor. Pushpa asks Akhilesh what Mishri is stating. Akhilesh lies that she is stating arbitrary stuff to satisfy everybody. Mirchi says Mishri’s preferred exchange. Pushpa embraces her right away. Akhilesh says it is concluded that you wont go anyplace now. Ira takes her bag. You wont go anyplace now! Mirchi reveals to her she will quit drinking milk on the off chance that she will stay difficult. Pushpa says I will remain here and feed you milk with my own hands. She embraces Mirchi. Ira advises pushpa not to stress. No inconvenience will fall upon our family now. Police is searching for Kunika. She will be found soon! Devina is incensed with Mirchi for demolishing her arrangement once more.

Vansh asks Devina what she is considering. Devina lies that Mishri has expedited grin everybody’s face when she is home. She asks Mirchi to give her an embrace. Devina holds Mirchi yet Mirchi does not embrace her back. Devina requests a tight embrace. This time Mirchi utilizes her full solidarity to embrace her. Devina yells in torment. Mirchi says you requested a tight embrace. Devina says it dint mean you can press me like ketchup bottle. What’s going on with you? For what reason would you say you are talking so oddly? Is everything okay with this young lady? Akhilesh says she has experienced injury. The prescriptions will put her to rest as well. Devina hurls a moan of help. Ira consents to make Mishri do practice herself from tomorrow onwards. I will give her a shower now. Devina offers to help her clean Mishri. Akhilesh is stressed that water may cause cut off the machine.

Precap: Devina pours water on Mirchi and an impact occurs. Devina says I realized this is anything but a person yet a robot.


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