Meri Hanikarak Biwi 3rd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Akhilesh asks Ira as to why Chuttan is still here. Why dint he go home? Chuttan tells him that even he has no clue why he has been asking to stay here. I don’t have any interest in staying with criminals. Akhilesh reasons that he is not a criminal. It is a misunderstanding. Chuttan says you sent police to my home when I said that to you. I told you that I only got the value of the amount that you should have paid for the idol but you troubled my Bapu instead. You threatened me! You dint even think of my Mayi. She hasn’t met me since so many days because of you but you are not at fault! Do you understand my condition now? Akhilesh gets angry but Ira stops him from reacting. You need to rest now. They head upstairs. Chuttan wonders why Ira is still saving Akhilesh. He is a criminal! He rolls on the floor and laughs. Mishri tells him to stop calling her Bapu criminal. He is falsely implicated in it! Chuttan refuses to abide by her wish. Mishri challenges him but he stays put. She tells him to wait and watch. He agrees. Pushpa tells Chuttan not to trouble anyone like this. Mishri requests Devina to hold Chuttan. Mishri puts tape on his mouth and ties his hands even though Pushpa requests her not to do it. Chuttan continues to struggle but in vain. Mishri says the peace of our house is restored now. Devina seconds her. Mishri asks Chuttan if he will stop speaking against her Bapu now. He shakes his head against it. Mishri asks Devina to rest now. Let’s enjoy the peace of the house. Pushpa tells Mishri not to do it. What if he feels sick? He wont be even able to tell us then. Remove the tape. Mishri requests her not to remove the rape. He will yet again speak against my Bapu and I wont be able to bear it! Pushpa gives in. Mishri wont budge as she has made up her mind. I cannot do anything.

Akhilesh is still furious with Chuttan. Why did you stop me? My one slap would have brought his senses back! Ira asks him since when he started raising his hand on a child. Akhilesh says his actions are such that he deserves it. Why is he still here? She shares that warden said he is not from their orphanage. There is no one at his home. I got his house checked. I will hand her to his parents once they are back. Akhilesh says it means he will stay here in our house till then. She says he is a kid. his parents left him after our complaint only! He is a little angry. He will be fine in a few days. He speaks of other options like police complaint or police custody. She nods. It is possible but I want us to find our son first. I don’t want to waste any time. He assures her that they will find their son. I am certain that the person who killed Kamla Chachi is the one who stole our kid. Inspector told me that during the investigation he found out that I got the call before the entire incident happened. Ira says it means the killer called you so as to blame you. He nods. They are trying to trace the number but it is switched off. Don’t worry. The killer will be nabbed soon. She hopes it comes true. I hope we find our son soon too. It is strange that we were looking for a baby brother for Mishri without knowing that she already has a brother. He assures her that everything will be alright.

Pushpa opens the tape from Chuttan’s mouth and hands. Are you hungry? He nods. She advises him not to say mean things or act mean to people. It hurts people. You wont understand the difference between right or wrong then. He thanks her. She stops him from taking a bite. You must apologize to Mishri first. She was trying to take care of you. She has a big heart. She will forgive you immediately. She sends him to Mishri’s room with his plate of food.

Chuttan finds Mishri sleeping peacefully in her room. She tied my hands and mouth for 4 hours and is sleeping peacefully here? I will not apologize to her at any cost! He notices the box of sketch pens nearby. See my art now! He draws moustache on her face with permanent marker. She was laughing after tying me. It is my turn now! This wont go away even if you will wash your face.

Next morning, Ramavatar wakes up Chanda. He notices her sad. Were you crying the entire night? She stands up. Can someone forget their son? It takes time. You do cry but time does not stop. One must move on. He is glad to hear that she is thinking of moving on without Chuttan. Wont you change your mind later on? She says I did think the entire night and thought through. I understand that you are right. I am going crazy for my son! I went overboard and killed Kamla Chachi. I am responsible for all that trouble you took for us! I have decided that I wont wait for Chuttan no more. It is God’s will. What else can we do after all? He is still in disbelief. Is that what you thought the entire night? She nods. I will accept whatever is written in fate. I am thinking to confess my crime to police. He tells her against it. She requests him to take far away from here. Let’s return to Azamgarh. Till when will we stay at a relative’s place? He likes the idea. We will be under threat here anyways. Let’s leave.

Mishri wakes up and realises she is late for school today. She calls out to Ira for help. Devina laughs seeing her face. Mishri says I know I am late. What’s there to laugh about? She says I don’t know about you being late but I am sure you dint see your face. You wont even think of going to school if you will see your face! Pushpa also starts laughing. Mishri wonders if a mosquito bit her. Chuttan denies. There is no such fun in a mosquito bite! He shows her the mirror. She is shocked to see her fake moustache. Chuttan also starts laughing. Moustache should be like yours! She shouts at him and chases him around the living room. He runs into Ira. She asks him what’s going on. He requests her to save him from Mishri. Ira also starts laughing seeing Mishri’s face. Mishri feels bad.

Chanda hits at Ramavatar’s head the moment he steps closer to the door. He looks at her in shock. She says I knew that you will fall in my trap when I will speak of leaving the town. It is your mistake though. I became Chuttan’s Mayi in these years but you could never become his Bapu. He passes out on the floor. She says you don’t care about my son but I am still alive. No one can stop me now. I will see how Ira will snatch my son from me!

Precap: Everyone is gathered in Mishri’s room. Mishri tells Chuttan that her family will never leave her side unlike his family. Chanda notices Ira and Chuttan’s proximity. She picks a sickle kept nearby and aims at Ira. Chuttan notices her hand’s reflection in the plate / mirror.


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