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Ira says I couldn’t keep quiet anymore. I one way or the other managed to break out from the hideout.

Ira fools a terrorist and hits him on his head.

I noticed Akhilesh close to the room whilst i was getting out. He had a doubt on them perhaps. I concept he’s going to discover me however perhaps some thing else changed into written in our fate. i used to be stuck by means of that terrorist earlier than Akhilesh may want to come.

The terrorist catches hold of Akhilesh. a person knocks on the door. The terrorist covers Ira’s mouth before she will shout for help. he takes her to a nook and offers her an injection. She passes out.

Ira says I notion Akhilesh might keep in mind that it isn’t Ira who is staying with him. He nonetheless feels I tried to blow that bomb under the strain of terrorists.

Akhilesh is asking at Ira’s picture. This girl simply seems like Ira. It can not be Ira! I still recollect the day I shot you! even supposing that is a lie and Ira has survived, she will be able to nevertheless not behave this manner with us! He remembers all that befell these days. Tu Mera Humdard Hai music performs inside the history as he appears at Ira’s photograph emotionally. He receives distracted hearing Mishri, Vansh and Pushpa’s voice. they’re playing excitedly shouting that Ira is finally returned. Vansh tells Mishri that God has heard your prayers. Your Mapu hasn’t come to be a celebrity. She remains alive. Akhilesh recalls how impolite and unconcerned Amaya have been during the day. He tells the children to stop.
Ira says Akhilesh attempted his nice to speak Gunjan out of her plan. subsequently the instant got here while he took out his gun to shoot Gunjan. It have to be so difficult for him to shoot his Ira. maybe this is why he ignored his bullet. Kabir asks her how Gunjan died if Akhilesh dint hit her. Ira says the terrorist become hiding close by and he shot at her bullet belt. Akhilesh thinks he shot her.

Akhilesh misses the shot but Gunjan is shot by using the terrorist. Akhilesh shouts Ira’s call.

Ira says you saw Akhilesh’s condition. He have to be dying from inside wondering that he killed the one he loved the most in his existence. desire I could inform him that Gunjan dint die from his bullet. Kabir asks her how she knows this reality. Ira replies that the primary guy lower back to the hideout after the bomb blast. He advised me that whole global will blame me for this blast. He set a bomb within the hideout. A blast came about. perhaps it become my mom’s blessing or my daughter’s prayers that I escaped. You came there like an angel and saved me. i’m able to forever be indebted to you for this. Your one hand stopped running completely whilst the wall fell over your hand throughout that incident. I feel so guilty seeing you this manner each day. Kabir calls it his responsibility. What might i’ve stated to Lali Ma after my demise then? Akhilesh too might have performed the equal. Why dint you inform the fact in your circle of relatives after everything? Ira replies that she got here back after some days but the news flashed my call as a terrorist on every channel. human beings had been so angry. They threw stones at our house and burnt our corporation! everything became completed. My family participants couldn’t get out of the house. Moti Ba misplaced her intellectual stability. no person would have believed me returned then despite the fact that I had tried. My circle of relatives’s lifestyles would have been in chance once more. It turned into higher to head far from my circle of relatives at that moment. I couldn’t see every person hating me.

Akhilesh tells the kids to forestall. the woman within the house is neither Ira nor your Mapu. Mishri insists that it’s far her Mapu. Akhilesh reasons that only the face is identical. She does now not cost family members like Ira. She does not have feelings or coronary heart like Ira. Pushpa says i am positive it’s far Mishri’s Mapu. Vansh and Mishri second her. Akhilesh comes to a decision to show it nowadays that it’s miles neither Mishri’s Mapu nor his Ira.

Kabir tells Ira she is assuming this. Your family can’t hate you ever! Ira says that time was very hard for me. I idea of committing suicide generally but you supported me all through that point. You even took me to US. I couldn’t manipulate myself after understanding about my own family’s circumstance. The relations have long gone haywire. I couldn’t forestall myself. I also knew that Adi and Tanya are trying to sell the residence and flee from here. I decided to return to this residence as your spouse, Amaya. anything I did or said nowadays turned into to ensure that no person doubts my identity. Kabir asks her if she thinks their plan was a success. She says i’m hoping so.

Akhilesh cuts his finger shocking Vansh, Mishri and Pushpa. Pushpa makes him sit down and has a tendency to his wound. Mishri additionally asks him why he did this. Pushpa tells Akhilesh now not to try this ever again or she wont allow him play together with her toys ever again. It pains me to see you hence. A song plays inside the background as Akhilesh appears at his mother. I promise you. She tells him to rest. She is going to deliver turmeric milk for him. Akhilesh asks Mishri if she noticed his Amma’s reaction. She isn’t mentally stable yet she couldn’t see her youngster in pain. this is a mom’s love. That lady walked away while Mishri’s hand changed into burning. pay attention to it very cautiously. This female is neither Mishri’s Mapu nor my Ira. Ira is lifeless. i’m chargeable for her demise. He walks away.

Kabir says I take delivery of your story as genuine. What if this family starts to consider it that you are Amaya? You came right here but how can you help everybody get back on their feet? What if all of them begin to hate you? She suggests the e book of Mahabharata. i have examine this 10 instances in the last one month. Lord Krishna says that we have to cross towards our loved ones for his or her nicely being sometimes. I recognise that one reads Ramayana at domestic but the lessons from Mahabharata will assist me in my combat. She recites a shloka. I will become the villain to fix the relation among the father and daughter. i can restore Moti Ba. Akhilesh is damaged absolutely. He hurts himself daily and considers himself a loser. i’m able to make him succesful sufficient to shop for this house lower back from me. i will fill a lot poison in all and sundry’s lives that everybody will should come collectively to repair the whole lot to cut that poison forgetting their issues. in order to be my victory! i can ought to fall in Akhilesh’s eyes to fix his damaged coronary heart.

Mishri is in residence temple. Bapu isn’t prepared to just accept my Mapu. It wont be right if he’ll hold hurting himself like this. Vansh assures her that they’ll pacify Akhilesh. Pushpa asks Mishri to pick out one in all her arms. Mishri tells her towards it however Pushpa convinces her. Mishri chooses a finger. Pushpa says it way Akhilesh is right. That woman isn’t your Mapu! I trust him now. he is right. Vansh calls it unfair. This finger sport can not prove Mami’s fact. Do you’ve got any evidence? Pushpa says even Mishri has no evidence to prove it that it is Mishri’s Mapu. Akhilesh is right. She isn’t wearing vermilion!

Precap: Mishri says I have to make Bapu fill Mapu’s hairline. this is the only way to discover the reality. She ties a thread round the stairs. Vansh is aware her plan. Mishri attempts taking Ira downstairs together with her but she refuses.


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