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Kunika chases Mishri across the residence. concentrate to me you little devil. You haven’t seen my anger till date. i can train you such a lesson that you wont mess with me once more! Mishri shouts Papu as Kunika increases her hand however Ira holds it. perhaps you forgot that Mishri’s Mapu is still alive. Don’t dare to even touch my daughter till the time i’m alive. Kunika asks her how she were given out of jail. Ira asks her how she dare boost her hand on her daughter. Mishri hugs her. I informed you Khalnayika aunty isn’t correct. She suggests the papers to Ira. Ira calls it not possible but Mishri says Khalnayika aunty did it stealthily. Kunika lies that she did it willingly however Mishri calls it a lie. Ira motives that she is the only who taught Moti Ba how to signal. Why will she placed thumb impression then? Your truth is out!

Kunika admits she is proper. I constantly wanted Akhilesh’s cash. Why do you think i would endure your hectic daughter and that illiterate Pushpa? All this could be mine someday! i can ensure I make Mishri’s life hell. she will shed tears of blood and Ira wont be capable of do whatever! Ira slaps her. How dare you threaten my daughter?

Kunika notices Akhilesh there and begins crying. Why do you need to be so harsh? i am trying however I don’t have an enjoy of being a mom. i can make an effort. My God knows how hard i’m trying. Akhilesh asks Ira what she is doing here. anybody else comes there as nicely. Akhilesh asks Ira why she slapped Kunika. How did you get out of prison? Bhavik says I got her bailed. Pushpa and Devina reprimand him for assisting Ira. Ira says you may say whatever to me but don’t say whatever to Bhavik. perhaps you men cannot recognise who the actual cheater in the house is! Ira asks Pushpa if she knows that Kunika were given her thumb impressions at the papers to advantage hold of this assets! Mishri adds that the ink affect on her thumb became because of that motive simplest. this is true. accept as true with me. Pushpa refuses to doubt Kunika. she will be able to in no way do it. Ira asks Kunika to expose the belongings papers in her hands to Moti Ba if she will. anybody appears at Kunika. She walks up to Devina and Adi stands in the back of them. Devina holds Kunika’s hand. Don’t be afraid. I realize you aren’t lying. Adi replaces the papers as Devina speaks in aid of Kunika.

Kunika gives the papers to Pushpa. Akhilesh additionally reads it. it’s far an NGO donation form. Ira appears at Devina who smiles. Kunika plays the sympathy card earlier than Pushpa. You said you donate each 12 months in NGO at some point of Holi. these are the same papers. You were inebriated on Holi due to Bhang so I took your thumbprint. Ira calls her liar. I saw it myself. I don’t recognize while she changed it. She additionally asks Akhilesh to accept as true with her. Kunika is after your cash! Akhilesh says we thoroughly recognize who is after our money. Pushpa asks her why she is right here now whilst she got what she wanted. Akhilesh replies that she can not see me happy. Ira says I recognise you observed i’m the worst female ever but you can not be proper usually. You aren’t a God. She tears the organization papers right in front of each person. Mishri asks her Bapu if he knows the reality. Ira tells Akhilesh she has no interest in his money, property or him. It became my responsibility to provide you with a warning but you’re most welcome to agree with this cheater woman! perhaps you deserve it! you will consider my words the day you’ll be cheated via this lady! Kunika sheds fake tears. Please don’t insult me before my might-be daughter. Pushpa tells her no longer to cry because of what Ira is saying. She is a liar and cheats everyone. Ira vows now not to interfere in their lives after today. you could stay it your way! Mishri runs after her Mapu as she leaves. Bhavik is going after her. Devina, Adi and Kunika smile slyly.

