Meri Hanikarak Biwi 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mirchi 2.0 scans the room and the way to get inside from a few different point. Ward boy gets concerned seeing her inside the room where Ira is lying subconscious.

Akhilesh and Bhavik surprise where Mirchi 2.0 is currently.

They overhear ward boys speakme approximately a lady going in the kids’ room. Bhavik guesses it to be Mirchi 2.0. Akhilesh doubts it however Bhavik advises him to look for himself.
Mirchi 2.0 reveals Ira within the room. She figures out a way to douse the fireplace and produces the ones matters within the room. The fireplace is blown out. Mirchi 2.0 brings Ira appropriately out of the room. Akhilesh and Bhavik appearance on in marvel / puzzlement. Akhilesh is boggled as to how any such small lady can douse hearth. She has additionally lifted Ira in her hands. Bhavik says nothing is not possible for technology and technology in these days’s date. Dr. Pillai turned into proper approximately Mirchi 2.0

Devina tells a nurse to fix the temperature as she is feeling warm.

Bhavik hears her voice and tells Akhilesh to raise Ira. Akhilesh asks her how she did that. Mirchi calls it smooth challenge. Mirchi refuses to offer Ira to Akhilesh as there is nevertheless risk here. Bhavik overwrites her command. Devina notices Akhilesh keeping Ira in his hands and indicates fake concern. Is she high-quality? Akhilesh nods. Mirchi 2.0 also adds that her pulse, blood pressure and the entirety is nice. Devina is surprised to peer her on her toes. Bhavik says even we in no way predicted her to get nicely so quickly. Ira gains aware. Akhilesh asks her if she is first-rate. Mirchi concurs. Her pulse and temperature are nice and her burnt amount is zero.three%. A man acknowledges Mirchi to be the identical lady who jumped in hearth to store Ira. Ira tells her not to do this ever again. What would i’ve achieved without you? She hugs Mirchi. They hear a extraordinary sound and are perplexed approximately its beginning. Bhavik realises that it’s far coming from Mirchi. He whispers to Akhilesh that Mirchi’s battery is low. Akhilesh and Bhavik determine to address the matter smoothly. Bhavik asks Devina if it’s her smartphone however she suggests her palms. She factors out that this sound is coming from Mishri / Mirchi. Bhavik lies that it’s miles hearth alarm. Akhilesh seconds him. They send Ira and Devina home. we are able to deliver Mishri home with us. The girls head home. Akhilesh holds Mirchi 2.0 simply when she is ready to fall. He asks Bhavik to give an explanation for about the device to him.

Bhavik puts Mirchi on charging. I advised you i’m investing in a massive mission. that is it. I withdrew 10 lacs each month for this mission only. I wanted her to be the child robot for entertainment motive. whilst the coincidence came about, I understood that Moti Ba and Ira wont be capable of receive the truth so I did this. Akhilesh asks him how he gave her Mishri’s face. Bhavik shares that he made a mold of Mishri’s face last night time. Dr. Pillai worked difficult the whole night and succeeded eventually. I replaced Mishri inside the morning to store Ira from the plight. Akhilesh asks him how this system can update his daughter. Bhavik speaks of instances. Ira could have determined out about Mishri’s situation if it wasn’t for Mirchi. You noticed the happy tears in her eyes seeing Mirchi. I understand my manner is wrong but it’s far critical to keep their lives. Please allow me do that until the time Mishri is out of coma. Mirchi opens her eyes and announces that the battery is completely charged. Bhavik removes the charger. Ward boy offers them Hanuman ji’s Prasad. Akhilesh takes it as his hint. I take delivery of your inspiration to save Amma and Ira’s life. Bhavik thanks him. He looks at Mirchi and finds out how she works. Akhilesh pulls her pony and Mirchi greets them. She speaks in English, Hindi, Marathi and Ganga ghaat language. Akhilesh says if she talks like this then anyone will find out she is a device. Bhavik assures him he’s going to put in all commands now and she or he will resemble Mishri in each manner then. I dint get time to do this until now. He connects his smartphone to her and transfers Mishri’s statistics in her machine. Akhilesh asks approximately Mishri. Bhavik takes him to the other side of the room.

Bhavik tells him that best he and Dr. Lokesh understand that Mishri is here. Akhilesh sits subsequent to his daughter and holds her hand. nobody can take your place. She is only a gadget. She is a lie. you’re my truth. you are a chunk of my coronary heart. This coronary heart will remain damaged till the time you recover completely. i am about to take this step for Amma and your Mapu best. Promise me you may defeat your illness and stand back once more. i’m able to do my exceptional to make you higher!

Mirchi sits up and speaks in Ganga ghaat language. let’s go home Bapu. Mapu ought to be watching for me. God wont provide me area even in hell if we hassle Mapu. Akhilesh seems at Mishri emotionally. I is probably taking a machine domestic but you’re in my heart.

Bhavik says she speaks just like Mishri. Akhilesh says she might be but my daughter is lying there. Bhavik nods. Akhilesh asks Mirchi to come. Mirchi holds his hand. allow’s cross now, Bapu. Bhavik smiles.

Precap: Akhilesh’s car’s tyre gets punctured. He stands in a corner unhappily. he is clueless that at the back of his returned, Mirchi has lifted the auto. Adi is passing by means of from there and notices Mirchi lifting the car with one hand.


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