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Pushpa says even Mishri has no evidence to prove it that it is Mishri’s Mapu. Akhilesh is proper. She isn’t carrying vermilion! She has no vermilion. Mishri says that is a splendid suggestion. If Bapu fills Mapu’s hairline then she wont dispose of it. We need to make Bapu fill Mapu’s hairline someway.

Kabir says i will understand your emotions very well however what you’re about to do is simply tough. Going against your family for his or her sake is like hurting your self and them all of the time. what’s going to show up in future in case you broke in your first try itself? She says I understand it isn’t smooth however right now all i’ve is wish. If I live as much as it and save even one relation then i’m able to grow to be positive. i’m able to set my emotions apart and do what’s excellent for my circle of relatives. Come what can also I wont let them recognise that i am Ira! it’ll be my victory if I save ever certainly one of them.
Mishri guarantees Bajrang Bali that she can show it that it’s far her Mapu only. She blows conch. it is a top notch idea Vansh. Vansh says we will complete our mission. They cross. Adi has overheard the whole thing and is irked. they have gone nuts! Amaya has proved it that she isn’t Ira however these youngsters are looking to be over smart. she will throw us out of the residence if she loses her cool! I don’t want to be thrown out of the residence because of them. He makes a decision to cover the box of vermilion. He hides all of the vermilion boxes from the temple. One field falls down and vermilion spills over in Ganesha’s foot. He alternatives it up using his arms. There wont be any check now. He hides every unmarried field in Mishri’s room.

Mishri has a question paper prepared for Ira. wherein became she due to the fact nowadays? Why became she away from us? We overlooked her very a good deal. Vansh reminds her that they’ve to make her complete the vermilion take a look at earlier than making her answer her questions. They get onto their plan however cannot find any vermilion box in temple. They pay attention Akhilesh speaking to a person about suits. Mishri tells Vansh they should forestall him from leaving by some means. Vansh gets the undertaking of stopping Akhilesh. He attempts to engage Akhilesh in chit chat and Mishri goes to search for the vermilion box. Akhilesh doubts Vansh’s intentions however he tackles him smartly. He requests Akhilesh to help him in maths homework. Akhilesh reminds him that he has been a topper in maths. Why do you want my assist? Vansh lies that even genius needs assist from time to time. Akhilesh facilitates him. Adi watches Mishri checking inside the drawers helplessly and smiles. preserve searching Mishri but you wont find it! Akhilesh solves Vansh’s sums.

Devina and Tanya observe the smile on Adi’a face. They ask him the cause. He calls himself genius. I foiled their plan. They wanted to see if Amaya places vermilion or not to discover if she is Ira or no longer. I concealed all of the packing containers in order that they wont be able to test Amaya. You guys can also praise me. They really emerge as hitting him (nearly). Devina says even I concept it isn’t Ira but Amaya but what if she certainly is Ira. she will be able to make our lifestyles hell. Don’t you get that? He realises his folly.

Akhilesh tells Vansh to attention on his research. It changed into a totally easy query. Mishri prays to God to assist her. This test wont manifest if Bapu will depart. Please forestall him. you need to do a miracle now.

Pushpa calls out to Akhilesh just when he is ready to leave. She asks him if the paintings he goes for is auspicious or no longer. He receives pressured. it’s miles auspicious. She tells him to are seeking for blessings from Lord earlier than leaving. My Amma says so. He folds his palms in reverence upon her asking. She also tells him to bow down in front of God. Hasn’t your Amma taught you something? He tells her now not to speak about his Amma. She has taught me lots. She tells him to do it then. He bends his head and receives a teeka (of vermilion) on his head. The children bounce in pleasure since God is on their facet. Pushpa plays with them. Akhilesh asks them why they may be dancing. Pushpa says I feel like dancing seeing them dance. He advises them to live away from Amaya even as i’m away. Mishri reminds Pushpa that her buddy have to not leave while not having breakfast. Pushpa does no longer allow Akhilesh depart with out ingesting breakfast.

Vansh compliments Mishri. You stopped Mamu for actual. She nods. We have to now make Bapu meet Mapu so his teeka can fill Mapu’s vermilion. He gets pressured. How can it appear like that? She replies that she has a solution to that and takes him together with her. She ties a string on the stairs. Vansh calls it risky as someone can fall. She says that’s the plan. i can carry Mapu from here. she will stumble in her step because of this string. He is aware her plan. Mishri says it is going to be God’s hint if everything occurs as consistent with my plan. She requests Bajrang Bali to assist her discover the truth.

Mishri knocks at Ira’s door. Ira thinks all she desires to do if hug Mishri tightly proper now but I have to keep a tab on my emotions. She opens the door and acts rude with Mishri. Why did you come back to disturb me in the morning? Mishri stocks that it is 10 am. Ira attempts to shut the door however Mishri attempts taking Ira downstairs together with her. Ira refuses. She stands with her returned to Mishri. Mishri says you want to hide within the room to get away from everyone especially Bapu. you realize you wont be able to conceal the truth from Bapu if he is available in the front of you. you love him very much after all. Ira receives emotional however hides it. you are so nerve-racking. Do you are aware of it? i’m not your Mapu however Amaya. I don’t care. Mishri asks her to come back downstairs together with her to show it. Ira concurs. you may stay away from me afterwards. Mishri gives in. Ira heads downstairs on her own. Mishri is glad thinking she can bring out Mapu’s fact in front of absolutely everyone soon.

Precap: Ira is coming downstairs even as Akhilesh is headed upstairs. She stumbles on the rope and falls directly in Akhilesh’s fingers. Her hairline gets filled by the vermilion in his teeka. An ecstatic Mishri tells Vansh that her plan labored. it’s miles indeed my Mapu! Akhilesh seems at Ira’s hairline in surprise. Later, Ira tells Kabir unluckily that everybody will doubt her identification if the vermilion stays on her forehead. I have to wipe it easy to prove it that i’m now not Ira!


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