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Devina pours water on Mirchi and an impact occurs. Devina says I realized this is definitely not an individual yet a robot. It ends up being Akhilesh’s creative energy. He prevents Ira from doing that. You have cared for Mishri for a long time. The ball is in my court now. Will just Mapu do everything? He takes Mirchi inside with him. Vansh tails him. Ira embraces Pushpa saying she wont go anyplace.

Vansh offers to go with Akhilesh and Mirchi yet Akhilesh guides him to be with Ira. Bhavik sends him down the stairs to beware of Ira. Vansh gives in reluctantly.

Akhilesh shuts the entryway of Mishri’s room. Vansh is incensed that nobody is giving him a chance to converse with Mishri.

Bhavik likewise goes to Mishri’s room. Akhilesh gets some information about Dr. Pillai however Bhavik reveals to him that he stole away from society to abstain from being boycotted.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 30 April 2019

Akhilesh is shocked. Bhavik gives him Mirchi’s manual. Bhavik encourages him to place Mirchi in rest mode to charge her. Akhilesh reviews that he needs to dismantle her horse to do that. Bhavik gestures. Akhilesh pulls Mirchi’s horse and puts her on charging. It will require a great deal of investment to master everything. Bhavik gestures. We will do this together. Shroud this manual before anybody comes. Akhilesh chooses to shroud it behind washroom’s water stockpiling. Bhavik gestures and leaves to be with Mishri. Akhilesh guides him to keep him in circle.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 30 April 2019 Written Update

Adi sees Vansh sitting surprise on the stairs. Vansh mourns that nobody is giving him a chance to converse with Mishri. Don’t have a clue what Mamu and Superman Uncle are arranging inside. Bhavik ventures out of the room. Adi professes to inform Vansh regarding a diversion till the time Bhavik leaves. Vansh discloses to Adi he is stressed for Mishri. I would prefer not to play any amusement. Adi mollifies him and sends him first floor. He is certain something isn’t right. Indeed, even doc dint disclose to me much about Mishri’s condition. He endeavors to get inside Mishri’s room yet it is bolted. They are concealing something yet nobody realizes that I have the ace key of this room! He opens the entryway and notification Mirchi remaining with her eyes shut. He welcomes her yet gets no reaction. He even yells at her to grab her eye. Akhilesh is stunned to see him there and mediates. What are you doing here? He stealthily expels the charger from Mirchi’s horse. Adi gives him the keys. For what reason is Mishri remaining here unobtrusively with her eyes shut? Akhilesh shares that she is reciting Hanuman Chalisa. She can’t talk or open her eyes till the time she finishes that. Adi thinks that its bizarre yet Akhilesh reasons that she hasn’t been such an episode previously. Go first floor. I will go along with you soon. Adi leaves.

Akhilesh places Mirchi in a corner and puts her on charging once more. I will pass on concealing her one day!

Akhilesh and Mirchi are situated on the table. I was so ravenous though you can’t eat! Nobody should feel you aren’t eating anything. He sees Adi gazing toward him and gets alert. Ira brings Mishri and Vansh’s preferred nourishment. Akhilesh reveals to her she need not do that. Mishri had nourishment as of now. Ira inquires as to whether she loved the nourishment cooked by her Bapu. Mirchi rehashes after Akhilesh. Ira sees her exposed neck. I disclosed to you it shouldn’t have gotten lost. Mirchi apologizes to her. I don’t have a response to that. Ira is confounded yet Akhilesh covers for her. Ira is concerned. Akhilesh puts his memento around Mirchi’s neck. It is your shield after today. Deal with it. Nobody should contact it now. She concurs. Vansh needs to play with Mirchi. Akhilesh endeavors to occupy his consideration yet Ira sends Mirchi with Vansh to play get. Ira serves sustenance to Akhilesh. He is occupied seeing the children play with the ball. Mirchi tosses it high noticeable all around. Vansh reveals to her that even he can get a troublesome toss now. Mirchi expands her quality. Akhilesh winds up yelling Mirchi. Ira lets him know there is no stew in the lentil. Adi was going by from that point yet gets injured by Mirchi’s toss. He flinches in torment. Vansh asks Mirchi to enable him to fix Adi’s torment. They endeavor to knead his back yet Adi requests heated water pack. Vansh goes to bring it. Mirchi asks Adi for what good reason he needs high temp water sack. Adi reveals to her that warmth will give him help. Mirchi turns her warmer mode on and holds her hand on Adi’s back. He yells in torment. Pushpa and Devina come too. They ask him what’s going on with him. Adi gripes that Mishri’s hands aren’t typical. She gave me a stun. Adi guides him to hold Mirchi’s hand and tell. Pushpa contacts Mirchi’s hand. Did you drink vodka like your mother? Mishri is fine. Akhilesh advises Adi to drink less. Akhilesh and Ira take Mirchi with them. Pushpa leaves too. Adi is in stun/disarray. Something is exceptionally peculiar about this young lady. I will get some answers concerning it.

Akhilesh has put Mirchi on rest mode. He supposes to keep an eye on Mishri seeking after an enchantment yet Ira embraces him. Much obliged to you. Mishri is at home a result of you today! You are our saint. He answers that like her even he can’t remain without Mishri. He swings to go however Ira holds his hand. Where are you off to Pandey ji? It is safe to say that you are having an unsanctioned romance? He grins. I take part in an extramarital entanglements with work. I haven’t been to work since long. I will call you once I reach there. She says I thought to rub your head today. You wont get such shot once more! He offers to do that to her. You have raised Mishri alone for a long time. I can’t envision what all you would have experienced. I wont give anything a chance to happen to you and Mishri. He makes her rest her head in his lap and does her head rub. She shares that she is happy to see Mishri fine. I was so frightened however she is fine a result of you! You are in fact our legend. Akhilesh feels remorseful. I am not a saint. I am deceiving you. The young lady at our house isn’t Mishri yet a robot. I need to lie for the wellbeing of your and Amma. Presently I see how troublesome it would have been for you to mislead us over all the previous years. Truth isn’t in every case simple. I will attempt to ensure Mishri recovers asap. I am going to meet her just and I will give her your adoration. He moves her on the cushion, covers her with a duvet and leave for emergency clinic.

Vansh and Mirchi are dozing. Adi goes into stealthily in their room. Nobody can prevent me from finding your reality now! He takes Mirchi in the parlor and puts her on the couch. He has a go at awakening her and finishes lifting her by her horse. She opens her eyes right away.

Precap Upcoming Meri Hanikarak Biwi Episode Update: Adi reveals to Devina that he feels Mishri passed on in unconsciousness. Ira needs to demonstrate Mirchi/Mishri to nervous system specialist. She is mishandling while at the same time talking and is strolling solidly since her mishap.


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