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Ira calls Mishri and warns her to stay away from Kunika. Don’t devour / drink some thing she offers you. Don’t live along with her in a single room and don’t pass anywhere with her. preserve calling me in every 15 mins to permit me recognize you’re fine. Mishri asks her what happened however Ira does no longer tell her. Mishri makes a decision to discover what Kunika did this time which is bothering her Mapu a lot. Ira tries Bhavik’s range but it is unreasonable.

Pushpa offers Rs. 500 to Devina to shop for groceries. i will also ask you to offer me a listing of costs. Devina refuses so Pushpa drags her with her. Adi is drinking champagne. Pushpa asks him what befell to him. He tells her to close up calling her old girl. Pushpa decides to expose him his location but Devina frivolously asks her what he is up to. He tells her that he has won lottery of 10 crores. Devina goes crazy and returns the Rs. 500 word back to Pushpa. Now we are wealthy too! Adi asks his mom what she would love to shop for with this money. Devina indicates a bent to buy this residence. I would like to throw Pushpa Pandey out of this residence! Adi nods. I were given you a gift. Devina and Pushpa are curious to look it. Adi gives her a diamond ring. Devina tells Pushpa that she taunted her for eating 2 carrots and my son were given me a diamond ring worth 2 karats. Jeweller comes to acquire price. Adi tells his mom to give him 10 lacs. Devina gives him eleven lacs along with 1 lac as tip. Jeweller questions her on the notes. It has Pushpa’s photo revealed on it! each person teases Devina. It became an April fool prank! Pushpa sends the fake jeweller (Bansi) back to his work. Pushpa gives cash to Adi. Devina scolds him for fooling his very own mother. He replies that he’s her son best. She chases him around the house. The youngsters join them. Pushpa tells them to devour once they may be carried out gambling.
Mishri calls her Mapu to give update to her. Vansh is curious. What are you doing? Mishri tells him that Mapu needs her to inform her that she is first-rate. I need to call her in every 15 minutes. Vansh asks her if someone goes to kill her. Kunika comes there with almond milk for Mishri. Mishri refuses. Mapu informed me not to take something from you. Kunika begins crying loudly. Why are you no longer giving me a single danger to be your mom? Akhilesh asks them what’s taking place. Kunika tells him that she has been trying her excellent but failing miserably. I delivered almond milk for Mishri but Ira has told Mishri no longer to take whatever from me. Akhilesh asks Mishri why she is behaving like this. Mishri tells her what her mother had told her. Akhilesh says she will lie too however Mishri does now not buy it. Akhilesh beverages the glass of milk to prove Kunika’s innocence to Mishri. Kunika is making an attempt to like you. supply her one hazard. Kunika asks Mishri if she can take delivery of the glass of milk from her now. Your Bapu is excellent. Kunika mixes drowsing tablets within the milk this time. Mishri liquids it. Kunika suggests Akhilesh to visit office. i’m able to manipulate everything. He requests them not to fight even as he is gone. i have lots to do. She nods. She sends Vansh downstairs to accumulate her parcel.

Mishri tries calling her Mapu but starts offevolved feeling dizzy. She passes out on the mattress. Kunika smiles. Sleep right here peacefully while I take my revenge out of your mom!

Vansh is headed upstairs as no parcel got added till now. Now Mishri and i can have a carom suit. He hears a few sound and gets curious. Vansh notices Kunika preserving Mishri in a suitcase. He fights with her to allow Mishri cross but Kunika vows to take revenge from Ira for what she did. She slaps him hard. He tries to prevent her once more but she hits him once more. She choices his smartphone and closes the door from inside. i will throw her in water now! Vansh maintains the landline back in region. Ira calls simply then. Vansh tells her the entirety. Ira tells him to shout to collect absolutely everyone’s attention but he motives that no person is home. Ira decides to return over asap.

Akhilesh comes domestic upon Ira’s askance. Ira tells him about Kunika’s plan. He does not accept as true with her however she requests him to agree with her. She is casting off her anger on Mishri. Vansh has advised me this. i am involved about Mishri. She runs inside.

Devina and Kunika are pushing the suitcase collectively just while Ira and Akhilesh enter. All four of them have a look at every different. Ira says we stuck them crimson passed. Devina asks Akhilesh why he is domestic so early. Ira says Mishri can be having hassle respiration. Devina and Kunika tell her she is unsuitable but Ira does now not buy. She additionally rebukes Devina for helping a person like Kunika. She pushes Kunika apart and opens the suitcase. Kunika asks Ira why she doubts her. I informed you there’s not anything in that suitcase. Akhilesh tells her to let Ira check as soon as. She can be satisfied. Ira and Akhilesh open the suitcase most effective to find it filled with antique vain objects. She tells Akhilesh to accept as true with her but Devina tells her to shut up. I told you this box best has gadgets to be discarded. Ira repeats she isn’t mendacity. Kunika did lock Mishri within the box. She tries to strangle Kunika. Akhilesh frees her. Pushpa asks Ira why she has come here. Ira replies that she came to store Mishri. Kunika says I advised you there may be nothing on this container. Ira tells her to prevent mendacity. Vansh noticed you retaining Mishri inside the suitcase. You only informed him that you are going to throw Mishri in water. Vansh seconds Ira. He tells them the entirety. Devina says Ir has brainwashed both the youngsters. She is likewise teaching Vansh a way to lie. She asks him how he got out of the room if Kunika had locked him inner. Kunika plays the emotional card. I try to be Mishri’s mother however Ira is after my lifestyles! Ira warns her no longer to take Mishri’s call. i am caution you. If she even gets a scratch then! Mishri calls out to her.

Precap: Akhilesh tells his mother that Ira desires to undertaking him within the court for Mishri. Akhilesh tells Mishri he will marry Kunika today itself so that you don’t leave out your mother.


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