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Pushpa serves breakfast to everyone. Mishri has grown up. She helped me prepare dinner Ira’s favorite food. Akhilesh is impressed. I should hear Ira reward you too now. Ira joins them. He notices her shivering and enquires about it. She stocks that she took bath from cold water. He serves her breakfast. Mishri asks her Mapu to devour it so she can eat medication too. Ira denies. I cannot even drink water these days. i’ve kept rapid for Vat Savitri puja. Akhilesh is concerned. you are shivering! She says i’m doing this with you after 5 years. I don’t need to miss it. Akhilesh tells her in any other case however she remains positioned. Pushpa tells Akhilesh to believe in God. he’ll deal with her. If Ira has decided then permit her do it. Ira thanks her. They request Akhilesh too who offers in. eat something as soon because the puja is done. allow’s move for the puja. The children tag alongside.

while Akhilesh is using, Mishri asks him in the event that they cannot do puja at domestic. Vansh is concerned about the heat. Akhilesh says Amma was simply praising you. Married women tie thread round peepal tree to pray for the health in their husbands. They want that they continually stay together. Mishri says i was kidding you. They reach temple. Akhilesh notices that Ira is set to faint and holds her. we are able to do this puja a few other time. She denies. I wanted to keep this puja in view that long. it is going to be wrong if we leave similar to that. He gives to do puja in her location. She motives that married women do this puja. He replies that both husband and spouse are same. remember that they’re same. She is ready to mention something but he shushes her. sit down in the car. i’ve even switched on AC for you. Mishri teases them that it become too filmy. A film may be made on you two! Akhilesh enables Ira sit down and is going to do puja.

women backtrack seeing Akhilesh there. They factor out that most effective women do this puja! Mishri asks them if her Bapu spoke to them or asked for their opinion. Time has modified. My Bapu desires to pray for my Mapu! Vansh seconds her. The ladies apprehend Akhilesh. They bear in mind seeing the pamphlet bringing up his operation. looks as if he has started out to think of himself as a girl after his operation! Ira and Akhilesh feel terrible hearing it however don’t react. Akhilesh maintains on foot across the tree. they are saying that he have to have worn saree rather. in addition they recognize Ira as Akhilesh’s wife. She is the equal doc who completed that operation and even married him! They name her Hanikarak. Don’t know what else she will be able to do within the next 7 births! Akhilesh says half of truth is continually dangerous. You handiest see the downfall however you don’t understand that she has given me a number of love. She gave me courage to begin a new life and to stand each undertaking that comes my way! i’m alive these days handiest due to you. She has also given me a candy daughter! Mishri is our daughter. You cannot even begin to fathom what all she has been thru to raise her. it’s far real that she had messed up my existence but she additionally made my existence beautiful! Why shouldn’t I pray for her lengthy existence? i would want her to be my life associate in my every start! The thread breaks. The girls call it a terrible omen. Mishri says does it suggest your prayer wasn’t heard. A lady points out that the incense stick is the motive why that thread broke. Ira receives down from the car. Mishri is involved for Ira however Akhilesh assures her that Ira could be pleasant. they’re about to tie it back but the women forestall them. it’s far towards the culture! it’s far a completely terrible omen which hints that your wife’s lifestyles is in danger! Akhilesh refuses to accept as true with it. I wont allow anything manifest to her. Mishri also suggests religion in him. Bapu will guard Mapu like constantly even though some thing goes wrong! Mishri holds her dad and mom hand. i am certain God will guard us like always! Ira and Akhilesh observe every other.

The terrorist is looking at the pics of Pandey own family. He crosses out Ira’s picture. bad Ira, she is much like the goat which is about to be sacrificed! She doesn’t recognize that her entire family will die so i will reach my venture! He laughs evilly.

Devina and Pushpa are playing Ludo. Akhilesh asks Ira if she is mendacity. I realize you are scared. She denies. i am simply worn-out. He tells them no longer to tell something to Amma or mother. this will worry Amma. They agree. Pushpa asks Ira how her puja went. Your wishes can be fulfilled as your intentions were pure. She asks them why they seem dissatisfied. Akhilesh says we’re exceptional. She asks him why they aren’t smiling then. I need Ira to position oil within the temple diya. Ira goes. Pushpa and Devina stroll away as well. The youngsters take a seat all the way down to play Ludo.

Akhilesh notices Ira getting indignant. What befell? She replies that she can’t locate oil. He shows the bottle to her. You only stored it in the back of Hanuman ji’s image ultimate time. You best fixed this region. She says I must have forgotten. He asks her if the whole thing is first-class. Why do I sense as in case you are hiding some thing from me? you are mendacity to me? She appears away which strengthens his doubt. He asks her to swear upon God however she shrugs his hand away. he is positive now that she is hiding something from him. inform me what it’s far. Terrorist comes there in document’s conceal. i will tell you the fact.

Pushpa asks Akhilesh why document came once more. Is the entirety first-rate? He nods. Ira is hiding some thing from us. He asks document / terrorist to tell them. Terrorist walks up to Ira and offers her the bouquet. it is time to inform the reality. He turns to Akhilesh. Congratulate Ira ji. she will be able to get the great medical doctor Award in 2 days! every person is pleased and congratulates Ira. Mishri stops Pushpa and Devina from arguing. Terrorist keeps that Ira’s efforts for HIV children paid off.

Precap: Terrorist gives a bomb to Ira. you will put on it the next day. Press the button when you will go on degree. There can be a big blast! She hides the suitcase (bomb) within the temple. Later, she finds Mishri checking the contents of the bag.


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