Mishri and Bhavik stop Ira. She tells him no longer to stop her. nothing is left on this house! Bhavik says they don’t realize why you overtook the employer and the way you saved that pregnant female too. Mishri smiles. I knew you can’t be incorrect! Ira says the individuals of this family will always assume i’m as much as some thing even though I attempt to do accurate for all people. Mishri says Khalnayika aunty is terrible. You understand it. Ira scolds her to speak like this. communicate like your age. Bhavik asks her why she is scolding Mishri. Ira says what I must do. i am not a terrible woman. Mishri continues falling down as Ira talks to Bhavik. Ira tells her to hold her hand if it is going to take place repeatedly. Mishri motives that Akhilesh wont have everybody’s hand while he will fall. Bhavik seconds her. He needs to understand Kunika’s fact for the affection you guys shared as soon as. Mishri asks her Mapu to vow her that she will be able to save Bapu from Khalnayika aunty. Ira guarantees her. i’m able to do it best for you even though. i’m able to try to bring out Kunika’s fact in the front of Akhilesh. you’ll have to stay away from her though! Mishri promises her and hugs her. i like you. anybody is seated for dinner. Akhilesh comes there conserving a carton which includes Mishri’s books, bag and other stuff for college. Pushpa asks him how he looks after the whole thing even when he has a lot to do. Akhilesh says it’s far ordered in the name of Kunika. Pushpa is impressed. Devina whispers to Kunika that she ordered it. Kunika takes credit of it in the front of Pushpa. Pushpa wonders what Ira has taught her towards Kunika. i can inform her the whole thing. Akhilesh advises her against it. she will forget about the whole thing after meeting new friends.

Kunika thanks Devina for her plan. Devina asks for diamonds or coins in go back of it. Kunika says you don’t understand how many sacrifices i’ve made for it. Devina starts offevolved speakme but Kunika receives a message. Devina asks her how her face grew to become pale abruptly. Is Ira sending you a danger message? Kunika lies it’s far a advertising message. Her phone starts beeping constantly with texts. She excuses herself. Devina gets suspicious.

Ira is worried a way to help Mishri. Kunika has executed a few sort of magic on each person. She orders a ginger tea at a tea stall while she notices Kunika passing from there. She talks to someone angrily. My plan is failing badly. i can tell you the entirety whilst we meet. Ira wonders who is probably helping Kunika in her plan of dishonest Akhilesh.

Kunika meets a man and hugs him. i am sorry for getting disappointed. Ira notices Kunika’s car parked on the sideway and is going to look for her. Don’t know why she got here to such an isolated place. Why did her best friend name her here? Kunika is seeing talking to a person. Ira is nearby. A guy sprays mosquito repellent simply when she inches in the direction of Kunika and the mystery man. They disappear by then. Ira is certain it have to be the identical guy who’s supporting Kunika in her plan.

Devina and Adi sell Zee Cine Awards.

Pushpa is ironing Mishri’s dress while Akhilesh prepares her notebooks. Vansh tells Pushpa there may be nonetheless a wrinkle on pocket. He next tells Akhilesh that the covers are very vintage type. Akhilesh thinks to exchange it but Mishri compliments it. Pushpa reads the names of topics funnily. Vansh allows her read it right. Pushpa says Mishri will train her right. each person has the same opinion. Akhilesh takes the duty of waking up the youngsters inside the morning. He tucks them in mattress and asks Mishri if she is scared. She shakes her head. He kisses her at the forehead. i am afraid. Pushpa and Akhilesh bid them goodnight as they pass.

