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Ira, Vansh and Pushpa run to Mishri. Ira asks her if she is nice. Kunika locked you in a suitcase right? Mishri denies. i was napping in Badi Ma’s room. Kunika cries that she stated she dint do some thing. Devina says I informed you this plan will work. Flashback suggests Kunika bringing Mishri to Pushpa’s room. Kunika and Devina keep her on the mattress. Devina says Ira could be once more proved a liar. it will simply deepen the rift among Ira and the family. Ira tells Mishri to no longer be afraid. Vansh additionally tells her he noticed it going on however Mishri denies. Akhilesh and Pushpa reprimand Ira for stooping so low. Kunika says I think you don’t need that Akhilesh and that i ought to get married. I refuse to marry Akhilesh but stop this normal drama! I wont spare you if anything occurs to Mummy ji. She apologizes to Akhilesh. i am going. She turns but Akhilesh holds her hand. You don’t need to cross everywhere. i will cease this hassle once and for all today! He keeps a knife in Ira’s hand. Kill me with it as opposed to hurting me each day with some thing or different! Ira throws it away. Why could I try and damage you? you’re false impression me. i am most effective involved for Mishri. Pushpa asks her why she has no proof then. Why do you usually fail? i’ve visible the sector. i’ve understood which you don’t have some thing huge to mention or do! Devina indicates her the clean papers which she has signed. You gave custody to Akhilesh. Why do you come to reveal your proper on Mishri over and over? Akhilesh tries throwing her out of the door however then asks Ira to go herself due to Mishri. Ira agrees to head. If i get even a touch that Mishri is in trouble then i will come again. I don’t care how much you insult me. i’m able to undergo any quantity of pain for her sake! She leaves. Mishri tells Akhilesh that Mapu was involved for her. She felt as if some thing became going to move incorrect with me. Akhilesh replies that it dint appear. You have been slumbering peacefully in Ma’s room. He also questions Vansh as to why he lied. i’m sparing you men this time. Don’t lie ever again. i’ve most effective got ache out of your mother. I want you both to swear that you wont meet Ira! Mishri and Vansh give in for his sake. Akhilesh tells Mishri he’s doing it for her happiness simplest. He hugs the youngsters. Kunika pretends to cry once more. Pushpa tells her not to cry. i’m sorry that you have to go through all this because of us. Don’t lose coronary heart. Mishri looks unhappily at Kunika.

Vansh tells Mishri he dint lie. Khalnayika aunty locked you in a field and instructed me she became about to throw you into water. I attempted waking you up however you were snoring. Mishri wonders if Kunika combined some thing in her milk. Vansh says it is viable. We need to call your mom and inform her this. Mishri tells him against it. I wont damage the promise made to Bapu. Vansh tries to make her apprehend but she stays placed. Neither people will hurt Bapu now. Now the entirety is in Bajrang Bali’s fingers. He is aware of what’s best for us.

Kunika continues losing faux tears in the front of Pushpa. I don’t recognize why Ira is after me. My morale is going down. Pushpa tells her now not to fear. we’re with you. Akhilesh receives a letter and is bowled over. Ira desires to undertaking him in the court for Mishri. Devina says why is she doing this whilst she exceeded over the custody to you willingly. Akhilesh stocks that she has cited that she become forced to sign the papers. Pushpa decides to lease the fine lawyer of metropolis. we can defeat her. Akhilesh says it isn’t clean. inside the eyes of courtroom, a mother is greater important for a child than a father. Ira will show it in the court docket that she has been taking care of Mishri considering 10 years already. court will help her handiest. Devina says she has crossed her limits. Pushpa refuses to let Mishri go with Ira. Akhilesh says there may be handiest one manner out right here. I need to marry Kunika asap! i can easily get Mishri’s custody if that happens. we will say that we can supply her the love of both dad and mom and shoulder her responsibilities. Devina and Kunika are pleased together with his concept. Kunika tells Akhilesh she is ready if this way they can comfortable their daughter Mishri’s future. i can do that much for you and Mummy ji atleast. Pushpa is touched together with her words. while ought to the marriage happen? Akhilesh wants to marry today itself. Mishri hears it and is taken aback. these days? Akhilesh tells her that he is going to fill the void she become feeling. i’m able to marry Kunika today itself. Mishri looks at Kunika in shock. Pushpa tells Mishri not to be sad. that is on your personal right. i am positive Kunika will take very good care of you just like your mom did. Mishri smiles. i’m no longer dissatisfied Badi Amma. If Bapu and you are happy then so am I! Now Kunika seems stressed. Pushpa hugs Mishri. Mishri seems at the temple. I could be happy with Bapu for his sake however i am leaving the duty of my happiness and dream on you only!

Pushpa thanks God for answering her prayers. I can’t accept as true with that my son gets married today. anyone is busy in adorning the house. Mishri orders the servant to make sufficient chocolates for her. Don’t deliver many to Vansh or he’ll get cavities. Pushpa asks her what she can do as Mishri has taken charge of the whole thing. Mishri assures her that she will now not let her paintings in her presence. move and get equipped. Vansh asks Mishri how she can surrender so without difficulty however Mishri is a stickler of her promise. Bhavik comes and is surprised to see the decor. He asks Vansh and is shocked to recognise that Akhilesh is getting married these days. Now handiest you may do some thing.

Akhilesh is inspired seeing Mishri helping Pundit ji with the substances. He tells her he could be very satisfied to see her guide him in his selection. Are you satisfied? She thinks she isn’t happy however she wont hurt him by means of telling this. She smiles in the front of him. i am happy. cross and get ready like Varun Dhawan. Akhilesh smiles. you want him? Mishri nods. Akhilesh is going to trade. Kunika says you ultimately gave up, Mishri! Vansh calls her cheated. Your name is Khalnayika aunty. Mamu ought to no longer marry you! Kunika tells him it’s miles too overdue. it’s miles taking place already. poor Mishri is already busy inside the wedding ceremony preps. I made that plan to are seeking revenge from Ira but I had no idea i will turn out to be marrying Akhilesh in return. i will take care of each of you once I marry Akhilesh! you may then understand what revenge genuinely approach.

Precap: Kunika wears a lehenga and asks Akhilesh how she is asking. Akhilesh tells her that that is Ira’s wedding ceremony get dressed. Kunika does video name to Ira. that is your dress proper? Akhilesh and i are marrying these days to take Mishri’s custody. Ira is in tears.


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