Akhilesh continues 4 alarm clocks subsequent to him. I don’t need to take any hazard tomorrow. it is Mishri’s first day in college. He lies right down to sleep. all the alarm clocks start ringing straight away inside the morning. Akhilesh switches them off and runs to wake up the children. Pushpa packs their lunch. They assist the kids get prepared. He gets ready too and serves them breakfast. He continues a hand towel of their luggage. Pushpa has packed four lunch boxes for them. Mishri says we’re going to school and not mountains. Akhilesh reasons that they may sense like consuming one of those matters so they saved the whole lot. the children get one extra bag. Vansh points out that their school isn’t out of country. Akhilesh replies that it’s far higher to be organized for any hassle. Pushpa does their aarti and feeds them sweetened curd. She does Akhilesh’s aarti too. Akhilesh and Pushpa want to drop them to high school on Mishri’s first day. A surprise (dhol) is looking ahead to Mishri. Pushpa and Mishri dance fortunately on dhol. Pushpa gives sweets to every person. Vansh unearths it embarrassing however Mishri and Pushpa don’t mind it. Vansh tells Pushpa no longer to inform every body that they’re his loved ones. She laughs. Vansh talks to a boy. They seem to be her loved ones and that they have come to school for the primary time. Mishri notices every body looking at them. She asks Bapu about it who tells her now not to trouble about this. i can come back in an hour to choose you. She reminds him that the school timings are for six hours. He panics. Pushpa asks him if he recalls his college timings. Akhilesh asks her what if someone misses their kids. He comes to a decision to live near the college. kids run interior.

Pushpa tells Akhilesh not to fear. I understand you’re concerned as you are sending your daughter away from you for so long. sit down down somewhere. i’m able to go to temple. He agrees. Akhilesh talks to some other discern that it’s miles his daughter’s first day in school.

Mishri realises that there may be no water bottle. She shouts for it when Ira offers it to her. Mishri smiles extensively. Ira says I couldn’t forestall myself from coming right here. I knew that Akhilesh will overlook something. Mishri says Bapu so well. speak to him and inform him not to marry Khalnayika aunty. you know how awful she is. She factors at Akhilesh. go to him. Ira agrees recalling her promise. i love you. Mishri says i love you too to her as she heads for her class.

Ira seems at Akhilesh. I don’t realize if I need to speak to him or not. he’ll get irritated the instant he’s going to see me! I need to fulfil my promise to Mishri. She says his call and he tells her to go away. She attempts telling him about Kunika but he puts earphones. Her pleas cross unheard. The ladies sitting on nearby benches look on. all of the husbands are equal. They stroll up to Akhilesh and pull his earphone away. She is attempting to speak you on account that goodbye. Why aren’t you listening tom her? Akhilesh replies that she isn’t his wife. Ira acts that he refuses their relation. She does some drama earlier than the girls. Akhilesh takes her aside. Are you for your senses? She replies that she dint must do that if he had listened to her. ladies tell him no longer to argue together with his spouse. He too starts offevolved his acting. You only see the plight of girls. He complains about small menial tasks. Ira calls it garbage and warns him to forestall but he refuses. She beats me the use of those palms. She ends up kissing him to forestall him from speaking. The women depart.

Akhilesh asks Ira what she did. Ira says I knew no different manner to quieten you. Please concentrate to me. He stays put. Kunika should be watching for me. He leaves in a rickshaw. She follows him in her scooty. Akhilesh peeks out of the rickshaw and notices her following him. Ira stops the car however he isn’t internal. She wonders where he disappeared. She all at once notices Kunika with the thriller man inside the car. They kiss. Ira gets indignant. She alternatives a stone. A Majnu were given hurled through stones in the beyond and this Majnu will again get overwhelmed these days. Ira realises it isn’t Akhilesh. who’s he? Why is Kunika sitting intently with him? She kneels down next to the car to hear their convo. Kunika thanks the mystery guy for getting the papers prepared on brief be aware on Holi. He tells her to rush up. We need money. She nods. We ought to no longer rush into it though. we are able to get the whole lot after my marriage to Akhilesh. Ira thinks to tell the whole thing to Akhilesh asap. Kunika tells the mystery man she wants to rejoice her small victory by using ingesting Italian food. They pressure away. Ira is curious about the mystery man.

Precap Upcoming Meri Hanikarak Biwi episode update: Ira meets the thriller guy in a cover. He tells her that he’s married to Mrs. Kunika Verma.


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